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No 2015:19: Should buses still be subsidized in Stockholm?
Maria Börjesson, Chau Man Fung and Stef Proost

No 2015:18: The impact of accessibility on labor earnings
Gunnar Isacsson, Maria Börjesson, Matts Andersson and Christer Anderstig

No 2015:17: The benefits of cycling: viewing cyclists as travellers rather than nonmotorists
Maria Börjesson and Jonas Eliasson

No 2015:16: Road freight transport policies and their impact: a comparative study of Germany and Sweden
Inge Vierth, Heike Schleussner and Svante Mandell

No 2015:15: Problemstyrd planering: en förklaring till att effektivitet spelar så liten roll för valet av transportåtgärder
Jonas Eliasson

No 2015:14: Wider economic impacts of accessibility: a literature survey
Matts Andersson, Fredrik Dehlin, Peter Jörgensen and Sirje Pädam

No 2015:13: Are there moderating effects of safety orientation on risky behaviours and expressed irritation in traffic?
Gunilla Björklund and Henriette Wallén Warner

No 2015:12: Valuing in-vehicle comfort and crowding reduction in public transport
Gunilla Björklund and Jan-Erik Swärdh

No 2015:11: Traffic noise effects of property prices: hedonic estimates based on multiple noise indicators
Henrik Andersson, Jan-Erik Swärdh and Mikael Ögren

No 2015:10: Baserunning - analyzing the sensitivity and economies of scale of the Swedish national freight model system using stochastic production-consumption-matrices
Jonas Westin, Gerard de Jong, Inge Vierth, Niclas Krüger, Rune Karlsson and Magnus Johansson

No 2015:9: Peak Car for urban Swedish men?
Anne Bastian and Maria Börjesson

No 2015:8: Reforming the taxation of vehicle use and ownership: an overview of papers presented at the CTS symposium 18-19 September 2014
Stef Proost, Kurt van Dender and Jonas Eliasson

No 2015:7: Marginal cost estimation for level crossing accidents: evidence from the Swedish railways 2000-2012
Lina Jonsson and Gunilla Björklund

No 2015:6: Evaluation of bonus-malus systems for reducing car fleet CO2 emissions in Sweden
Shiva Habibi, Muriel Beser Hugosson, Pia Sundbergh and Staffan Algers

No 2015:5: Estimating the marginal costs of road wear
Jan-Eric Nilsson, Kristin Svensson and Mattias Haraldsson

No 2015:4: The allocation of transport infrastructure in Swedish municipalities: welfare maximization, political economy or both?
Johanna Jussila Hammes and Jan-Eric Nilsson

No 2015:3: An empirical study of aggregation of alternatives and its influence on prediction: case study of car type choice in Sweden
Shiva Habibi, Emma Frejinger and Marcus Sundberg

No 2015:2: Appraisal of increased public transport capacity: the case of a new metro line to Nacka, Sweden
Oded Cats, Jens West and Jonas Eliasson

No 2015:1: Differences in the effects of fuel price and income on private car use in Sweden 1999-2008
Roger Pyddoke and Jan-Erik Swärdh

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
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