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No 215: The Role of Government in Capital Constrained Economies
Tove Strauss

No 214: Willingness to Pay for Hormone Replacement Therapy
Niklas Zethraeus and Per-Olov Johansson

No 213: Factor Endowments, Country Size, and Trade Liberalisation: The Effects on Structure of Trade and Industry
Thomas Mathä

No 212: Technology Gap, Competition and Spillovers from Direct Foreign Investment: Evidence from Establishment Data
Fredrik Sjöholm

No 211: National and International Spillovers from R&D: Comparing a Neoclassical and an Endogenous Growth Approach
Henrik Braconier and Fredrik Sjöholm

No 210: Market Expectations in the UK Before and After the ERM Crisis
Paul Söderlind

No 209: Interest Rate Dynamics and Consistent Forward Rate Curves
Tomas Björk and Bent Jesper Christensen

No 208: On the Damodaran Estimator of Price Adjustment Coefficients
Patrik Säfvenblad

No 207: The Relationship between Happiness, Health and Socio-economic Factors: Results Based on Swedish Micro Data
Ulf-G Gerdtham and Magnus Johannesson

No 206: Sequential Moves and Tacit Collusion: Reaction-Function Cycles in a Finite Pricing Duopoly
Klaus Wallner

No 205: New Estimates of the Demand for Health: Results Based on a Categorical Health Measure and Swedish Micro Data
Ulf-G Gerdtham and Magnus Johannesson

No 204: Bootstrapping the Malmquist Productivity Index: A Simulation Study
Mickael Löthgren

No 203: Should the core fear the outs? Price setting practices and international monetary transmission
Richard Friberg

No 202: Financial Crises and the Benefits of Mildly Repressed Exchange Rates
Pan A. Yotopoulos

No 201: Hierarchical Assignments: Stability and Fairness
Kimmo Eriksson, Johan Karlander and Lars-Erik Öller

No 200: Foreign Direct Investment and Employment: Home Country Experience in the United States and Sweden
Magnus Blomström, Gunnar Fors and Robert E. Lipsey

No 199: Statistical Properties of the Asymmetric Power ARCH Process
Changli He and Timo Teräsvirta

No 198: Properties of Moments of a Family of GARCH Processes
Changli He and Timo Teräsvirta

No 197: Income Redistribution within the Life Cycle versus between Individuals: Empirical Evidence Using Swedish Panel Data
Anders Björklund and Mårten Palme

No 196: Prices, profits and exchange rate uncertainty: The case of Bertrand competition in differentiated goods.
Richard Friberg

No 195: Openness and the exchange rate exposure of national stock markets - a note
Richard Friberg and Stefan Nydahl

No 194: Price adjustments by a gasoline retail chain
Marcus Asplund, Rickard Eriksson and Richard Friberg

No 193: Dowry Inflation: A Comment
Lena Edlund

No 192: Time Spent on Waiting Lists for Medical Care: An Insurance Approach
Magnus Johannesson, Per-Olov Johansson and Tore Söderqvist

No 191: Trading Volume and Autocorrelation: Empirical Evidence from the Stockholm Stock Exchange
Patrik Säfvenblad

No 190: Learning the True Index Level: Index Return Autocorrelation in an REE Auction Market
Patrik Säfvenblad

No 189: Lead-Lag Effects When Prices Reveal Cross-Security Information
Patrik Säfvenblad

No 188: Bootstrap Testing for Fractional Integration
Michael K. Andersson and Mikael P. Gredenhoff

No 187: The Tropical Forests as a Global Resource: Impacts of Trade-Related Policy
Thomas Andersson

No 186: Indebtedness and Unemployment: A Durable Relationship
Tore Ellingsen and Steinar Holden

No 185: Fixed or Flexible? Wage Setting in Search Equilibrium
Tore Ellingsen and Åsa Rosén

No 184: Social Security, Occupational Pensions, and Retirement in Sweden
Mårten Palme and Ingemar Svensson

