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No 169: Revenue Nodes in South India and Central Java
Mason Hoadley and Neelambar Hatti

No 168: Between Malthus and the industrial take-off: regional inequality in Sweden, 1571-1850
Kerstin Enflo and Anna Missiaia

No 167: Innovation Trends and Industrial Renewal in Finland and Sweden 1970-2013
Astrid Kander, Josef Taalbi, Juha Oksanen, Karolin Sjöö and Nina Rilla

No 166: 'Till Debt Do Us Part': Financial Implications of the Divorce of the Irish Free State from the UK, 1922-6
John FitzGerald and Seán Kenny

No 165: The Macroeconomic Effects of Banking Crises: Evidence from the United Kingdom, 1750-1938
Seán Kenny, Jason Lennard and John D. Turner

No 164: Transforming Indonesia: Structural change in a regional perspective 1968-2010
Tobias Axelsson and Andrés Palacio

No 163: Between the Engine and the Fifth Wheel: An Analytical Survey of the Shifting Roles of Agriculture in Development Theory
Martin Andersson and Emelie Rohne Till

No 162: Regional GDP estimates for Sweden, 1571-1850
Kerstin Enflo and Anna Missiaia

No 161: The Wealth of the Richest: Inequality and the Nobility in Sweden, 1750–1900
Erik Bengtsson, Anna Missiaia, Mats Olsson and Patrick Svensson

No 160: Impact of innovation policy on firm innovation – A comparison of Finland and Sweden, 1970-2013
Sara Torregrosa, Antti Pelkonen, Juha Oksanen and Astrid Kander

No 159: Origins and Pathways of Innovation in the Third Industrial Revolution: Sweden, 1950-2013
Josef Taalbi

No 158: Constructing equality? : Women’s wages for physical labor, 1550-1759
Kathryn Gary

No 157: The Effects of Birth Weight on Hospitalizations and Sickness Absences
Jonas Helgertz and Anton Nilsson

No 156: The political economy of peripheral tax reform : the Spanish fiscal transition
Sara Torregrosa Hetland

No 155: Did Monetary Policy Matter? Narrative Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard
Jason Lennard

No 154: Infant health and later-life labour market outcomes : Evidence from the introduction of sulfa antibiotics in Sweden
Volha Lazuka

No 153: The lasting health and income effects of public health formation in Sweden
Volha Lazuka

No 152: Swedish GDP 1300-1560: A Tentative Estimate
Olle Krantz

No 151: Estimating agricultural production in Scania, 1702–1881 : User guide for the Historical Database of Scanian Agriculture and overall results
Mats Olsson and Patrick Svensson

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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