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No 120: Gunnar Westin Silverstolpe - folkbildare, poet och naivistisk nationalekonom
Johan Lönnroth

No 119: Farm Animal Welfare - testing for market failure
Fredrik Carlsson, Peter Frykblom and Carl-Johan Lagerkvist

No 118: Globalisation and the Asia-Pacific Revival
Arne Bigsten

No 116: Technological Opportunities and Growth in the Natural Resource Sector
Susanna Lundström

No 115: Effects of Economic Freedom on Growth and the Environment - Implications for Cross-Country Analysis
Susanna Lundström

No 114: Child mortality, wealth and education: direct versus indirect effects
Hala Abou-Ali

No 113: Using stated preference methods to evaluate the impact of water on health: the case of metropolitan Cairo
Hala Abou-Ali

No 112: The effect of water and sanitation on child mortality in Egypt
Hala Abou-Ali

No 111: What contributes to life satisfaction in transitional Romania?
Daniela Andrén and Peter Martinsson

No 110: On the problem of optimal inference for time heterogeneous data with error components regression structure
Robert Jonsson

No 109: Language and Scientific Publication Statistics: a Note
Bo Sandelin and Nikias Sarafoglou

No 108: Wicksell versus Brisman: A Dispute on Capital between Generations
Bo Sandelin

No 107: From Welfare to Work: Evaluating a Proposed Tax and Benefit Reform Targeted at Single Mothers in Sweden
Lennart Flood, Elina Pylkkänen and Roger Wahlberg

No 106: Geography and Institutions: A Review of Plausible and Implausible Linkages
Ola Olsson

No 105: Geography, Biogeography and Why Some Countries are Rich and Others Poor
Douglas A. Hibbs Jr. and Ola Olsson

No 104: Deciding Who's Decisive: Municipality Break-Ups and the Behavior of Local Politicians
Anna Brink

No 103: Unequal Provision of Local Public Services under the Threat of Secession
Anna Brink

No 102: Maximum Likelihood Ratio based small-sample tests for random coefficients in linear regression
Max Petzold and Robert Jonsson

No 101: Does the Black-Scholes formula work for electricity markets? A nonparametric approach
Erik Hjalmarsson

No 100: Do You Enjoy Having More Than Others? Survey Evidence of Positional Goods
Fredrik Carlsson, Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter Martinsson

No 99: Stock Recommendations in Swedish Printed Media: Leading or Misleading?
Erik R. Lidén

No 98: Swedish Stock Recommendations: Information Content or Price Pressure?
Erik R. Lidén

No 97: Congo: The Prize of Predation
Ola Olsson and Heather Congdon

No 96: Are Some Lives More Valuable?
Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter Martinsson

No 95: Anyone for Higher Speed Limits? - Self-Interested and Adaptive Political Preferences
Olof Johansson-Stenman and Peter Martinsson

Olof Johansson-Stenman and Henrik Svedsäter

No 93: Should policy be concerned with objective or subjective risks?
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 92: Habit Formation in the Environmental Quality: Dynamic Optimal Environmental Taxation
Åsa Löfgren

No 91: The Effect of Addiction on Environmental Taxation in a First and Second-best world
Åsa Löfgren

No 90: Are Commercial Fishers Risk Lovers?
Håkan Eggert and Peter Martinsson

No 89: Has Sweden’s government budget policy been too discretionary? Evidence from a generalization of the tax smoothing hypothesis
Johan Adler

No 88: The open economy excess sensitivity hypothesis: Theory and Swedish evidence
Johan Adler

No 87: Reference-Dependent Utility in an Industrial Cluster
Ola Olsson

No 86: Conflict Diamonds
Ola Olsson

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