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No 2017:14: The distance factor in Swedish bus contracts: how far are operators willing to go?
Andreas Vigren

No 2017:13: How many want to drive the bus? analyzing the number of bids for public transport bus contracts
Andreas Vigren

No 2017:12: The role of economic analysis for investment priorities in Sweden’s transport sector
Henrik Andersson, Lars Hultkrantz, Gunnar Lindberg and Jan-Eric Nilsson

No 2017:11: Recommendation for a new commodity classification for the national freight model Samgods
Inge Vierth, Samuel Lindgren, Gerard de Jong, Jaap Baak, Inger Beate Hovi, Moa Berglund and Henrik Edwards

No 2017:10: Cycling tolls and optimal number of bus stops: the importance of congestion and crowding
Maria Börjesson, Chau Man Fung, Stef Proost and Zifei Yan

No 2017:9: The city as a driver of new mobility patterns, cycling and gender equality: travel behaviour trends in Stockholm 1985-2015
Anne Bastian and Maria Börjesson

No 2017:8: Public transport authorities’ use of cost-benefit analysis in practice
Andreas Vigren and Anders Ljungberg

No 2017:7: A model for strategic planning of sustainable urban transport in Scandinavia: a case study of Uppsala
Roger Pyddoke, Bård Norheim and Mari Fossheim Betanzo

No 2017:6: Public transport: one mode or several?
Juan Manuel Lorenzo Varela, Maria Börjesson and Andrew Daly

No 2017:5: The impact of career concerns and cognitive dissonance on bureaucrats’ use of cost-benefit analysis
Johanna Jussila Hammes

No 2017:4: Should values of time be differentiated?
Maria Börjesson and Jonas Eliasson

No 2017:3: Cost-benefit analysis of transport improvements in the presence of spillovers, matching and an income tax
Jonas Eliasson and Mogens Fosgerau

No 2017:2: The Swedish congestion charges: ten years on: - and effects of increasing charging levels
Maria Börjesson and Ida Kristoffersson

No 2017:1: Modelling the attraction of shopping centres
Ida Kristoffersson, Andrew Daly and Staffan Algers

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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