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No. 31/2013: Money demand models for Russia: A sectoral approach Full Text
Anna Krupkina and Alexey Ponomarenko

No. 30/2013: Soviet foreign trade and the money supply Full Text
Yasushi Nakamura

No. 29/2013: Market discipline and the Russian interbank market Full Text
Irina Andrievskaya and Maria Semenova

No. 28/2013: Do capital requirements affect bank efficiency? Evidence from China Full Text
Pierre Pessarossi and Laurent Weill

No. 27/2013: FDI spillovers and time since foreign entry Full Text
Bruno Merlevede, Koen Schoors and Mariana Spatareanu

No. 26/2013: Investing abroad from the bottom of the productivity ladder – BRICS multinationals in Europe Full Text
Marco Sanfilippo

No. 25/2013: Trade reforms and current account imbalances Full Text
Jiandong Ju, Kang Shi and Shang-Jin Wei

No. 24/2013: The regime-dependent evolution of credibility: A fresh look at Hong Kong’s linked exchange rate system Full Text
Boris Blagov and Michael Funke

No. 23/2013: Structural features and interest-rate dynamics of Russia’s interbank lending market Full Text
Alexey Egorov and Olga Kovalenko

No. 22/2013: China’s capital controls – Through the prism of covered interest differentials Full Text
Risto Herrala and Yin-Wong Cheung

No. 21/2013: Market discipline during crisis: Evidence from bank depositors in transition countries Full Text
Iftekhar Hasan, Krzysztof Jackowicz, Oskar Kowalewski and Lukasz Kozlowski

No. 20/2013: Institutional development and stock price synchronicity: Evidence from China Full Text Published
Iftekhar Hasan, Liang Song and Paul Wachtel

No. 19/2013: Is mining fuelling long-run growth in Russia? Industry productivity growth trends since 1995 Full Text
Marcel P. Timmer and Ilya B. Voskoboynikov

No. 18/2013: What drives the market share changes? Price versus non-price factors Full Text
Konstantins Benkovskis and Julia Wörz

No. 17/2013: Does bank competition influence the lending channel in the euro area? Full Text Published
Zuzana Fungácová, Laura Solanko and Laurent Weill

No. 16/2013: How bank competition influence liquidity creation Full Text
Roman Horvath, Jakub Seidler and Laurent Weill

No. 15/2013: Extracting global stochastic trend from non-synchronous data Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Anatoly Peresetsky

No. 14/2013: Informal or formal financing? Or both? First evidence on the co-funding of Chinese firms Full Text
Hans Degryse, Liping Lu and Steven Ongena

No. 13/2013: Fiscal policy and regional output volatility: Evidence from Russia Full Text
Markus Eller, Jarko Fidrmuc and Zuzana Fungácová

No. 12/2013: China’s RMB bilateral swap agreements: What explains the choice of countries? Full Text
Alicia Garcia-Herrero and Le Xia

No. 11/2013: Exchange market pressures during the financial crisis: A Bayesian model averaging evidence Full Text
Martin Feldkircher, Roman Horvath and Marek Rusnak

No. 10/2013: Impact of exchange rate movements on exports: An analysis of Indian non-financial sector firms Full Text
Yin-Wong Cheung and Rajeswari Sengupta

No. 9/2013: Effectiveness of whistleblower laws in combating corruption Full Text
Rajeev K. Goel and Michael A. Nelson

No. 8/2013: Monetary policy regimes in CIS economies and their ability to provide price and financial stability Full Text
Marek Dabrowski

No. 7/2013: The role of the bank lending channel and impacts of stricter capital requirements on the Chinese banking industry Full Text
Qiyue Xiong

No. 6/2013: Political connections and depositor discipline Full Text
Mustafa Disli, Koen Schoors and Jos Meir

No. 5/2013: Prolonged reserves accumulation, credit booms, asset prices and monetary policy in Asia Full Text
Andrew J. Filardo and Pierre L. Siklos

No. 4/2013: What determines stock market behavior in Russia and other emerging countries? Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Anatoly Peresetsky

No. 3/2013: Business cycle convergence or decoupling? Economic adjustment in CESEE during the crisis Full Text
Martin Gächter, Aleksandra Riedl and Doris Ritzberger-Grünwald

No. 2/2013: Does excessive liquidity creation trigger bank failures? Full Text
Zuzana Fungácová, Rima Turk Ariss and Laurent Weill

No. 1/2013: On the use of sterilisation bonds in emerging Asia Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra

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