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No. 31/2008: How vertically specialized is Chinese trade? Full Text
Judith Dean, K.C. Fung and Zhi Wang

No. 30/2008: Optimal Law Enforcement and Welfare in the Presence of Organized Crime Full Text
Jenni Pääkkönen

No. 29/2008: China's new labour contract law: No harm to employment? Full Text
Yu-Fu Chen and Michael Funke

No. 28/2008: Do better institutions improve bank efficiency? Evidence from a transitional economy Full Text
Iftekhar Hasan, Haizhi Wang and Mingming Zhou

No. 27/2008: Global and local sources of risk in Eastern European emerging stock markets Full Text
Elena Fedorova and Mika Vaihekoski

No. 26/2008: State-business relations and improvement of corporate governance in Russia Full Text
Andrei Yakovlev

No. 25/2008: Exchange rate pass-through in the global economy – the role of emerging market economies Full Text
Matthieu Bussière and Tuomas Peltonen

No. 24/2008: Performance of business groups: Evidence from post-crisis Russia Full Text
Andrei Shumilov

No. 23/2008: What beyond oil and gas? Russian trade specialisation in manufactures Full Text
Olga Garanina

No. 22/2008: Business surveys and inflation forecasting in China Full Text
Juuso Kaaresvirta and Aaron Mehrotra

No. 21/2008: Risk-taking by Russian banks: Do location, ownership and size matter? Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova and Laura Solanko

No. 20/2008: Is corruption an efficient grease? Full Text
Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Laurent Weill

No. 19/2008: Liquidity matters: Evidence from the Russian interbank market Full Text
Alexei Kares, Koen Schoors and Gleb Lanine

No. 18/2008: How corruption affects bank lending in Russia Full Text
Laurent Weill

No. 17/2008: Models for Moody’s bank ratings Full Text
Anatoly Peresetsky and Alexander Karminsky

No. 16/2008: Trade linkages and macroeconomic effects of the price of oil Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Svetlana Ledyaeva

No. 15/2008: McCallum rule and Chinese monetary policy Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra, Tuuli Koivu and Riikka Nuutilainen

No. 14/2008: Market Discipline and Deposit Insurance in Russia Full Text
Anatoly Peresetsky

No. 13/2008: Price convergence and geographic dimension of market integration: Evidence from China Full Text
Maria Ritola

No. 12/2008: Banking in transition countries Full Text
John Bonin, Iftekhar Hasan and Paul Wachtel

No. 11/2008: Does the Chinese banking system benefit from foreign investors? Full Text
Alicia García-Herrero and Daniel Santabárbara

No. 10/2008: Regulatory bottlenecks, transaction costs and corruption: A cross-country investigation Full Text
Rajeev K. Goel

No. 9/2008: China and Central and Eastern European Countries: Regional networks, global supply chain or international competitors? Full Text
K.C. Fung, Iikka Korhonen, Ke Li and Francis Ng

No. 8/2008: International linkage of the Russian market and the Russian financial crisis: A multivariate GARCH analysis Full Text
Kashif Saleem

No. 7/2008: China in the world economy: Dynamic correlation analysis of business cycles Full Text
Jarko Fidrmuc, Iikka Korhonen and Ivana Bátorová

No. 6/2008: Causes of Corruption:History, Geography, and Government Full Text
Rajeev K. Goel and Michael A. Nelson

No. 5/2008: The Impact of Chinese Monetary Policy Shocks on East Asia Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and Tomasz Kozluk

No. 4/2008: Global and Regional Links between Stock Markets - the Case of Russia and China Full Text
Tomasz Kozluk

No. 3/2008: Are private banks more efficient than public banks? Evidence from Russia Full Text
Alexei Karas, Koen Schoors and Laurent Weill

No. 2/2008: Forecasting Inflation in China Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and José R. Sánchez-Fung

No. 1/2008: Has the Chinese economy become more sensitive to interest rates? Studying credit demand in China Full Text
Tuuli Koivu

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