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No 226: Redirecting International Trade: Contracts, Conflicts, and Institutions
Ari Kokko, Bengt Söderlund and Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall

No 225: Effects of Productivity and Import on Firm-Level Export
Viroj Jienwatcharamongkhol

No 224: Credit Rating Agency Announcements and the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crises
Christopher Baum, Margarita Karpava, Dorothea Schäfer and Andreas Stephan

No 223: How Culture Molds the Effects of Self Efficacy and Fear of Failure on Entrepreneurship
Karl Wennberg, Saurav Pathak and Erkko Autio

No 222: Are Public Research Spin-Offs More Innovative?
Andreas Stephan

No 221: Flexibelt arbetsliv – hinder och möjligheter med distansarbete
Torbjörn Lundqvist

No 220: Distance Sensitivity of Export: A Firm-Product Level Approach
Viroj Jienwatcharamongkhol

No 219: Migration and Increasing Wage Inequality: Can Imperfect Competition Explain the Link?
Martin Korpi

No 218: Small business exit: Review of past research, theoretical considerations and suggestions for future research
Dawn DeTienne and Karl Wennberg

No 217: Protection of insiders and exclusion of outsiders – Union action and strategies in the Swedish construction labour market
Henrik Lindberg

No 216: On the Estimation of Skewed Geometric Stable Distributions
Daniel Halvarsson

No 215: Identifying High-Growth Firms
Daniel Halvarsson

No 214: Industry Differences in the Firm Size Distribution
Daniel Halvarsson

Martin Korpi and William Clark

No 212: Regional Influences on the Prevalence of Family Versus Non-Family Start-Ups
Miriam Bird and Karl Wennberg

No 211: Does Social Cohesion Really Promote Reforms?
Hannes Andréasson, Niklas Elert and Nils Karlson

No 210: Practice Makes Perfect: Entrepreneurial-Experience Curves and Venture Performance
Rasmus Toft-Kehler, Karl Wennberg and Phillip Kim

No 209: Resolving the Coordination Problem in Health Care: Limited Responsibility HMO:s
Mattias Lundbäck

No 208: Institutional Ownership and Returns on Investment
Per-Olof Bjuggren, Johan Eklund and Daniel Wiberg

No 207: Consequences of Cultural Practices for Entrepreneurial Behaviors
Erkko Autio, Saurav Pathak and Karl Wennberg

No 206: The Relationship Between Innovation and New Firm Growth
Alexander McKelvie, Anna Brattström and Karl Wennberg

No 205: Untangling the relationships among growth, profitability and survival in new firms
Frédéric Delmar, Alexander McKelvie and Karl Wennberg

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