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No. 24/2009: Russian banking: The state makes a comeback? Full Text
Andrei Vernikov

No. 23/2009: Assessing McCallum and Taylor rules in a cross-section of emerging market economies Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and José R. Sánchez-Fung

No. 22/2009: Determinants of bank interest margins in Russia: Does bank ownership matter? Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova and Tigran Poghosyan

No. 21/2009: A soft edge target zone model: Theory and application to Hong Kong Full Text
Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Nicole Glanemann

No. 20/2009: Stock return seasonalities and investor structure: Evidence from China's B-share markets Full Text
Martin T. Bohl, Michael Schuppli and Pierre L. Siklos

No. 19/2009: Market Structure, Welfare, and Banking Reform in China Full Text
Chun-Yu Ho

No. 18/2009: Evaluating inflation determinants with a money supply rule in four Central and Eastern European EU member states Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and Tomas Slacik

No. 17/2009: China as a regulatory state Full Text
Julan Du and Zhigang Tao

No. 16/2009: Firm behavior under production uncertainty: Evidence from Russia Full Text
Simo Leppänen, Laura Solanko and Mikael Linden

No. 15/2009: Are there industrial and agricultural convergence clubs in China? Full Text
Jenni Pääkkönen

No. 14/2009: Stock market wealth effects in an estimated DSGE model for Hong Kong Full Text
Michael Funke, Michael Paetz and Ernest Pytlarczyk

No. 13/2009: Renminbi misaligned - Results from meta-regressions Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Maria Ritola

No. 12/2009: How market power influences bank failures: Evidence from Russia Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova and Laurent Weill

No. 11/2009: The impact of the global financial crisis on business cycles in Asian emerging economies Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Jarko Fidrmuc

No. 10/2009: Economic growth across Chinese provinces: in search of innovation-driven gains Full Text
Michael Funke and Hao Yu

No. 9/2009: Do institutions matter? Estimating the effect of institutions on economic performance in China Full Text
Fang Ying and Zhao Yang

No. 8/2009: The role of banks in monetary policy transmission: Empirical evidence from Russia Full Text
Tuuli Juurikkala, Laura Solanko and Alexei Karas

No. 7/2009: Asymmetric Information and Loan Spreads in Russia: Evidence from Syndicated Loans Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova, Christophe J. Godlewski and Laurent Weill

No. 6/2009: Real Exchange Rate, Output and Oil: Case of Four Large Energy Producers Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Aaron Mehrotra

No. 5/2009: Composition of Exports and Cross-Country Corruption Full Text
Rajeev K. Goel and Iikka Korhonen

No. 4/2009: Dutch disease in former Soviet Union: Witch-hunting? Full Text
Balázs Égert

No. 3/2009: Does corruption hamper bank lending? Macro and micro evidence Full Text
Laurent Weill

No. 2/2009: Public pension and household saving: Evidence from China Full Text
Jin Feng, Lixin He and Hiroshi Sato

No. 1/2009: Economic Freedom as a Driver for Growth in Transition Full Text
Jenni Pääkkönen

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