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The Economic Research Institute, Stockholm School of Economics SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance

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No. 420: On the construction of finite dimensional realizations for nonlinear forward rate models Full Text Forthcoming
Tomas Björk and Camilla Landen

No. 419: A Geometric View of Interest Rate Theory Full Text Published
Tomas Björk

No. 418: On seasonal error correction when the processes include different numbers of unit roots Full Text
Johan Lyhagen and Mårten Löf

No. 417: On the Term Structure of Futures and Forward Prices Full Text Published
Tomas Björk and Camilla Landen

No. 416: Proximity-Concentration versus Factor Proportion Explanation: The Case of Swedish Multinationals in the EU Full Text
Thomas Mathä

No. 415: A Return to the Convertibility Principle? Monetary And Fiscal Regimes in Historical Perspective. Full Text
Michael D. Bordo and Lars Jonung

No. 414: An alternative explanation of the price puzzle Full Text
Paolo Giordani

No. 413: Why not use standard panel unit root test for testing PPP Full Text
Johan Lyhagen

No. 412: Swedish Economic Growth and Scholarly Objectivity: An objective sociologist vs. subjective economists, or the other way around? Full Text Published
Magnus Henrekson

No. 411: How Fast Do Banks Adjust? A Dynamic Model of Labor-Use with an Application to Swedish Banks Published
Subal C. Kumbhakar, Almas Heshmati and Lennart Hjalmarsson

No. 410: Designing Efficient Institutions for Science-Based Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the US and Sweden Full Text Published
Magnus Henrekson and Nathan Rosenberg

No. 409: A median voter model of health insurance with ex post moral hazard Full Text
Johanna Jacob and Douglas Lundin

No. 408: Outward Investment, Employment and Wages in Swedish Multinationals Published
Magnus Blomström and Ari Kokko

No. 407: Scapegoats and Transparency in Organizations Full Text
Björn Segendorff

No. 406: A Signalling Theory of Scapegoats Full Text
Björn Segendorff

No. 405: Dynamics of Technical Efficiency and Productivity Change under Central Planning: The Romanian Cement Industry 1966-1989 Full Text Published
Mihai Cotfas, Almas Heshmati and Lennart Hjalmarsson

No. 404: Nya förutsättningar för svensk läkemedelsmarknad Full Text
Mats Ekelund

No. 403: Clever agents in adaptive learning Full Text
Alexander Matros

No. 402: Variability and average profits - does Oi's result generalize? Full Text
Richard Friberg and Kaj Martensen

No. 401: Gain, Loss, and Asset Pricing: It is Much Easier. A note Full Text
Iñaki R. Longarela

No. 400: Stochastic Better-Reply Dynamics in Games Full Text
Jens Josephson

No. 399: Costs and Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis. A Cross-Sectional Observational Study in Germany Full Text
Gisela Kobelt, Peter Lindgren, Antje Smala and Bengt Jönsson

No. 398: Costs and Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis. A Cross-Sectional Observational Study in the UK Full Text
Gisela Kobelt, Peter Lindgren, David Parkin, David A. Francis, Michael Johnson, David Bates and Bengt Jönsson

No. 397: Are Sons and Daughters Substitutable? A Study of Intra-household Allocation of Resources in Contemporary Japan Full Text Published
Hiroshi Ono

No. 396: On the Growth of Micro and Small Firms Published
Almas Heshmati

No. 395: College Quality and Earnings in the Japanese Labor Market Full Text Published
Hiroshi Ono

No. 394: Productivity Growth, Efficiency and Outsourcing in Manufacturing and Service Industries Published
Almas Heshmati

No. 393: A Combinatorial Approach to Piecewise Linear Time Series Analysis Published
Marcelo Medeiros, Alvaro Veiga and Mauricio Resende

No. 392: Influence Costs and Hierarchy Full Text
Roman Inderst, Holger M. Müller and Karl Wärneryd

No. 391: Growth Effects of Government Expenditure and Taxation in Rich Countries Full Text Published
Stefan Fölster and Magnus Henrekson

No. 390: Forecasting with smooth transition autoregressive models Published
Stefan Lundbergh and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 389: E-commerce and prices - theory and evidence Full Text
Richard Friberg, Mattias Ganslandt and Mikael Sandström

No. 388: Information in Conflicts Published
Karl Wärneryd

No. 387: Knowledge Capital and Performance Heterogeneity: A Firm Level Innovation Study Published
Hans Lööf and Almas Heshmati

No. 386: Diagnostic Checking in a Flexible Nonlinear Time Series Model Published
Marcelo Medeiros and Alvaro Veiga

No. 385: Costly Information, Diversification, and International Mutual Fund Performance Published
Stefan Engström

