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No 110: Resilience through Restructuring: Swedish Policy-Making Style and the Consensus on Liberalizations 1980–2000
Andreas Bergh and Gissur Erlingsson

No 109: Reciprocity and Payment Schemes: When Equality Is Unfair
Johannes Abeler, Steffen Altmann, Sebastian Kube and Matthias Wibral

No 108: Social Capital as a Determinant of Economic Growth in Africa
Morten Jerven

No 107: Merged Municipalities, Higher Debt: On Free-riding and the Common Pool Problem in Politics
Henrik Jordahl and Che-Yuan Liang

No 106: Inequality and Trust in Sweden: Some Inequalities are More Harmful than Others
Magnus Gustavsson and Henrik Jordahl

No 105: Reproduction of Social Capital: How Much and What Type of Social Capital Is Transmitted from Parents to Children?
Arnošt Veselý

No 104: The Looks of a Winner: Beauty, Gender and Electoral Success
Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl and Panu Poutvaara

No 103: The Puzzle of Altruism Reconsidered: Biological Theories of Altruism and One-Shot Altruism
Doron Shultziner and Arnon Dattner

No 102: Trust and Economic Growth: Conflicting Results between Cross-Sectional and Panel Analysis
Felix Roth

No 101: Explaining Welfare State Survival: The Role of Economic Freedom and Globalization
Andreas Bergh

No 100: Vad vet vi om kommunal korruption?
Gissur Erlingsson

No 99: A Dynamic Flexible Partial-Adjustment Model of International Diffusion of the Internet
Minkyu Lee and Almas Heshmati

No 98: Technical Change and Total Factor Productivity Growth for Chinese Provinces: A Panel Data Analysis
Alice Shiu and Almas Heshmati

No 97: The Pharmacia Story of Entrepreneurship and as a Creative Technical University - An Experiment in Innovation, Organizational Break Up and Industrial Renaissance
Gunnar Eliasson and Åsa Eliasson

No 96: Effects of Trade Liberalization on Domestic Prices: Some Evidence from Tunisian Manufacturing
Ali Saggay, Almas Heshmati and Mohamed Adel Dhif

No 95: Analysis of Product Efficiency in the Korean Automobile Market from a Consumer’s Perspective
Inha Oh, Jeong-Dong Lee, Seogwon Hwang and Almas Heshmati

No 94: Comparative Analysis of Firm Dynamics by Size: Korean Manufacturing
Inha Oh, Almas Heshmati, Chulwoo Baek and Jeong-Dong Lee

No 93: Dynamics of Capital Structure: The Case of Korean Listed Manufacturing Companies
Hyesung Kim, Almas Heshmati and Dany Aoun

No 92: The Effect of Credit Guarantees on Survival and Performance of SMEs in Korea
Jae-Won Kang, Almas Heshmati and Gyong-Gyu Choi

No 91: Contribution of ICT to the Chinese Economic Growth
Almas Heshmati and Wanshan Yang

No 90: The Effects of Innovation on Performance of Korean Firms
Almas Heshmati, Yee-Kyoung Kim and Hyesung Kim

No 89: A Generalized Knowledge Production Function
Almas Heshmati

No 88: Wage Inequality and Job Insecurity among Permanent and Contract Workers in India: Evidence from Organized Manufacturing Industries
Amit Bhandari and Almas Heshmati

No 87: The Causal Relationship between Capital Structure and Cost of Capital: Evidence from ICT Companies Listed at NASDAQ
Dany Aoun and Almas Heshmati

No 86: The Determinants of Trust
Christian Bjørnskov

No 85: Markets vs. Government when Rationality Is Unequally Bounded: Some Consequences of Cognitive Inequalities for Theory and Policy
Pavel Pelikan

No 84: Higher Education: Does Public Expenditure Increase Enrollment?
Andreas Bergh and Günther Fink

No 83: Free Parking versus Free Markets: A Review Essay on Donald Shoup’s The High Cost of Free Parking
Daniel B. Klein

No 82: Inter-Regional Redistribution in Sweden: A Survey of the Literature and a Call for Further Enquiry
Johan Almenberg

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