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No 609: The Decline and Fall of the Scandinavian Currency Union 1914 – 1924: Events in the Aftermath of World War I
Krim Talia

No 608: The Integration and Efficiency of the Scandinavian Foreign Exchange Market 1873-1914: A Quantitative Analysis
Krim Talia

No 607: Scandinavian Monetary Cooperation 1873-1914: A trade off between efficiency and vulnerability
Krim Talia

No 606: Scandinavian Monetary Integration During the 19th Century: A Study of the Establishment of the Scandinavian Currency Union,1865-1875.
Krim Talia

No 595: Towards a General Theory of Good Deal Bounds
Tomas Björk and Irina Slinko

No 576: Information Updating and Insurance Dropout: Evidence from Dental Insurance
Erik Grönqvist

No 575: Does Adverse Selection Matter? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Erik Grönqvist

No 574: Female Career Success: Institutions, Path Dependence and Psychology
Magnus Henrekson and Anna Dreber

No 573: Ergodicity, mixing, and existence of moments of a class of Markov models with applications to GARCH and ACD models
Mika Meitz and Pentti Saikkonen

No 572: A smooth permanent surge process
Andrés González Gómez

No 571: A reassessment of the cost-effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy in Sweden – results based on the Women’s Health Initiative randomised controlled trial
Niklas Zethraeus, Fredrik Borgström, Bengt Jönsson and John Kanis

No 570: Networks of Relations
Giancarlo Spagnolo and Steffen Lippert

No 569: On Finite Dimensional Realizations of Forward Price Term Structure Models
Raquel M. Gaspar

No 568: Real Exchange Rate and Consumption Fluctuations following Trade Liberalization
Kristian Jönsson

No 567: Financial Liberalization, Banking Crises and Growth: Assessing the Links
Alessandra Bonfiglioli and Caterina Mendicino

No 566: Is Swedish Research in Economic History Internationally Integrated?
Daniel Waldenström

No 565: Parametric covariance matrix modeling in Bayesian panel regression
Mickael Salabasis

No 564: Evaluating exponential GARCH models
Hans Malmsten

No 563: Stylized Facts of Financial Time Series and Three Popular Models of Volatility
Hans Malmsten and Timo Teräsvirta

No 562: Technological Breakthroughs and Productivity Growth
Harald Edquist and Magnus Henrekson

No 561: Linear models, smooth transition autoregressions, and neural networks for forecasting macroeconomic time series: A re-examination
Timo Teräsvirta, Dick van Dijk and Marcelo Medeiros

No 560: Tax Effects on Work Activity, Industry Mix and Shadow Economy Size: Evidence from Rich-Country Comparisons
Steven J. Davis and Magnus Henrekson

No 559: General Quadratic Term Structures of Bond, Futures and Forward Prices
Raquel M. Gaspar

No 558: Better may be worse: Some monotonicity results and paradoxes in discrete choice
Lars-Göran Mattsson, Mark Voorneveld and Jörgen W. Weibull

No 557: Evaluating models of autoregressive conditional duration
Mika Meitz and Timo Teräsvirta

No 556: The Swedish ICT Miracle - Myth or Reality
Harald Edquist

No 555: Information Costs and Mutual Fund Flows
Stefan Engström and Anna Westerberg

No 554: Investment Strategies, Fund Performance and Portfolio Characteristics
Stefan Engström

No 553: Does Active Portfolio Management Create Value? An Evaluation of Fund Managers' Decisions
Stefan Engström

No 551: Prices and quality signals
Mark Voorneveld and Jörgen W. Weibull

No 550: The Incentives of Future Economists - Striking a Balance between Tools and Relevance
Anne Boschini, Matthew Lindquist, Jan Pettersson and Jesper Roine

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