Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

Lund Papers in Economic History,
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No 204: Currency Unions
Anders Ögren

No 203: What determines unemployment in the long run? Band spectrum regression on ten countries
Erik Hegeland and Josef Taalbi

No 202: Beyond Miracle and Malaise: Social Capability in Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal during the Development Era 1930-1980
Jens Andersson and Martin Andersson

No 201: Why Was Unemployment so Low in Postwar Sweden? An Analysis with New Unemployment Data by Manufacturing Industry, 1935-1948
Jakob Molinder

No 200: Nominal and Real Effective Exchange Rates for Europe, 1870-2016: Some methodological issues
Jonas Ljungberg

No 199: Dirty float or clean intervention? The Bank of England in the foreign exchange market
Alain Naef

No 198: Baltic Integration and the Euro
Jonas Ljungberg

No 197: Legacies of Loss: The intergenerational outcomes of slaveholder compensation in the British Cape Colony
Igor Martins, Jeanne Cilliers and Johan Fourie

No 196: Innovation waves and technological transitions: Sweden, 1909-2016
Josef Taalbi

No 195: The Origins of the Swedish Wage Bargaining Model
Erik Bengtsson

No 194: Men at work: Real wages from annual and casual labour in southern Sweden 1500–1850
Kathryn E. Gary and Mats Olsson

No 193: Hur ekonomisk historia blev en egen disciplin vid de svenska universiteten
Olle Krantz

No 192: Strikes and Lockouts in Sweden: Reconsidering Raphael’s List of Work Stoppages 1859-1902
Tobias Karlsson

No 191: Försörjningsstöd, institutioner och strukturcykeln
Daniel Rauhut and Neelambar Hatti

No 190: Discipline or external balance? The choice of international monetary systems in Europe
Jonas Ljungberg and Anders Ögren

No 189: The distinct seasonality of early modern casual labor and the short durations of individual working years: Sweden 1500-1800
Kathryn Gary

No 188: Financial effects in historic consumption and investment functions
Engelbert Stockhammer and Erik Bengtsson

No 187: It’s a long walk: Lasting effects of maternity ward openings on labour market performance
Volha Lazuka

No 186: The rise of the middle class: The income gap between salaried employees and workers in Sweden, 1830-1935
Erik Bengtsson and Svante Prado

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