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No. 31/2012: Is bank competition detrimental to efficiency? Evidence from China Full Text
Zuzana Fungácová, Pierre Pessarossi and Laurent Weill

No. 30/2012: Financial system reforms and China’s monetary policy framework: A DSGE-based assessment of initiatives and proposals Full Text
Michael Funke and Michael Paetz

No. 29/2012: Credit conditions and firm investment: Evidence from the MENA region Full Text
Risto Herrala and Rima Turk Ariss

No. 28/2012: Convertibility restriction in China’s foreign exchange market and its impact on forward pricing Full Text
Yi David Wang

No. 27/2012: Real-time warning signs of emerging and collapsing Chinese house price bubbles Full Text
Michael Funke and Xi Chen

No. 26/2012: The Determinants of Vulnerability to the Global Financial Crisis 2008 to 2009: Credit Growth and Other Sources of Risk Full Text
Martin Feldkircher

No. 25/2012: Modelling the impact of aggregate financial shocks external to the Chinese economy Full Text
Duo Qin and Xinhua He

No. 24/2012: Currency blocs in the 21st century Full Text
Christoph Fischer

No. 23/2012: Is China climbing up the quality ladder? Full Text
Gabor Pula and Daniel Daniel Santabarbara

No. 22/2012: Early warning indicators of asset price boom/bust cycles in emerging markets Full Text
Alexey Ponomarenko

No. 21/2012: Does CEO turnover matter in China? Evidence from the stock market Full Text
Pierre Pessarossi and Laurent Weill

No. 20/2012: The rise of China and its implications for emerging markets - Evidence from a GVAR model Full Text
Martin Feldkircher and Iikka Korhonen

No. 19/2012: Non-price competitiveness of exports from emerging countries Full Text
Konstantins Benkovskis and Julia Wörz

No. 18/2012: Examining the role of monetary aggregates in China Full Text
José R. Sánchez-Fung

No. 17/2012: No coupling, no decoupling, only mutual inter-dependence: Business cycles in emerging vs. mature economies Full Text
Pierre L. Siklos

No. 16/2012: Market and Non-Market Monetary Policy Tools in a Calibrated DSGE Model for Mainland China Full Text
Qianying Chen, Michael Funke and Michael Paetz

No. 15/2012: Predictive power of confidence indicators for the Russian economy Full Text
Niko Korte

No. 14/2012: Are Chinese Trade Flows Different? Full Text
Yin-Wong Cheung, Menzie D. Chinn and Xing Wang Qian

No. 13/2012: The dynamics of catch-up and skill and technology upgrading in China Full Text
Michael Funke and Xi Chen

No. 12/2012: Measuring systemic funding liquidity risk in the Russian banking system Full Text
Irina Andrievskaya

No. 11/2012: A DSGE-Based Assessment of Nonlinear Loan-to-Value Policies: Evidence from Hong Kong Full Text
Michael Funke and Michael Paetz

No. 10/2012: Does finance cause growth? Evidence from the origins of banking in Russia Full Text
Daniel Berkowitz, Mark Hoekstra and Koen Schoors

No. 9/2012: Government intervention and institutional trading strategy: Evidence from a transition country Full Text
Yi Yao, Rong Yang, Zhiyuan Liu and Iftekhar Hasan

No. 8/2012: A note on foreign bank entry and bank corporate governance in China Full Text
Iftekhar Hasan and Ru Xie

No. 7/2012: Why do large firms go for Islamic loans? Full Text
Laurent Weill and Christophe Godlewski

No. 6/2012: Financial sector in resource-dependent economies Full Text
Sanna Kurronen

No. 5/2012: Has the Chinese growth model changed? A view from the credit market Full Text
Risto Herrala and Yandong Jia

No. 4/2012: Integration of Chinese and Russian stock markets with world markets: National and sectoral perspectives Full Text
Ian Babeckii, Luboš Komárek and Zlatuše Komárková

No. 3/2012: Bank stress tests as an information device for emerging markets: The case of Russia Full Text
Zuzana Fungácová and Petr Jakubík

No. 2/2012: De facto currency baskets of China and East Asian economies: The rising weights Full Text
Ying Fang, Shicheng Huang and Linlin Niu

No. 1/2012: Bank pricing under oligopsony-oligopoly: Evidence from 103 developing countries Full Text
Walid Marrouch and Rima Turk-Ariss

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