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The Economic Research Institute, Stockholm School of Economics SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance

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No. 348: FDI and the Dynamics of Productivity: Microeconomic Evidence Full Text Published
Yumiko Okamoto and Fredrik Sjöholm

No. 347: Economic Recovery in Indonesia: The Challenge of Combining FDI and Regional Development Full Text Published
Fredrik Sjöholm

No. 346: Does Examination Hell Pay Off? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of "Ronin" and College Education in Japan Full Text Published
Hiroshi Ono

No. 345: Fourth Moment Structure of a Family of First-Order Exponential GARCH Models Published
Changli He, Timo Teräsvirta and Hans Malmsten

No. 344: Inside vs Outside Ownership: A Political Theory of the Firm Full Text Published
Holger M. Müller and Karl Wärneryd

No. 343: A general framework for testing the Granger noncausality hypothesis Published
Anne Péguin-Feissolle and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 342: Do Market-Based Incentives Lower the Cost of Compliance? Full Text
Magnus Allgulin

No. 341: Limited Liability and Dynamic Incentives Full Text
Magnus Allgulin

No. 340: Monitoring and Pay: General results Full Text
Magnus Allgulin

No. 339: The Determinants of Host Country Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment: Review and Synthesis of the Literature Published
Magnus Blomström, Steven Globerman and Ari Kokko

No. 338: On the Existence of Finite Dimensional Realizations for Nonlinear Forward Rate Models Full Text Published
Tomas Björk and Lars Svensson

No. 337: On Consumption Bunching under Campbell-Cochrane Habit Formation Full Text
Lars Ljungqvist and Harald Uhlig

No. 336: Forecasting performance of seasonal cointegration models Full Text Forthcoming
Mårten Löf and Johan Lyhagen

Anna Persson and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 334: Income-Related Inequality in Life-Years and Quality-Adjusted Life-Years Full Text Forthcoming
Ulf-G. Gerdtham and Magnus Johannesson

No. 333: The Dynamics of Capital Structure Published
Saugata Banerjee, Almas Heshmati and Clas Wihlborg

No. 332: Efficient estimation of price adjustment coefficients Full Text
Johan Lyhagen

No. 331: Likelihood-Based Inference in Multivariate Panel Cointegration Models Full Text
Rolf Larsson and Johan Lyhagen

No. 330: Is the short-run Phillips curve nonlinear? Empirical evidence for Australia, Sweden and the United States Full Text
Ann-Charlotte Eliasson

No. 329: Detecting equilibrium correction with smoothly time-varying strength Full Text
Ann-Charlotte Eliasson

No. 328: Smooth transitions in a UK consumption function Full Text
Ann-Charlotte Eliasson

No. 327: Markets for Risk and Openness to Trade: How are they Related? Full Text Published
Helena Svaleryd and Jonas Vlachos

No. 326: Do Foreign Contacts Enable Firms to Become Exporters? Full Text Published
Fredrik Sjöholm

No. 325: Twice Hit - Badly Wounded: The Devastating Cost of an Inadequate Transformation in Moldova Full Text
Per Ronnås and Nina Orlova

No. 324: Protection and the Dynamics of Productivity Growth: The Case of Automotive Industries in Indonesia Full Text Published
Yumiko Okamoto and Fredrik Sjöholm

No. 323: On the interpretation of cost-effectiveness acceptability curves Published
Mickael Löthgren and Niklas Zethraeus

No. 322: How Do Layoff Costs Affect Employment? Full Text
Lars Ljungqvist

No. 321: Squandering European Labor: Social Safety Nets in Times of Economic Turbulence Published
Lars Ljungqvist

No. 320: Financial Autarky and International Business Cycles Full Text
Jonathan Heathcote and Fabrizio Perri

No. 319: Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents and Incomplete Markets Full Text
Jonathan Heathcote

No. 318: Retail price levels and concentration of wholesalers, retailers, and hypermarkets Full Text
Marcus Asplund and Richard Friberg

No. 317: An ARCH Robust STAR Test Full Text
Michael K. Andersson, Bruno Eklund and Johan Lyhagen

No. 316: Delegation in first-price all-pay auctions
Kai A. Konrad, Wolfgang Peters and Karl Wärneryd

No. 315: Higher-order dependence in the general Power ARCH process and a special case Full Text Published
Changli He and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 314: A Note on Contingent Claims Pricing with Non-Traded Assets Full Text
Jan Ericsson and Joel Reneby

No. 313: Assessing the Effect of Schooling on Earnings Using a Social Experiment Full Text
Costas Meghir and Mårten Palme

No. 312: Performance and Characteristics of Swedish Mutual Funds Published
Magnus Dahlquist, Stefan Engström and Paul Söderlind

No. 311: Testing for the Lucas Critique: A Quantitative Investigation Full Text
Jesper Lindé

No. 310: A Normality Test for the Mean Estimator Full Text
Michael K. Andersson

No. 309: Should central banks be more aggressive? Full Text
Ulf Söderström

No. 308: Monetary policy with uncertain parameters Full Text Published
Ulf Söderström

No. 307: Predicting monetary policy using federal funds futures prices Full Text Published
Ulf Söderström

No. 306: Swedish Export Price Determination: Pricing to Market Shares? Full Text
Malin Adolfson

No. 305: European Integration and Geographical Concentration of Swedish Multinationals Full Text
Thomas Mathä

No. 304: Bootstrapping Error Component Models Published
Michael K. Andersson and Sune Karlsson

No. 303: A long memory panel unit root test: PPP revisited Full Text
Jonas Andersson and Johan Lyhagen

No. 302: Testing for Independence in Multivariate Duration Models Full Text
Hans Söderberg and Johan Lyhagen

No. 301: Patterns of Productivity Growth in the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry Published
Ragnar Tveterås and Almas Heshmati

No. 300: A Simple Linear Time Series Model with Misleading Nonlinear Properties Published
Michael K. Andersson, Bruno Eklund and Johan Lyhagen

No. 299: On the power and interpretation of panel unit root tests Full Text Published
Sune Karlsson and Mickael Löthgren

No. 298: Transparency and Competition Full Text
Arvid Nilsson

No. 297: Starting values in estimation of cointegrating vectors with restrictions Published
Johan Lyhagen and Lars Forsberg

No. 296: A simple variable selection technique for nonlinear models Published
Gianluigi Rech, Timo Teräsvirta and Rolf Tschernig

No. 295: Asymmetric Shocks and Policy Responses: A comparative analysis of the effects of a monetary union. Full Text
Arvid Wallgren

No. 294: Why Agency Costs Explain Diversification Discounts Published
Henrik Cronqvist, Peter Högfeldt and Mattias Nilsson

No. 293: Estimating the Effects of Vocational Rehabilitation Programs in Sweden Published
Almas Heshmati and Lars-Gunnar Engström

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