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No 18/2022: Women’s Wages and Empowerment: Pre-industrial Japan, 1600-1890
Yuzuru Kumon and Kazuho Sakai

No 17/2022: The Effect of Labor Market Competition on Firms, Workers, and Communities
Samuel Dodini, Katrine Løken and Alexander Willén

No 16/2022: Gender diversity, labour in the boardroom and gender quotas
Astrid Kunze and Katrin Katrin Scharfenkamp

No 15/2022: On the Doorstep of Adulthood: Empowering Economic and Fertility Choices of Young Women
Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge, Kjetil Bjorvatn, Fortunata Makene, Linda Helgesson Sekei, Vincent Somville, et al.

No 14/2022: The Impact of Early Childhood Development Interventions on Children’s Health in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Ryan McWay, Pallavi Prabhakar and Ayo Ellis

No 13/2022: Expansions in Paid Parental Leave and Mothers’ Economic Progress
Gozde Corekcioglu, Marco Francesconi and Astrid Kunze

No 12/2022: The Timing of Parental Job Displacement, Child Development and Family Adjustment
Pedro Carneiro, Kjell G. Salvanes, Barton Willage and Alexander Willén

No 11/2022: Dynamics of First-Time Patenting Firms
Øivind A. Nilsen and Arvid Raknerud

No 10/2022: Acceptance of inequality between children: Large-Scale Experimental Evidence from China and Norway
Alexander W. Cappelen, Ranveig Falch, Zhongjing Huang and Bertil Tungodden

No 9/2022: The effect of cross-border shopping on commodity tax revenue: Results from a natural experiment
Richard Friberg, Emil M. Strøm Halseth, Steen Frode and Simen A. Ulsaker

No 8/2022: Does Your Doctor Matter? Doctor Quality and Patient Outcomes
Rita Ginja, Julie Riise, Barton Willage and Alexander Willén

No 7/2022: Fairness and limited information: Are people Bayesian meritocrats?
Alexander Cappelen, Thomas de Haan and Bertil Tungodden

No 6/2022: Competing with precision: incentives for developing predictive biomarker tests
Kurt R. Brekke, Dag Morten Dalen and Odd Rune Straume

No 5/2022: The Impact of Forced Migration on In-Group and Out-Group Social Capital
Anselm Hager and Justin Valasek

No 4/2022: The Impact of Exposure to Refugees on Prosocial Behavior
Anselm Hager and Justin Valasek

No 3/2022: Failing to Follow the Rules: Can Imprisonment Lead to More Imprisonment Without More Actual Crime?
Catalina Franco, David J. Harding, Shawn D. Bushway and Jeffrey Morenoff

No 2/2022: Endogenous multihoming and network effects: Playstation, Xbox, or both?
Øystein Foros, Hans Jarle Kind and Frank Stähler

No 1/2022: Parental leave and maternal employment
Astrid Kunze

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