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No 17/08: Does variation in GP practice matter for the length of sick leave? A multilevel analysis based on Norwegian GP—patient data
Arild Aakvik, Tor Helge Holmås and M. Kamrul Islam

No 16/08: Dancing the H-Street Waltz? Policy Choice in Aid-Dependent Countries
Rune Jansen Hagen

No 15/08: How to make rural jobs more attractive to health workers. Findings from a discrete choice experiment in Tanzania
Julie Riise Kolstad

No 14/08: Improving the quality of health care when health workers are in short supply
Ottar Mæstad and Gaute Torsvik

No 13/08: Agriculture versus fish – Norway in WTO
Ivar Gaasland

No 12/08: Optimal agricultural policy and PSE measurement: an assessment and application to Norway
David Blandford, Rolf Jens Brunstad, Ivar Gaasland and Erling Vårdal

No 11/08: The impact of anticipated discussion on cooperation in a social dilemma
Sigve Tjøtta, Gaute Torsvik, Therese Kobbeltvedt and Anders Molander

No 10/08: Levelling the Field through Scoring Auctions
Eirik N. Christensen

No 9/08: Cursed Equilibrium Revisited
Eirik N. Christensen

No 8/08: Exclusivity and Bidding for Premium Broadcasting Rights
Eirik N. Christensen and Bjørn Olav Johansen

No 7/08: Multitasking, Quality and Pay for Performance
Oddvar M. Kaarbøe and Luigi Siciliani

No 6/08: Exposing agricultural cooperatives to competition.
Kristin Linnerud and Steinar Vagstad

No 5/08: Education and Fertility: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Karin Monstad, Carol Propper and Kjell Gunnar Salvanes

No 4/08: Sources of Measurement Errors in Earnings Data: New Estimates of Intergenerational Elasticities
Øivind Anti Nilsen, Kjell Vaage, Arild Aakvik and Karl Jacobsen

No 3/08: Love and taxes - and matching institutions
Kai A. Konrad and Kjell Erik Lommerud

No 2/08: Mergers and capital flight in unionised oligopolies: Is there scope for a 'national champion' policy?
Kjell Erik Lommerud, Frode Meland and Odd Rune Straume

No 1/08: Paying for Performance in Hospitals
Burkhard Hehenkamp and Oddvar Kaarbøe

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