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No 2000:25: Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Stability: The Case of Sweden 1972-1996
Anders Bergvall

No 2000:24: Trade, Earnings, and Mobility - Swedish Evidence
Per-Anders Edin, Peter Fredriksson and Per Lundborg

No 2000:23: Immigrant Settlement Policies and Subsequent Migration
Olof Åslund

No 2000:22: Settlement Policies and the Economic Success of Immigrants
Per-Anders Edin, Peter Fredriksson and Olof Åslund

No 2000:21: Ethnic Enclaves and the Economic Success of Immigrants - Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Per-Anders Edin, Peter Fredriksson and Olof Åslund

No 2000:20: Measures of Technology and the Short-Run Responses to Technology Shocks - Is the RBC-Model Consistent with Swedish Manufacturing Data?
Mikael Carlsson

No 2000:19: LINDA - Longitudinal INdividual DAta for Sweden
Per-Anders Edin and Peter Fredriksson

No 2000:18: Wealth Dynamics in the 1980’s and 1990’s: Sweden and the U.S.
Anders Klevmarken, Joseph Lupton and Frank Stafford

No 2000:17: Sluggishness, Endogeneity and the Demand for Local Public Services
Matz Dahlberg and Johanna Jacob

No 2000:16: On the Determinants of Labour Market Institutions: Rent-sharing vs. Social Insurance
Jonas Agell

No 2000:15: Optimal Taxation, Global Externalities and Labor Mobility
Thomas Aronsson and Sören Blomquist

No 2000:14: Does Time-Use Data Support the Unitary Model? A Test using Swedish Time-Use Data from 1984 and 1993
Daniel Hallberg

No 2000:13: Emigration of Immigrants and Measures of Immigrant Assimilation: Evidence from Sweden.
Per-Anders Edin, Robert J. LaLonde and Olof Åslund

No 2000:12: Demand for Local Public Schooling: Another Brick in the Wall.
Åsa Ahlin and Eva Johansson

No 2000:11: Nominal Wage Contracts, Aggregate and Firm-Specific Uncertainty – How High is the Private Gain from Indexation?
Stefan Laséen

No 2000:10: Why Politicians Favor Redheads - A Theory of Tactical Horizontal Redistribution.
Sören Blomquist and Vidar Christiansen

No 2000:9: Deterministic Seasonal Volatility in a Small and Integrated Stock Market: The Case of Sweden.
Lennart Berg

No 2000:8: The Dynamics of External Financing
Joakim Jansson

No 2000:7: Prices on the Second-hand Market for Swedish Family Houses – Correlation, Causation and Determinants.
Lennart Berg

No 2000:6: Evaluation of Swedish Youth Labour Market Programmes
Laura Larsson

No 2000:5: On the Analytics of the Dynamic Laffer Curve
Jonas Agell and Mats Persson

No 2000:4: Why is the Corporation Tax Not Neutral? Anticipated Tax Reform, Investment Spurts and Corporate Borrowing
Luis Alvarez JR, Vesa Kanniainen and Jan Södersten

No 2000:3: Ranking of Job Applicants, On-the-job Search and Persistent Unemployment
Stefan Eriksson and Nils Gottfries

No 2000:2: Social Assistance in Sweden 1990-1995
Sebastian Arslanogullari

No 2000:1: Labor Taxation in Search Equililbrium with Home Production
Bertil Holmlund

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