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No 2007:31: Effect of Microfinance on Vulnerability, Poverty and Risk in Low Income Households
Ranjula Bali Swain and Maria Floro

No 2007:30: Does Money Growth Granger-Cause Inflation in the Euro Area? Evidence from Out-of-Sample Forecasts Using Bayesian VARs
Helge Berger and Pär Österholm

No 2007:29: Detecting discrimination in the hiring process: Evidence from an Internet-based search channel
Stefan Eriksson and Jonas Lagerström

No 2007:28: Is There an Incumbency Advantage or a Cost of Ruling in Proportional Election Systems?
Che-Yuan Liang

No 2007:27: How to Measure Segregation Conditional on the Distribution of Covariates
Olof Åslund and Oskar Nordström Skans

No 2007:26: Simulating the future of the Swedish baby-boom generations
N. Anders Klevmarken, Kristian Bolin, Matias Eklöf, Lennart Flood, Urban Fransson, Daniel Hallberg, Sören Höjgård, Björn Lindgren, Andrea Mitrut and Mårten Lagergren

No 2007:25: Estimating Income Responses to Tax Changes: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach
Bertil Holmlund and Martin Söderström

No 2007:24: DOES MICROFINANCE EMPOWER WOMEN? Evidence from Self Help Groups in India
Ranjula Bali Swain and Fan Yang Wallentin

No 2007:23: The legacy of the Swedish gift and inheritance tax, 1884–2004
Henry Ohlsson

No 2007:22: How to Adjust for Nonignorable Nonresponse: Calibration, Heckit or FIML?
Fredrik Johansson

No 2007:21: Strategic Competition in Swedish Local Spending on Childcare, Schooling and Care for the Elderly
Karin Edmark

No 2007:20: How responsive is body weight to transitory income changes? Evidence from rural Tanzania
Niklas Bengtsson

No 2007:19: Long term effects of public policy for displaced workers in Sweden – shipyard workers in the West and miners in the North
Henry Ohlsson and Donald Storrie

No 2007:18: The Rise and Fall of U.S. Inflation Persistence
Meredith Beechey and Pär Österholm

No 2007:17: Monetary Policy and Swedish Unemployment Fluctuations
Annika Alexius and Bertil Holmlund

No 2007:16: Is the elephant stepping on its trunk? The problem of India´s unbalanced growth
Robin Douhan and Anders Nordberg

No 2007:15: Optimal Monetary Policy under Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity
Mikael Carlsson and Andreas Westermark

No 2007:14: A Critical Look at Measures of Macroeconomic Uncertainty
David Kjellberg and Erik Post

No 2007:13: Tax avoidance - a natural experiment
Henry Ohlsson

No 2007:12: Wage Formation and Redistribution
Per Engström

No 2007:11: Moving in and out of public geriatric care in Sweden
Daniel Hallberg and Mårten Lagergren

No 2007:10: The equal division puzzle – empirical evidence on intergenerational transfers in Sweden
Henry Ohlsson

No 2007:9: Effects of decentralization on school resources: Sweden 1989-2002
Eva Mörk and Åsa Ahlin

No 2007:8: Living to Save Taxes
Marcus Eliason and Henry Ohlsson

No 2007:7: Public Provision of Private Goods and Nondistortionary Marginal Tax Rates
Sören Blomquist and Vidar Christiansen

No 2007:6: Where Should the Elderly Live and Who Should Pay for their Care? A Study in Demographics and Geographical Economics
Thomas Aronsson, Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto

No 2007:5: Teacher density and student achievement in Swedish compulsory schools
Christian Andersson

No 2007:4: Macroeconomic imbalances and exchange rate regime shifts
Erik Post

No 2007:3: The Long Term Effect of Education Spending Decentralization on Human Capital in Spain
Ouarda Merrouche

No 2007:2: The Long Term Impact of French Settlement on Education in Algeria
Ouarda Merrouche

No 2007:1: Local Economies and General Elections
Mikael Elinder

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