No 183: Exports, Imports and Productivity: Results from Indonesian Establishment Data
Fredrik Sjöholm

No 182: Minimal Realizations of Forward Rates
Tomas Björk and Andrea Gombani

No 181: A Note on Confidence Intervals in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Magnus Tambour, Niklas Zethraeus and Magnus Johannesson

No 180: Efficiency Wages and X-Inefficiencies
Tore Ellingsen

No 179: On the Consistency of the DEA-based Average Technical Efficiency Bootstrap
Mickael Löthgren

No 178: The European Unemployment Dilemma
Lars Ljungqvist and Thomas J. Sargent

No 177: Lag-length Selection in VAR-models Using Equal and Unequal Lag-Length Procedures
Mikael Gredenhoff and Sune Karlsson

No 176: Finance and Economic Growth. The Case of Sweden 1834-1991
Pontus Hansson and Lars Jonung

No 175: Evaluating Portfolio Performance with Stochastic Discount Factors
Magnus Dahlquist and Paul Söderlind

No 174: The Stock Market as a Screening Device and the Decision to Go Public
Tore Ellingsen and Kristian Rydqvist

No 173: Distributional Conflict and Jurisdictional Organization
Karl Wärneryd

No 172: Regional Integration and Foreign Direct Investment
Magnus Blomström and Ari Kokko

No 171: Testing and Correcting for Sample Selection Bias in Discrete Choice Contingent Valuation Studies
Jan Eklöf and Sune Karlsson

No 170: The Impact of Internal Markets on Health Care Efficiency: Evidence from Health Care Reforms in Sweden
Ulf-G. Gerdtham, Clas Rehnberg and Magnus Tambour

No 169: Properties of the Autocorrelation Function of Squared Observations for Second Order GARCH Processes under Two Sets of Parameter Constraints
Changli He and Timo Teräsvirta

No 168: Fourth Moment Structure of the GARCH (p, q) Process
Changli He and Timo Teräsvirta

No 167: Rationality, Transparency, and Evolutionary Selection
Karl Wärneryd

No 166: Expropriation Risk, Governance Control and Equilibrium Financial Contract
Yeongjae Kang

No 165: Discrete Time Hedging of OTC Options in a GARCH Environment: A Simulation Experiment
Gustaf E. Hagerud

No 164: Modeling Nordic Stock Returns with Asymmetric GARCH models
Gustaf E. Hagerud

No 163: Specification Tests for Asymmetric GARCH
Gustaf E. Hagerud

No 162: A Smooth Transition ARCH Model for Asset Returns
Gustaf E. Hagerud

No 161: Internal Markets and Performance in Swedish Health Care
Magnus Tambour and Clas Rehnberg

No 160: Do Buyers and Sellers Behave Similarly in a Limit Order Book? A High-Frequency Data Examination of the Finnish Stock Exchange
Kaj Hedvall, Jonas Niemeyer and Gunnar Rosenqvist

No 159: Monetary Policy and the Fisher Effect
Paul Söderlind

No 158: A Multiple Output Stochastic Ray Frontier Production Model
Mickael Löthgren

No 157: Real Effects of Budget Deficits? - Theory and Evidence
Torbjörn Becker and Anders Paalzow

No 156: A Latent Factor Model of European Exchange Rate Risk Premia
Annika Alexius and Peter Sellin

No 155: Reaction Function Estimation when Central Banks Face Adjustment Costs
Kasper Roszbach

No 154: Network Externality and Convention
Karl Wärneryd

No 153: Conventions and Transaction Costs
Karl Wärneryd

No 152: On the Value of Changes in Life Expectancy: Blips versus Parametric Changes
Magnus Johannesson, Per-Olov Johansson and Karl-Gustaf Löfgren

No 151: Computationally Efficient Double Bootstrap Variance Estimation
Sune Karlsson and Mickael Löthgren

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