Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance,
Stockholm School of Economics

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No 665: Trust and truth
Tore Ellingsen, Magnus Johannesson, Jannie Lilja and Henrik Zetterqvist

No 663: Time is not money
Tore Ellingsen and Magnus Johannesson

No 659: Identity and Redistribution
Erik Lindqvist and Robert Östling

No 655: Political Polarization
Avinash Dixit and Jörgen Weibull

No 653: Destructive Creation
Emilio Calvano

No 650: Financial Revolution and Economic Modernization in Sweden
Anders Ögren

No 648: Determining the number of breaks in a piecewise linear regression model
Birgit Strikholm

No 647: Economic Performance and Work Activity in Sweden affter the Crisis of the early 1990s
Steven J. Davis and Magnus Henrekson

No 646: An introduction to univariate GARCH models
Timo Teräsvirta

No 645: Efficiency, communication and honesty
Stefano Demichelis and Jörgen Weibull

Marcus Salomonsson

No 643: Vintage Capital and Expectations Driven Business Cycles
Martin Floden

No 642: (M)oral Hazard?
Erik Grönqvist

No 641: The Geometry of Nash Equilibria and Correlated Equilibria and a Generalization of Zero-Sum Games
Yannick Viossat

No 640: Exclusive Quality
Cédric Argenton

No 639: Rising Earnings Inequality in Sweden: The Role of Composition and Prices
David Domeij

No 638: Wage Structure and Public Sector Employment: Sweden versus the United States 1970-2002
David Domeij and Lars Ljungqvist

No 637: Modelling autoregressive processes with a shifting mean
Andrés González and Timo Teräsvirta

No 636: Incentives for Clinical Trials
Erik Grönqvist and Douglas Lundin

No 635: Economic Influences on Moral Values
Robert Östling

No 634: Organizational Structure as the Channeling of Boundedly Rational Pre-play Communication
Tore Ellingsen and Robert Östling

No 633: Altruism and Climate
Jörgen Weibull and Ingela Alger

No 632: Stability of nonlinear AR-GARCH models
Mika Meitz and Pentti Saikkonen

No 631: Specialization and Happiness: A U.S.-Japan Comparison
Hiroshi Ono and Kristen Schultz Lee

No 630: Bayesian simultaneous determination of structural breaks and lag lengths
Brigitta Hultblad and Sune Karlsson

No 629: Evolutionary dynamics may eliminate all strategies used in correlated equilibrium
Yannick Viossat

No 628: Political Polarization and the Size of Government
Erik Lindqvist and Robert Östling

No 627: Immigration Policy and Self-Selecting Migrants
Milo Bianchi

No 626: Do Politicians Free-ride? - an empirical test of the common pool model
Björn Tyrefors

No 625: The Evolution of Top Incomes in an Egalitarian Society: Sweden, 1903–2004
Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström

No 624: Lifetime Employment in Japan: Concepts and Measurements
Hiroshi Ono

No 623: Why Are Capital Income Taxes So High?
Martin Floden

No 622: Price competition and convex costs
Jörgen Weibull

No 621: Promoting Entrepreneurship in the Welfare State
Magnus Henrekson and Jesper Roine

1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
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