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No 2005/18: Face-to-Face, Buzz and Knowledge Bases: Socio-spatial implications for learning and innovation policy
Asheim Bjørn, Lars Coenen and Jan Vang

No 2005/17: Trademarks Statistics as Innovation Indicator? - A Micro Study
Claes Malmberg

No 2005/16: Emergence and Growth of Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping, Sweden
Leif Hommen, David Doloreux and Emma Larsson

No 2005/15: The Creative Class and Regional Growth: Towards a Knowledge Based Approach
Hansen Høgni Kalsø, Jan Vang and Bjørn Asheim

No 2005/14: Talents and Innovative Regions: exploring the Importance of Face-to-Face Communication and Buzz
Bjørn Asheim and Jan Vang

No 2005/13: Regional Innovation System Policy: a Knowledge-based Approach
Bjørn Asheim, Lars Coenen, Jerker Moodysson and Jan Vang

No 2005/12: Knowledge Bases and Spatial Patterns of Collaboration: Comparing the Pharma and Agro-Food Bioregions Scania and Saskatoon
Lars Coenen, Jerker Moodysson, Camille Ryan, Bjørn Asheim and Peter Phillips

No 2005/11: Interregional Inventor Networks as Studied by Patent Co-inventorships
Olof Ejermo and Charlie Karlsson

No 2005/10: Rethinking the Spatial Organization of Creative Industries
Jan Vang

No 2005/9: Knowledge and Accountability: Outside’s Directors’contribution in the corporate value chain
Morten Huse, Jonas Gabrielsson and Alessandro Minichilli

No 2005/6: Innovation Policies for Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Asia: An Innovation Systems Perspective
Cristina Chaminade and Jan Vang

No 2005/5: Contextualizing Regional Innovation Systems in a Globalizing Learning Economy: On Knowledge Bases and Institutional Frameworks
Bjørn Asheim and Lars Coenen

No 2005/4: How does Accessibility to Knowledge Sources Affect the Innovativeness of Corporations? Evidence from Sweden
Martin Andersson and Olof Ejermo

No 2005/3: The Role of Regional Innovation Systems in a Globalizing Economy: Comparing Knowledge Bases and Institutional Frameworks in Nordic Clusters
Bjørn Asheim and Lars Coenen

No 2005/2: From theory to practice: the use of systems of innovation approach in innovation policy
Cristina Chaminade and Charles Edquist

No 2005/1: Constructing Regional Advantage at the Northern Edge
Lars Coenen and Bjørn Asheim

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
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