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No. 36/2011: Financial dollarization in Russia: causes and consequences Full Text
Alexey Ponomarenko, Alexandra Solovyeva and Elena Vasilieva

No. 35/2011: Tracking Chinese CPI inflation in real time Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra, Michael Funke and Hao Yu

No. 34/2011: The Influence of Bank Ownership on Credit Supply: Evidence from the Recent Financial Crisis Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova, Risto Herrala and Laurent Weill

No. 33/2011: A ‘de Soto Effect’ in Industry? Evidence from the Russian Federation Full Text
William Pyle and Koen Schoors

No. 32/2011: Like China, the Chinese banking sector is in a class of its own Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova and Iikka Korhonen

No. 31/2011: Causes of Corruption in Russia: A Disaggregated Analysis Full Text
Veronika Belousova, Rajeev K. Goel and Iikka Korhonen

No. 30/2011: China’s evolving reserve requirements Full Text
Guonan Ma, Yan Xiandong and Liu Xi

No. 29/2011: Choice of Corporate Debt in China: The Role of State Ownership Full Text
Laurent Weill and Pierre Pessarossi

No. 28/2011: Save or borrow – what determines Russian households’ financial strategies? Full Text
Maria Semenova

No. 27/2011: Explaining money demand in China during the transition from a centrally planned to a market-based monetary system Full Text
Anne-Laure Delatte, Julien Fouquau and Carsten A. Holz

No. 26/2011: The ownership of industrial land in Russian cities: Explaining patterns of privatization across regions and firms Full Text
William Pyle

No. 25/2011: Exchange rate misalignment estimates – Sources of differences Full Text
Yin-Wong Cheung and Eiji Fujii

No. 24/2011: Transfer of financial risk in emerging eastern European stock markets: A sectoral perspective Full Text
Elena Fedorova

No. 23/2011: The role of state and creation of a market economy in Russia Full Text
Vladimir Mau

No. 22/2011: Exchange rate misalignments: A comparison of China today against recent historical experiences of Japan, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan Full Text
Xinhua ´He, Duo Qin and Yimeng Liu

No. 21/2011: Dual-track interest rates and the conduct of monetary policy in China Full Text
Dong He and Honglin Wang

No. 20/2011: Identifying structural shocks behind loan supply fluctuations in Russia Full Text
Elena B. Deryugina and Alexey A. Ponomarenko

No. 19/2011: China’s new exchange rate regime, optimal basket currency and currency diversification Full Text
Zhichao Zhang, Nan Shi and Xiaoli Zhang

No. 18/2011: Mapping the State of Financial Stability Full Text
Peter Sarlin and Tuomas A. Peltonen

No. 17/2011: Monetary policy and housing prices; a case study of Chinese experience in 1999-2010 Full Text
Yanbing Zhang, Xiuping Hua and Liang Zhao

No. 16/2011: Co-movements of Shanghai and New York Stock prices by time-varying regressions Full Text
Gregory C Chow, Changjiang Liu and Linlin Niu

No. 15/2011: China’s Macroeconomic Imbalances: Causes and Consequences Full Text
John Knight and Wei Wang

No. 14/2011: Conditionality in Chinese bilateral lending Full Text
Mikael Mattlin and Matti Nojonen

No. 13/2011: What drives urban consumption in mainland China? The role of property price dynamics Full Text
Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Aaron Mehrotra

No. 12/2011: The Economic transmission of fiscal policy shocks from Western to Eastern Europe Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra, Jesús Crespo Cuaresma and Markus Eller

No. 11/2011: The effect of foreign bank presence on firm entry and exit in transition economies Full Text
Olena Havrylchyk

No. 10/2011: State-business relations in Russia in the 2000s: From the capture model to a variety of exchange models? Full Text
Andrei Yakovlev

No. 9/2011: Flexible inflation targets, forex interventions and exchange rate volatility in emerging countries Full Text
Juan Carlos Berganza and Carmen Broto

No. 8/2011: China's economic growth engine: The likely types of hardware failure, software failure and power supply failure Full Text
Wing Thye Woo

No. 7/2011: Households’ response to economic crisis Full Text
Petr Jakubik

No. 6/2011: Do markets perceive sukuk and conventional bonds as different financing instruments? Full Text
Christophe J. Godlewski, Rima Turk-Ariss and Laurent Weill

No. 5/2011: Changing economic structures and impacts of shocks — evidence from a DSGE model for China Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra, Riikka Nuutilainen and Jenni Pääkkönen

No. 4/2011: Financial settlement modes and corruption: Evidence from developed nations Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and Rajeev K. Goel

No. 3/2011: The determinants of cross-border bank flows to emerging markets: New empirical evidence on the spread of financial crises Full Text
Sabine Herrmann and Dubravko Mihaljek

No. 2/2011: Macro-financial vulnerabilities and future financial stress - Assessing systemic risks and predicting systemic events Full Text
Marco Lo Duca and Tuomas Peltonen

No. 1/2011: Comparing China’s GDP Statistics with Coincident Indicators Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and Jenni Paakkonen

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