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No 2013:36: Forecasting the impact of infrastructure on Swedish commuters’ cycling behaviour
Gunilla Björklund and Gunnar Isacsson

No 2013:35: Influences of infrastructure and attitudes to health on value of travel time savings in bicycle journeys
Gunilla Björklund and Reza Mortazavi

No 2013:34: An ex-post CBA for the Stockholm Metro
Maria Börjesson, Daniel Jonsson and Mattias Lundberg

No 2013:33: Indexing European carbon taxes to the EU ETS Permit Price: a good idea?
Björn Carlén and Aday Hernández

No 2013:32: Land-use impacts in transport appraisal
Maria Börjesson, Daniel Jonsson, Svante Berglund and Peter Almström

No 2013:31: On timetable assumptions in railway investment appraisal
Jonas Eliasson and Maria Börjesson

No 2013:30: Civil servants’ education and the representativeness of the bureaucracy in environmental policy-making
Johanna Jussila Hammes

No 2013:29: Mesoscopic simulation for transit operations
Tomer Toledo, Oded Cats, Wilco Burghout and Haris N. Koutsopoulos

No 2013:28: Effect of real-time transit information on dynamic path choice of passengers
Oded Cats, Haris N. Koutsopoulos, Wilco Burghout and Tomer Toledo

No 2013:27: Impacts of holding control strategies on transit performance: a bus simulation model analysis
Oded Cats, Anahid Nabavi Larijani, Haris N. Koutsopoulos and Wilco Burghout

No 2013:26: Bus holding control strategies: a simulation-based evaluation and guidelines for implementation
Oded Cats, Anahid Nabavi Larijani, Ásdís Ólafsdóttir, Wilco Burghout, Ingmar Andreasson and Haris N. Koutsopoulos

No 2013:25: Real-time bus arrival information system: an empirical evaluation
Oded Cats and Gerasimos Loutos

No 2013:24: Multi-agent transit operations and assignment model
Oded Cats

No 2013:23: Life cycle assessment of a road investment: estimating the effect on energy use when building a bypass road
Annelie Carlson and Anna Mellin

No 2013:22: Comparison of pedestrian trip generation models
Nam Seok Kim and Yusak O. Susilo

No 2013:21: Public attitudes towards motorcyclists’ safety: a qualitative study from the United Kingdom
Charles B.A. Musselwhite, Erel Avineri, Yusak O. Susilo and Darren Bhattachary

No 2013:20: An exploration of shoppers travel mode choice in visiting convenience stores in the United Kingdom
Yusak O. Susilo, Nathan Hanks and Mahmud Ullah

No 2013:19: The impacts of household structure on the individual stochastic travel and out of-home activity time budgets
Yusak O. Susilo and Erel Avineri

No 2013:18: Rail passengers’ time use and utility assessment: 2010 findings from Great Britain with multivariate analysis
Yusak O. Susilo, Glenn Lyons, Juliet Jain and Steve Atkins

No 2013:17: Comparing rail passengers’ travel time use in Great Britain between 2004 and 2010
Glenn Lyons, Juliet Jain, Yusak O. Susilo and Steve Atkins

No 2013:16: Scheduling choices under rank dependent utility maximization
Qian Wang, Marcus Sundberg and Anders Karlström

No 2013:15: On the other half of the story: allowing for discrete penalties for excessive travel times in scheduling models
Qian Wang, Marcus Sundberg and Anders Karlström

No 2013:14: Empirical analysis of moral hazard: a study of a vehicle insurance tax reform
Sherzod Yarmukhamedov

No 2013:13: An empirical study of predicting car type choice in Sweden using cross-validation and feature-selection
Shiva Habibi, Marcus Sundberg and Anders Karlström

No 2013:12: Consistently estimating link speed using sparse GPS data with measured errors
Masoud Fadaei Oshyani, Marcus Sundberg and Anders Karlström

No 2013:11: Estimating flexible route choice models using sparse data
Masoud Fadaei Oshyani, Marcus Sundberg and Anders Karlström

No 2013:10: A link based network route choice model with unrestricted choice set
Mogens Fosgerau, Emma Frejinger and Anders Karlström

No 2013:9: The impact of education on environmental policy decision-making
Johanna Jussila Hammes, Roger Pyddoke and Lena Nerhagen

No 2013:8: Spatial, temporal and size distribution of freight train delays: evidence from Sweden
Niclas A. Krüger, Inge Vierth and Farzad Fakhraei Roudsari

No 2013:7: Financial infrastructure and house prices
Svante Mandell and Mats Wilhelmsson

No 2013:6: Optimism bias in project appraisal: deception or selection?
Jonas Eliasson and Mogens Fosgerau

No 2013:5: The role of contractual and non-contractual relations between transport buyers and providers, in an environmental context
Anna Mellin and Edith Sorkina

No 2013:4: Why do CO2 emissions from heavy road freight transports increase in spite of higher fuel prices?
Inge Vierth

No 2013:3: Modeling passenger train delay distributions: evidence and implications
Anna Bergström and Niclas A. Krüger

No 2013:2: Internalisation of external effects in European freight corridors
Anna Mellin, Åsa Wikberg, Rune Karlsson and Inge Vierth

No 2013:1: De nationella myndigheternas hantering av marknadsöppning inom kollektivtrafiken under 2012: Trafikverket, Transportstyrelsen, Konkurrensverket och Konsumentverket
Roger Pyddoke and Stefan Pettersson

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