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No. 22/2010: The sensitivity of the Scaled Model of Error with respect to the choice of the correlation parameters: A Simulation Study Full Text
Rebecca Graziani and Nico Keilman

No. 21/2010: Testing the Invariance of Expectations Models of Inflation Full Text
Ragnar Nymoen, Jennifer L. Castle, Jurgen A. Doornik and David F. Hendry

No. 20/2010: Identifying Trend and Age Effects in Sickness Absence from Individual Data: Some Econometric Problems Full Text
Erik Biørn

No. 19/2010: Cutting Costs of Catching Carbon - Intertemporal effects under imperfect climate policy Full Text
Michael Hoel and Svenn Jensen

No. 18/2010: Price Coordination in Two-Sided Markets: Competition in the TV Industry Full Text Published
Hans Jarle Kind, Tore Nilssen and Lars Sørgard

No. 17/2010: A Note on Imposing Strong Complementary Slackness Conditions in DEA Full Text Published
Vladimir Krivonozhko, Finn R. Førsund and Andrey V. Lychev

No. 16/2010: Aggressive elites and vulnerable entrepreneurs - trust and cooperation in the shadow of conflict Full Text
Halvor Mehlum and Karl Ove Moene

No. 15/2010: Leader, Or Just Dominant? The Dominant-Firm Model Revisited Full Text
Nils-Henrik M von der Fehr

No. 14/2010: OLS with Multiple High Dimensional Category Dummies Full Text
Simen Gaure

No. 13/2010: Is there a green paradox? Full Text
Michael Hoel

No. 12/2010: Environmental R&D Full Text
Michael Hoel

No. 11/2010: Employee Stock Options Full Text
Øystein Børsum

No. 10/2010: Contagious Mortgage Default Full Text
Øystein Børsum

No. 09/2010: Learning by Doing in Contests Full Text Published
Derek J. Clark and Tore Nilssen

No. 08/2010: The Number of Organizations in Heterogeneous Societies Full Text
Jo Thori Lind

No. 07/2010: The “Meteorological” and the “Engineering” Type of Econometric Inference: a 1943 Exchange between Trygve Haavelmo and Jakob Marschak Full Text
Olav Bjerkholt

No. 06/2010: Macroeconomic Stability or Cycles? The Role of the Wage-price Spiral Full Text
Dag Kolsrud and Ragnar Nymoen

No. 05/2010: Teaching Economics as a Science: the 1930 Yale Lectures of Ragnar Frisch Full Text
Olav Bjerkholt and Duo Qin

No. 04/2010: Climate Change and Carbon Tax Expectations Full Text
Michael Hoel

No. 03/2010: Comparing the Welfare of Growing Economies Full Text
Geir B. Asheim

No. 02/2010: Climate Policy without Commitment Full Text
Rolf Golombek, Mads Greaker and Michael Hoel

No. 01/2010: Epistemically Stable Strategy Sets Full Text
Asheim Geir B., Max Voorneveld and Jörgen W. Weibull

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