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No. 22/2015: Destructive intergenerational altruism Full Text
Geir B. Asheim and Frikk Nesje

No. 21/2015: OPEC’s market power: An Empirical Dominant Firm Model for the Oil Market Full Text
Rolf Golombek, Alfonso A. Irarrazabal and Lin Ma

No. 20/2015: Discounting Disentangled Full Text
Moritz A. Drupp, Mark C. Freeman, Ben Groom and Frikk Nesje

No. 19/2015: The Effects of Motherhood Full Text
Simen Markussen and Marte Strøm

No. 18/2015: Have Inflation Targeting and EU labour Immigration Changed the System of Wage Formation in Norway Full Text
Marit Linnea Gjelsvik, Ragnar Nymoen and Victoria Sparrman

No. 17/2015: Resource Conservation across Generations in a Ramsey-Chichilnisky Model Full Text
Geir B. Asheim and Ivar Ekeland

No. 16/2015: Kindergarten for All: Long-run Effects of a Universal Intervention Full Text
Nina Drange, Tarjei Havnes and Astrid M. J. Sandsør

No. 15/2015: The Ethics of Intergenerational Risk Full Text
Paolo G. Piacquadio

No. 14/2015: Productivity Interpretations of the Farrell Efficiency Measures and the Malmquist Index and its Decomposition Full Text Published
Finn. R. Førsund

No. 13/2015: Salience and Social Security Benefits Full Text
Christian N. Brinch, Erik Hernæs and Zhiyang Jia

No. 12/2015: Threatening Thresholds? The effect of disastrous regime shifts on the cooperative and non-cooperative use of environmental goods and services Full Text
Florian K. Diekert

No. 11/2015: Did US consumers `save for a rainy day' before the Great Recession? Full Text
Andre K. Anundsen and Ragnar Nymoen

No. 10/2015: Economic Perspectives on DEA Full Text Forthcoming
Finn Førsund

No. 09/2015: Mining and Local Corruption in Africa Full Text
Andreas Kotsadam, Eivind Hammersmark Olsen, Carl Henrik Knutsen and Tore Wig

No. 08/2015: Catastrophes and Expected Marginal Utility – How The Value Of The Last Fish In A Lake Is Infinity And Why We Shouldn't Care (Much) Full Text
Eric Nævdal

No. 07/2015: The Economics of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation Full Text
Niklas Jakobsson and Andreas Kotsadam

No. 06/2015: Evaluating Intergenerational Risks: Probabillity Adjusted Rank-Discounted Utilitarianism Full Text
Geir B. Asheim and Stéphane Zuber

No. 05/2015: Natural Resources and Sovereign Expropriation Full Text
Fridrik Mar Baldursson and Nils-Henrik von der Fehr

No. 04/2015: Persistence, Signal-Noise Pattern and Heterogeneity in Panel Data: With an Application to the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on GDP Full Text
Erik Biørn and Xuehui Han

No. 03/2015: Environmental Effects of a Vehicle Tax Reform: Empirical Evidence from Norway Full Text
Alice Ciccone

No. 02/2015: The Dynamics of Linking Permit Markets Full Text
Katinka Holtsmark and Kristoffer Midttømme

No. 01/2015: Public Education and Pensions in Democracy: A Political Economy Theory Full Text Published
Francesco Lancia and Alessia Russo

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