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No. 38/1996: Do Progressive Taxes Reduce Wage Pressure?
F. Wulfsberg

No. 37/1996: Comparing Contingent Valuation, Conjoint Analysis and Decision Panels: An Application to the Valuation of reduced Damage from Air Pollution in Norway.
B. Halvorsen, J. Strand, K. Saelensminde and F. Wenstop

No. 36/1996: Sequential Location when Transportation Costs Are Asymmetric.
T. Nilssen

No. 35/1996: Strategic Location with Asymmetric Transportation Costs.
T. Nilssen and L. Sorgard

No. 34/1996: The Unemployment Problem a Norwegian Perspective.
S. Holden

No. 33/1996: Nonsmooth Infinit Horizon Control Problem.
A. Seierstad

No. 32/1996: Hazards in Implementing a Monetary Conditions Index.
K.H. Eika, N.R. Ericsson and R. Nymoen

No. 31/1996: The Stochastic Rotation Problem - A Generalization of faustmann's Formula to Stochastic Forest Growth.
Y. Willassen

No. 30/1996: Correlated Errors-in-Variables, too Few Instrumental Variables, and Bounds on Parameters.
J. Klette and Y. Willassen

No. 29/1996: Growth and Wage Inequality with Foreign Investment.
L. Wang

No. 28/1996: Growth with Foreign Investment, Learning and Spillovers.
L. Wang

No. 27/1996: Rank-Order Tournaments and Selection.
D.J. Clark and C. Riis

No. 26/1996: Pay Inequality and Job Creation.
K.O. Moene and M. Walelrstein

No. 25/1996: Redistribution of Asset Versus Redistribution of Income: Comments on Efficient Redistribution by Bowles and Gintis.
K.O. Moene and M. Wallerstein

No. 24/1996: Addiction and Social Interaction.
K.O. Moene

No. 23/1996: Adjustment Costs and Dynamic Labour demand in Norwegian Manufacturing Firms.
F. Wulfsberg

No. 22/1996: Deep Pocket Punishment of Corporate Crime.
T. Ognedal

No. 21/1996: Efficient Ways to Finance Human Capital Investments.
E.R. Moen

No. 20/1996: Individual and Collective Time-Consistency.
G.B. Asheim

No. 19/1996: The Gender Wage Gap: An Inter-Industry Approach.
P. Longva and S. Strom

No. 18/1996: The Political Economy of Protection and Foreign Direct Investment.
L. Wang

No. 17/1996: Protection as Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment.
L. Wang

No. 16/1996: Pollution Taxation and Revenue Recycling Under Monopoly Unions.
J. Strand

No. 15/1996: Firing Costs and Average Employment with Efficient Labor Contracts.
J. Strand

No. 14/1996: The Labour Input response to Permanent Changes in Output: Errors in Variables Econometrics Based on Panel Data.
E. Biorn and T.J. Klette

No. 13/1996: Bayesian Synthesis or Likelihood Synthesis - What Does the Borel Paradox Say?
T. Schweder and N.L. Hjort

No. 12/1996: Sampling with Overlapping Questionnaires; and Analysis with Regression Imputation
T. Schweder

No. 11/1996: Increased Competition on the Supply Side on the Western European Natural Gas Merket.
R. Golombec, E. Gjelsvik, E. Knut and E. Rosendahl

No. 10/1996: OPEC's Response to International Climate Agreements.
J. Braten and R. Golombec

No. 09/1996: The Dynamic Effects of Exchange Rate and Price Stabilization Targets.
O. Roisland

No. 08/1996: Human Capital Investments and Market Imperfections.
E.R. Moen

No. 07/1996: Exchange Rate Versus Price Level Targets.
A. Rodseth

No. 06/1996: The Impact of a Unilateral Carbon Tax on Carbon-Intensive Industries: Evidence from Norway.
R. Golombek

No. 05/1996: On the Win Probability in Rent-Seeking Gemes.
D.J. Clark and C. Riis

No. 04/1996: Admission and Common Knowledge.
G.B. Asheim and M. Dufwenberg

No. 03/1996: Coordination of Environmental Policy for Transboundary Environmental Problems.
M. Hoel

No. 02/1996: Strategic Bargaining in Search Equilibrium.
E.R. Moen

No. 01/1996: Persuasive Advertising and Product Differentiation.
N.H.M. Von der Fehr and K. Stevik

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