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No 186: Speculative Attacks on Nordic Exchange-Rates, 1971-1992
Mats-Ola Forsman

No 185: Biodiversity Conservation under an Imperfect Seed System: the Role of Community Seed Banking Scheme
Mintewab Bezabih

No 184: Dynamic labour force participation of married women in Sweden
Nizamul Islam

No 183: Property Rights, Risk and Leverage
Richard A. Graff and Jr. Joseph P. Kairys

No 182: Natural Resource use Conflict: Gold Mining in Tropical Rainforest in Ghana
Wisdom Akpalu and Peter J. Parks

No 181: Utveckling och spridning av forskning: fallet effektivitetsforskning
Finn R Försund and Nikias Sarafoglou

No 180: Crowding Out in Blood Donation: Was Titmuss Right?
Carl Mellström and Magnus Johannesson

No 179: Tax Evasion and the Importance of Trust
Henrik Hammar, Sverker Jagers and Katarina Nordblom

No 178: The Dark Side of Wage Indexed Pensions
Evert Carlsson and Karl Erlandzon

No 177: Can Africa Reduce Poverty by Half by 2015? The Case for a Pro-Poor Growth Strategy
Arne Bigsten and Abebe Shimeles

No 176: Debt Relief and Adjustment Effort in a Multi Period Model
Sven Tengstam

No 175: Regulatory Compliance in Lake Victoria Fisheries
Håkan Eggert and Razack B Lokina

No 174: Property Rights and Corporate Finance
Richard A. Graff and Joseph P. Kairys Jr.

No 173: Tax Toleration and Tax Compliance: How Government Affects the Propensity of Firms to Enter the Uno¢ cial Economy
Douglas A. Hibbs Jr. and Violeta Piculescu

No 172: Are Agricultural Extension Packages What Ethiopian Farmers Want? A Stated Preference Analysis
Fredrik Carlsson, Gunnar Köhlin, Alemu Mekonnen and Mahmud Yesuf

No 171: Keeping Up with the Vaishyas: Caste and Relative Standing
Fredrik Carlsson, Gautam Gupta and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 170: Entry into Local Retail Food Markets in Sweden: A Real-Options Approach
Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Matilda Orth and Niklas Rudholm

No 169: Contingent Valuation of Mortality Risk Reduction in Developing Countries: A Mission Impossible?
Minhaj Mahmud

No 168: Optimal Environmental Road pricing
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 167: Trust and Religion: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh
Olof Johansson-Stenman, Minhaj Mahmud and Peter Martinsson

No 166: Trust, Trust Games and Stated Trust: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
Olof Johansson-Stenman, Minhaj Mahmud and Peter Martinsson

No 165: Are Vietnamese Farmers Concerned with their Relative Position in Society?
Fredrik Carlsson, Pham Khanh Nam, Martin Linde-Rahr and Peter Martinsson

No 164: Tax avoidance and intra-family transfers
Katarina Nordblom and Henry Ohlsson

No 163: Endogenous Institutional Change After Independence
Heather Congdon Fors and Ola Olsson

No 162: Demand for Coffee: The Role of Prices, Preferences and Market Power
Dick Durevall

No 161: On the Predictability of Global Stock Returns
Erik Hjalmarsson

No 160: Predictive regressions with panel data
Erik Hjalmarsson

No 159: Volatility of the Stochastic Discount Factor, and the Distinction between Risk-Neutral and Objective Probability Measures
Gurdip Bakshi, Zhiwu Chen and Erik Hjalmarsson

No 158: Does Benefit Transfer Always Work: a Multi-country Comparison
Hala Abou-Ali and Mohammed Belhaj

No 157: Child-care quality and fee structure: Effects on labor supply and leisure composition
Anna Brink and Katarina Nordblom

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