No. 384: Inflation Forecast Uncertainty Full Text
Paolo Giordani and Paul Soderlind

No. 383: Maximum-likelihood based inference in the two-way random effects model with serially correlated time effects Full Text Published
Sune Karlsson and Jimmy Skoglund

No. 382: Testing Game Theory Published
Jörgen W. Weibull

No. 381: Determinants of the Prevalence of Start-ups and High-Growth Firms Full Text Published
Per Davidsson and Magnus Henrekson

No. 380: Smooth Transition Autoregressive Models - A Survey of Recent Developments Full Text Published
Dick van Dijk, Timo Teräsvirta and Philip Hans Franses

No. 379: On the equivalence of the net benefit and the Fieller's methods for statistical inference in cost-effectiveness analysis Full Text
Niklas Zethraeus and Mickael Löthgren

No. 378: Testing for common cointegrating rank in dynamic panels Full Text
Rolf Larsson and Johan Lyhagen

No. 377: The Effectiveness of Government Debt and Transfers as Insurance Published
Martin Floden

No. 376: Time-Varying Smooth Transition Autoregressive Models Published
Stefan Lundbergh, Timo Teräsvirta and Dick van Dijk

No. 375: Internationalization and Growth: Evidence from Sweden Published
Magnus Blomström

No. 374: Price-Wars in Finite Sequential Move Price Competition: The Role of Discounting
Klaus Wallner

No. 373: A Microeconometric Evaluation of Rehabilitation of Long-term Sickness in Sweden Published
Markus Frölich, Almas Heshmati and Michael Lechner

No. 372: Factor Taxation with Heterogeneous Agents Full Text
David Domeij and Jonathan Heathcote

No. 371: FDI in the Restructuring of the Japanese Economy Published
Magnus Blomström, Denise Konan and Robert E. Lipsey

No. 370: Where Schumpeter was nearly Right - the Swedish Model and Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy Full Text Published
Magnus Henrekson and Ulf Jakobsson

No. 369: Outward FDI and Home Country Exports: Japan, the United States, and Sweden Full Text
Robert E. Lipsey, Eric Ramstetter and Magnus Blomström

No. 368: A computer model to analyse the cost-effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy - a revised version Full Text
Niklas Zethraeus, Peter Lindgren, Olof Johnell and Bengt Jönsson

No. 367: Corporate Leverage and Currency Crises Full Text Published
Arturo Bris and Yrjö Koskinen

No. 366: Informed Trading, Short Sales Constraints, and Futures' Pricing Full Text
Pekka Hietala, Esa Jokivuolle and Yrjö Koskinen

No. 365: Equity in Swedish Health Care Reconsidered: New Results based on the Finite Mixture Model Full Text
Ulf-G. Gerdtham and Pravin K. Trivedi

No. 364: Agency Costs of Controlling Minority Shareholders Published
Henrik Cronqvist and Mattias Nilsson

No. 363: Stochastic Imitation in Finite Games Full Text
Jens Josephson and Alexander Matros

No. 362: Incentives for Academic Entrepreneurship and Economic Performance: Sweden and the United States Full Text
Magnus Henrekson and Nathan Rosenberg

No. 361: Costs, Quality of Life and Disease Severity in Multiple Sclerosis - A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Sweden Full Text
Freddie Henriksson, Sten Fredrikson and Bengt Jönsson

No. 360: A Flexible Coefficient Smooth Transition Time Series Model Published
Marcelo Medeiros and Alvaro Veiga

No. 359: Moments and the Autocorrelation Structure of the Exponential GARCH(p,q) Process Full Text
Changli He

No. 358: Does Evolution Solve the Hold-up Problem? Full Text
Tore Ellingsen and Jack Robles

No. 357: Is There a Hold-up Problem? Full Text
Tore Ellingsen and Magnus Johannesson

No. 356: Taxing Emerging Stock Markets: A Beneficial Policy? Evidence from the Stockholm Stock Exchange, 1907-1939. Published
Daniel Waldenström

No. 355: Taking Advice from Imperfectly Informed Lobbyists: When to Match Hawks with Hawks Full Text
Lars Frisell

No. 354: The seasonal KPSS statistic Full Text
Johan Lyhagen

No. 353: Panel Regression with Unobserved Classes Full Text
Mickael Salabasis and Mattias Villani

No. 352: Wage-setting Institutions as Industrial Policy Full Text Published
Steven J. Davis and Magnus Henrekson

No. 351: One good - two prices Full Text Forthcoming
Marcus Asplund and Richard Friberg

No. 350: On Forecasting Cointegrated Seasonal Time Series Full Text Forthcoming
Mårten Löf and Philip Hans Franses

No. 349: Two monies, two markets? Variability and the option to segment Full Text
Richard Friberg

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