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Department of Economics, University of Oslo Memorandum

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No. 28/2013: Promoting Econometrics through econometrica 1933-39 Full Text
Olav Bjerkholt

No. 27/2013: Variations on a Theme by Gossen Full Text
Trygve Haavelmo and Olav Bjerkholt

No. 26/2013: Trygve Haavelmo at the Cowles Commission Full Text
Olav Bjerkholt

No. 25/2013: Economics at the Faculty of Law in Oslo - The First Hundred Years Full Text
Halvor Mehlum

No. 24/2013: Resource Depletion and Capital Accumulation under Catastrophic Risk: Policy Actions against Stochastic Thresholds and Stock Pollution Full Text
Eric Nævdal and Jon Vislie

No. 23/2013: Successful Fiscal Adjustments: Does choice of fiscal instrument matter? Full Text
Steinar Holden and Nina Larsson Midthjell

No. 20/2013: Compensated Discrete Choice with Particular Reference to Labor Supply Full Text
John K. Dagsvik, Steinar Strøm and Marilena Locatelli

No. 19/2013: Age-Cohort-Time Effects in Sickness Absence: Exploring a Large Data Set by Polynomial Regression Full Text
Erik Biørn

No. 18/2013: The Political Economy of Migration Policies in Oil-rich Gulf Countries Full Text
Halvor Mehlum and Gry Østenstad

No. 17/2013: China's Savings Multiplier Full Text
Halvor Mehlum, Ragnar Torsvik and Simone Valente

No. 16/2013: Measuring Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Public Sector Full Text Forthcoming
Finn R. Førsund

No. 15/2013: Optimal Environmental Policy with Network Effects: Is Lock-in in Dirty Technologies Possible? Full Text
Mads Greaker and Kristoffer Midttømme

No. 14/2013: Comparative statics for real options on oil: What stylized facts to use? Full Text
Diderik Lund and Ragnar Nymoen

No. 13/2013: Transparency in Electricity Markets Full Text
Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr

No. 12/2013: When can environmental profile and emissions reductions be optimized independently of the pollutant level? Full Text
Nils Chr. Framstad

No. 11/2013: Energy Intensive Infrastructure Investments with Retrofits in Continuous Time: Effects of Uncertainty on Energy Use and Carbon Emissions Full Text
Nils Chr. Framstad and Jon Strand

No. 10/2013: Reflections on the Search for Fertility Effects on Happiness Full Text
Øystein Kravdal

No. 09/2013: What Motivates Farm Couples to Seek Off-farm Labour? A Logit Analysis of Job Transitions Full Text
Erik Biørn and Hild-Marte Bjørnsen

No. 08/2013: Identifying Age-Cohort-Time Effects, Their Curvature and Interactions from Polynomials: Examples Related to Sickness Absence Full Text
Erik Biørn

No. 07/2013: The Price Premium for Organic Wines: Estimating a Hedonic Farm-gate Price Equation Full Text Published
Alessandro Corsi and Steinar Strøm

No. 06/2013: The Cost of Living in China: Implications for Inequality and Poverty Full Text
Ingvild Almås and Åshild Auglænd Johnsen

No. 05/2013: Economic Regime Shifts and the US Subprime Bubble Full Text
André Kallåk Anundsen

No. 04/2013: Supply Restrictions, Subprime Lending and Regional US Housing Prices Full Text
André Kallåk Anundsen and Christian Heebøll

No. 03/2013: Supply Side Climate Policy and the Green Paradox Full Text
Michael Hoel

No. 02/2013: Technology Agreements with Heterogeneous Countries Full Text
Michael Hoel and Aart de Zeeuw

No. 01/2013: An Equilibrium Model of Credit Rating Agencies Full Text
Steinar Holden, Gisle James Natvig and Adrien Vigier

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