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No 483: The Single European Market, Swedish Investment Liberalisation, and Horizontal and Vertical Multinationals
Thomas Mathä

No 482: Where to Go after the Lamfalussy Report? - An Economic Analysis of Securities Market Regulation and Supervision
Jonas Niemeyer

No 481: A method to generate multivariate data with moments arbitrary close to the desired moments
Johan Lyhagen

No 480: The labor-supply elasticity and borrowing constraints: Why estimates are biased
David Domeij and Martin Floden

No 479: Wage Dispersion and Allocation of Jobs
Fredrik Heyman

No 478: Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Simple Monetary Policy Rules
Malin Adolfson

No 477: Optimal Monetary Policy Delegation under Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through
Malin Adolfson

No 476: Monetary Policy with Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through
Malin Adolfson

No 475: Stochastic Adaptation in Finite Games Played by Heterogeneous Populations
Jens Josephson

No 474: A Numerical Analysis of the Evolutionary Stability of Learning Rules
Jens Josephson

No 473: Price Responses to Seasonal Demand Changes in the Swedish Gasoline Market
Rickard Eriksson

No 472: Risk sharing and firm size: theory and international evidence
Mariassunta Giannetti

No 471: Endogenous Market Segmentation and the Law of One Price
Richard Friberg and Kaj Martensen

No 470: Prices, Margins and Liquidity Constraints: Swedish Newspapers 1990-1996
Marcus Asplund, Rickard Eriksson and Niklas Strand

No 469: The Transformation of Ownership Policy and Structure in Sweden: Convergence towards the Anglo-Saxon Model?
Magnus Henrekson and Ulf Jakobsson

No 468: Price Discrimination in Oligopoly: Evidence from Swedish Newspapers
Marcus Asplund, Rickard Eriksson and Niklas Strand

No 467: Corporate Financial Policies and Performance Around Currency Crises
Arturo Bris, Yrjö Koskinen and Vicente Pons

No 466: Social norms and optimal incentives in firms
Steffen Huck, Dorothea Kübler and Jörgen Weibull

No 465: Causal effects of Economic Incentives on Absence from Work: A Duration Analysis Using Fixed Effects
Göran Broström, Per Johansson and Mårten Palme

No 464: Financial Innovation, Market Participation and Asset Prices
Laurent Calvet, Martin Gonzalez-Eiras and Paolo Sodini

No 463: Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Policies towards the Commercialization of University Intellectual Property
Brent Goldfarb and Magnus Henrekson

No 462: The Firm Size Effect: fact or artifact?
John Ekberg and Mickael Salabasis

No 461: Patience and Ultimatum in Bargaining
Björn Segendorff

No 460: The Impact of Physician Preferences and Patient Habits on the Diffusion of New Drugs
Magnus Johannesson and Douglas Lundin

No 459: Cost-utility analysis of Interferon Beta-1b in the treatment of different types of Multiple Sclerosis
Gisela Kobelt, Linus Jönsson, Sten Fredriksson and Bengt Jönsson

No 458: Credit Claiming
Amihai Glazer and Björn Segendorff

No 457: Innovation and Performance in Manufacturing Industries: A Comparison of the Nordic Countries
Hans Lööf, Almas Heshmati, Rita Asplund and Svein-Olav Nåås

No 456: The Effects of Leniency on Illegal Transactions: How (Not) to Fight Corruption
Paolo Buccirossi and Giancarlo Spagnolo

No 455: Non-Tariff Barriers, Market Access and Trade
Thomas Mathä

No 454: The Distributional Component of the Price of the Tax Avoidance Service
Tatiana Damjanovic

No 453: Estimating Compensating Wage Differentials from Worker Mobility
Per Johansson and Mårten Palme

No 452: The choice between rights offerings and private equity placements
Henrik Cronqvist and Mattias Nilsson

No 451: The Effect of a Social Experiment in Education
Costas Meghir and Marten Palme

No 450: The Evolution of Income Inequality During the Rise of the Swedish Welfare State 1951 to 1973
Anders Björklund and Mårten Palme

No 449: Financial Markets, the Pattern of Specialization and Comparative Advantage. Evidence from OECD countries.
Jonas Vlachos and Helena Svaleryd

No 448: An Extension of Good-Deal Asset Price Bounds
Iñaki R. Longarela

No 447: Monetary Policy and Bond Option Pricing in an Analytical RBC Model
Paul Söderlind

No 446: On the Relationship between Innovation and Performance: A sensitivity Analysis
Hans Lööf and Almas Heshmati

No 445: The Valuation of Corporate Liabilities: Theory and Tests
Joel Reneby and Jan Ericsson

No 444: The Effects on Sick Leave of Changes in the Sickness Insurance System
Magnus Henrekson and Mats Persson

No 443: What if the Fed Had Been an Inflation Nutter?
Paul Söderlind

No 442: Predicting Survival in cost-effectiveness analyses based on clinical trials
Ulf-G Gerdtham and Niklas Zethraeus

No 441: Stronger evidence of long-run neutrality: a comment on Bernanke and Mihov
Paolo Giordani

No 440: The Dynamics of Capital Structure: Evidence from Swedish Micro and Small Firms
Almas Heshmati

No 439: Size and power of the likelihood ratio test for seasonal cointegration in small samples: A Monte Carlo study
Mårten Löf

No 438: Ägarpolitik och ägarstruktur i efterkrigstidens Sverige
Magnus Henrekson and Ulf Jakobsson

No 437: Prisoners' Other Dilemma
Giancarlo Spagnolo and Matthias Blonski

No 436: Demand vs. Supply Driven Innovations: US and Swedish Experiences in Academic Entrepreneurship
Brent Goldfarb, Magnus Henrekson and Nathan Rosenberg

No 435: Using A Trade-induced Catch-up Model to Explain China's Provincial Economic Growth 1978-97
Yudong Yao and Johan Lyhagen

No 434: A simple efficient GMM estimator of GARCH models
Jimmy Skoglund

No 433: Specification and estimation of random effects models with serial correlation of general form
Jimmy Skoglund and Sune Karlsson

No 432: Asymptotic properties of the maximum likelihood estimator of random effects models with serial correlation
Jimmy Skoglund and Sune Karlsson

No 431: Ohlin on the Great Depression. The popular message in the daily press
Benny Carlson and Lars Jonung

No 430: On the Adjusted Rate of Return to Women fs University Education: A Preliminary Study of OECD Countries
Hiroshi Ono

No 429: The effects of institutional and technological change and business cycle fluctuations on seasonal patterns in quarterly industrial production series
Dick van Dijk, Birgit Strikholm and Timo Teräsvirta

No 428: Cooperation or Conflict in Common Pools
Ingela Ternström

No 427: A Classifying Procedure for Signaling Turning Points
Lasse Koskinen and Lars-Erik Öller

No 426: Constitutions and Central Bank Independence: An Objection to McCallum's Second Fallacy
Paolo Giordani and Giancarlo Spagnolo

No 425: Reputation in Team Production
Amihai Glazer and Björn Segendorff

No 424: Subordinates as Threats to Leaders
Amihai Glazer and Björn Segendorff

No 423: On the Causality between GDP and Health Care Expenditure in Augmented Solow Growth Model
Almas Heshmati

No 422: Income Security Programs and Retirement in Sweden
Mårten Palme and Ingemar Svensson

No 421: Institutionella förutsättningar för entreprenörskap och företagstillväxt
Magnus Henrekson

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