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No 2013/47: Commonalities and differences between production-related FDI (PFDI) and technology-related FDI (TFDI) in developed and emerging economies
Keyvan Alvandi, Cristina Chaminade and Ping Lv

No 2013/46: Multiple Paths of Development: Knowledge Bases and Institutional Characteristics of the Swedish Food Sector
Elena Zukauskaite and Jerker Moodysson

No 2013/45: Organizational Change within Medical Research in Sweden: On the Role of the Individuals and Institutions
Elena Zukauskaite

No 2013/44: The Impact of Innovation Off-shoring on Organizational Adaptability
Elisabeth Baier, Christian Rammer and Torben Schubert

No 2013/43: Are there Scale Economies in Scientific Production? On the Topic of Locally Increasing Returns to Scale
Torben Schubert

No 2013/42: Innovation Determinants over Industry Life Cycle
Sam Tavassoli

No 2013/41: Age and firm growth. Evidence from three European countries
Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Davide Castellani and Fabio Pieri

No 2013/40: Innovation under the protected label of origin: heritage, influence and expanding horizons in Cognac
Jerker Moodysson and Lionel Sack

No 2013/39: The Geography of Sustainability Transitions: A Literature Review
Teis Hansen and Lars Coenen

No 2013/38: The Role of Product Innovation Output on Export Behavior of Firms
Sam Tavassoli

No 2013/37: Physical Planning in Place-Making through Design and Image Building
Ana Mafalda Madureira

No 2013/36: Authenticity renewal – institutions, innovation systems, and Cognac evolution (when the rules of the game don’t change)
Jerker Moodysson and Lionel Sack

No 2013/35: The Role of Knowledge Heterogeneity on the Innovative Capability of Industrial Districts
Nunzia Carbonara and Sam Tavassoli

No 2013/34: The Role of Knowledge Variety and Intensity for Regional Innovative Capability
Sam Tavassoli and Nunzia Carbonara

No 2013/33: Bridging Innovation System Research and Development Studies: challenges and research opportunities
Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Jan Vang, KJ Joseph and Cristina Chaminade

No 2013/32: Do Regions Make a Difference? Regional Innovation Systems and Global Innovation Networks in the ICT Industry
Cristina Chaminade and Monica Plechero

No 2013/31: Measuring systemic problems in national innovation systems. An application to Thailand
Cristina Chaminade, Patarapong Intarakumnerd and Koson Sapprasert

No 2013/30: Local Clusters of Entrepreneurs -neighborhood peer effects in entrepreneurship?
Martin Andersson and Johan P. Larsson

No 2013/29: Old is Gold? The Effects of Employee Age on Innovation and the Moderating Effects of Employment Turnover
Torben Schubert and Martin Andersson

No 2013/28: Competence Building: A Systemic Approach to Innovation Policy
Susana Borrás and Charles Edquist

No 2013/27: User-producer interaction and the degree of novelty of innovations: a global perspective
Gouya Harirchi and Cristina Chaminade

No 2013/26: Understanding the diversity of cooperation on innovation across countries: Multilevel evidence from Europe
Martin Srholec

No 2013/25: Physical Planning in Entrepreneurial Urban Governance – Experiences from the Bo01 and Brunnshög Projects, Sweden
Ana Mafalda Madureira

No 2013/24: Technological competencies and firm performance: Analyzing the importance of internal and external competencies
Markus Grillitsch and Magnus Nilsson

No 2013/23: Combining knowledge from different sources, channels and geographical scales
Markus Grillitsch and Michaela Trippl

No 2013/22: Services vs. Manufacturing – How Does Foreign and Domestic Sales Impact on their R&D?
Olof Ejermo and Karin Bergman

No 2013/21: On the link between urban location and the involvement of knowledge intensive business services firms in collaboration networks
Sverre J. Herstad and Bernd Ebersberger

No 2013/20: R&D offshoring and the productivity growth of European regions
Davide Castellani and Fabio Pieri

No 2013/19: Entrepreneurship and the Business Cycle: Do New Technology-Based Firms Differ?
Olof Ejermo and Jing Xiao

No 2013/18: Substitution or overlap? The relations between geographical and non-spatial proximity dimensions in collaborative innovation projects
Teis Hansen

No 2013/17: Technology-Driven FDI: A Survey of the Literature
Alessia Amighini, Claudio Cozza, Elisa Giuliani, Roberta Rabellotti and Vittoria Scalera

No 2013/16: The spatiality of trust – Antecedents of trust and the role of face-to-face contacts
Magnus Nilsson and Jannika Mattes

No 2013/15: The Geography and Structure of Global Innovation Networks: A Knowledge Base Perspective
Ju Liu, Cristina Chaminade and Bjørn Asheim

No 2013/14: Differentiated Knowledge Bases and the Nature of Innovation Networks
Roman Martin

No 2013/13: System Failures, Knowledge Bases and Regional Innovation Policies
Roman Martin and Michaela Trippl

No 2013/12: MNC affiliation, knowledge bases and involvement in global innovation networks
Sverre J. Herstad, Bernd Ebersberger and Bjørn Asheim

No 2013/11: Why space matters in technological innovation systems – the global knowledge dynamics of membrane bioreactor technology
Christian Binz, Bernhard Truffer and Lars Coenen

No 2013/10: Clean-tech Innovation in Emerging Economies: Transnational Dimensions in Technological Innovation System Formation
Jorrit Gosens, Yonglong Lu and Lars Coenen

No 2013/9: The internationalisation of R&D: sectoral and geographic patterns of cross-border investments
Cristina Castelli and Davide Castellani

No 2013/8: Systematic anchoring of global innovation processes and new industry formation – the emergence of on-site water recycling in China
Christian Binz, Bernhard Truffer and Lars Coenen

No 2013/7: Renewal of mature industry in an old industrial region: regional innovation policy and the co-evolution of institutions and technology
Lars Coenen, Jerker Moodysson and Hanna Martin

No 2013/6: Commercializing clean technology innovations – the emergence of new business in an agency-structure perspective
Sofia Avdeitchikova and Lars Coenen

No 2013/5: What Does Evolutionary Economic Geography Bring To The Policy Table? Reconceptualising regional innovation systems
Bjørn Asheim, Markus M. Bugge, Lars Coenen and Sverre Herstad

No 2013/4: The Choice of Innovation Policy Instruments
Susana Borrás and Charles Edquist

No 2013/3: Implementing an R&D Strategy without Prior R&D-Experience Recruitment as a Source of R&D-related Routines and Capabilities?
Lina Ahlin, Martin Andersson and Torben Schubert

No 2013/2: Market Thickness and the Early Labor Market Career of University Graduates- An urban advantage?
Lina Ahlin, Martin Andersson and Per Thulin

No 2013/1: Start-up rates, Entrepreneurship Culture and the Business Cycle. Swedish patterns from national and regional data
Martin Andersson

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