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No 2018:24: Marginalkostnader för järnvägsunderhåll: trafikens påverkan på olika anläggningar
Kristofer Odolinski

No 2018:23: Discounting transport infrastructure investments
Disa Asplund

No 2018:22: Marginalkostnader för reinvesteringar i järnvägsanläggningar: En delrapport inom SAMKOST 3
Jan-Eric Nilsson and Kristofer Odolinski

No 2018:21: Externa kostnader för luftföroreningar från transporter i olika delar av Sverige Sammanfattning och slutsatser från arbetet med luftkvalitet i SAMKOST
Lena Nerhagen and Mattias Haraldsson

No 2018:20: The marginal cost of track reinvestments in the Swedish railway network: Using data to compare methods
Kristofer Odolinski, Sherzod Yarmukhamedov, Jan-Eric Nilsson and Mattias Haraldsson

No 2018:19: Interaction Delay and Marginal Cost in Swedish Bicycle Traffic
Fredrik Johansson and Roger Pyddoke

No 2018:18: Estimating interaction delay in bicycle traffic from point measurements
Fredrik Johansson

No 2018:17: Distributional Effects of Public Transport Subsidies
Maria Börjesson, Jonas Eliasson and Isak Rubensson

No 2018:16: Agglomeration, productivity and the role of transport system improvements
Maria Börjesson, Gunnar Isacsson, Matts Andersson and Christer Anderstig

No 2018:15: Traffic Noise and Housing Values: Evidence from an Airport Concession Renewal
Samuel Lindgren

No 2018:14: The precautionary principle and regulatory impact assessment: on the need for initial screening of hazards in regulatory work with examples from transport
Lena Nerhagen, Sara Forsstedt and Karin Edvardsson

No 2018:13: Dieselization in Sweden - blessing or curse?
Lena Nerhagen

No 2018:12: Welfare Effects of Open-Access Competition on Railway Markets
Emanuel Broman and Jonas Eliasson

No 2018:11: Effects of driverless vehicles: A review of simulations
Anna Pernestål Brenden and Ida Kristoffersson

No 2018:10: Railway line capacity utilisation and its impact on maintenance costs
Kristofer Odolinski and Hans E. Boysen

No 2018:9: Car type preferences among private buyers and company car owners as related to climate and transport policy in Sweden
Emma Engström, Staffan Algers and Muriel Beser Hugosson

No 2018:8: The changes of activity-travel participation across gender, life-cycle, and generations in Sweden over 30 years
Yusak Susilo, Chengxi Liu and Maria Börjesson

No 2018:7: Distributional effects of fares and frequencies for public transport in small cities
Disa Asplund and Roger Pyddoke

No 2018:6: Satisfaction with crowding in public transport
Isak Rubensson and Maria Börjesson

No 2018:5: Do small cities need more public transport subsidies than big cities?
Maria Börjesson, Chau Man Fung, Stef Proost and Zifei Yan

No 2018:4: De samlade effektbedömningarnas roll i framtagandet av Trafikverkets förslag till nationell plan
Anders Bondemark, Pia Sundbergh, Karin Brundell-Freij and Patrik Tornberg

No 2018:3: Quantifying errors in travel time and cost by latent variables
Juan Manuel Lorenzo Varela, Maria Börjesson and Andrew Daly

No 2018:2: The efficient use of infrastructure – is Sweden pricing traffic on its roads, railways, waters and airways at marginal costs?
Jan-Eric Nilsson Nilsson, Gunnar Isacsson, Mattias Haraldsson, Lena Nerhagen, Kristofer Odolinski, Jan-Erik Swärdh, Inge Vierth, Sherzod Yarmukhamedov and Johannes Österström

No 2018:1: Socially optimal fares and frequencies for urban bus services in small cities
Disa Asplund and Roger Pyddoke

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