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No 16/07: Predicting housing prices at alternative locations and in alternative scenarios of the spatial job distribution
Liv Osland and Inge Thorsen

No 15/07: Testing for the impact of local spatial structure characteristics on house prices
Liv Osland and Inge Thorsen

No 14/07: Testing Guilt Aversion
Tore Ellingsen, Magnus Johannesson, Sigve Tjøtta and Gaute Torsvik

No 13/07: Technology resistance and globalisation with trade unions: the choice between employment protection and flexicurity
Kjell Erik Lommerud and Odd Rune Straume

No 12/07: Child-Care in Norway: Use of Parental Leave by Fathers
Ghazala Naz

No 11/07: Feasibility in Finite Time
Sjur Didrik Flåm, J.-B. Hirart-Urruty and Abderrahim Jourani

No 10/07: Do Collective Actions Clear Common Air? The Effect of International Environmental Protocols on Sulphur Emissions
Arild Aakvik and Sigve Tjøtta

No 9/07: Risk exchange as a market or production game
Anders Borglin and Sjur Didrik Flåm

No 8/07: Option pricing by mathematical programming
Sjur Didrik Flåm

No 7/07: Job losses and child outcomes
Espen Bratberg, Øivind Anti Nilsen and Kjell Vaage

No 6/07: Market clearing and price formation
Sjur Didrik Flåm and Odd Godal

No 5/07: Slopes of Shadow Prices and Lagrange Multipliers
Sjur Didrik Flåm, Hubertus Th. Jongen and Oliver Stein

No 4/07: Private Information, Transferable Utility, and the Core
Sjur Didrik Flåm and L. Koutsougeras

No 3/07: Family income and children's education: Using the Norwegian oil boom as a natural experiment.
Katrine Vellesen Løken

No 2/07: Irreversible investments, dynamic inconsistency and policy convergence
Rune Jansen Hagen and Gaute Torsvik

No 1/07: Temporary Migration, Labour Supply and Welfare
S. Quamrul Ahsan

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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