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No 243: Om nationalekonomisk imperialism och idéutveckling
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 241: Does openness reduce wage inequality in developing countries? A panel data analysis
Farzana Munshi

No 240: Economic Performance of Turkish Immigrant Men in the European Labour-Market: Evidence from Sweden
Alpaslan Akay, Gokhan Karabulut and Kerem Tezic

No 239: Second Order Approximation for the Average Marginal Effect of Heckman's Two Step Procedure
Alpaslan Akay and Elias Tsakas

No 238: Hur mäta produktivitet och hur produktiva är svenska professorer i nationalekonomi? Forskningsutvärdering med hjälp av kvantitativa och kvalitativa indikatorer
Nikias Sarafoglou

No 237: Aid and Economic Development in Africa
Arne Bigsten

No 236: Can China’s Growth be Sustained? A Productivity Perspective
Jinghai Zheng, Arne Bigsten and Angang Hu

No 235: Göteborgsskolan - praktisk, friakademisk, historisk, fortbildande, social
Johan Lönnroth

No 234: Puzzling tax attitudes and labels
Åsa Löfgren and Katarina Nordblom

No 233: The Bright Side of Shiller-Swaps: A Solution to Inter-generational Risk-sharing
Evert Carlsson and Karl Erlandzon

Erik Hjalmarsson and Randi Hjalmarsson

No 231: Age-related risk of female infertility: A comparison between perceived personal and general risks
Elina Lampi

No 230: Ten Years of Misleading Information - Investment Advice in Printed Media
Erik R. Lidén and Markus Rosenberg

No 229: Coasean Bargaining Games with Stochastic Stock Externalities
Magnus Hennlock

No 228: Risk Management in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – The Potential of Sustainability Labels
Adrian Muller

No 227: Scandinavia, Economics in
Niels Kærgård, Bo Sandelin and Arild Sæther

No 226: Consumption Theory with Reference Dependent Utility
Fredrik W. Andersson

No 225: What explains attitudes towards tax levels? A multi-tax comparison
Henrik Hammar, Sverker C. Jagers and Katarina Nordblom

No 224: BNP-begreppets historia
Bo Sandelin

No 223: Windfall Gains, Political Economy, and Economic Development
Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Ola Olsson

No 222: Who Are the Trustworthy, We Think?
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 221: A Note on the Risk Behavior and Death of Homo Economicus
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 220: Is Concern for Relative Consumption a Function of Relative Consumption?
Fredrik W. Andersson

No 219: Bridging the Great Divide in South Africa: Inequality and Punishment in the Provision of Public Goods
Martine Visser and Justine Burns

No 218: Welfare Implications of Peer Punishment in Unequal Societies
Martine Visser

No 217: Clarifying Poverty Decomposition
Adrian Muller

No 216: Sustainable Agriculture and the Production of Biomass for Energy Use
Adrian Muller

No 215: Putting decomposition of energy use and pollution on a firm footing - clarifications on the residual, zero and negative values and strategies to assess the performance of decomposition methods
Adrian Muller

No 214: How to Make the Clean Development Mechanism Sustainable - The Potential of Rent Extraction
Adrian Muller

No 213: Putting decomposition of energy use and pollution on a firm footing - clarifications on the residual, zero and negative values and strategies to assess the performance of decomposition methods
Adrian Muller

No 212: Analyzing Economic Market Interactions as Conflicts: New Concepts to Assess Market-Based Policy Instruments
Simon A. Mason and Adrian Muller

No 211: Gender, Risk and Stereotypes
Dinky Daruvala

No 210: Would The Right Social Preference Model Please Stand Up!
Dinky Daruvala

No 209: The income of the Swedish baby boomers
Lennart Flood, Anders Klevmarken and Andreea Mitrut

No 208: Assessing management options for weed control with demanders and non-demanders in a choice experiment
Fredrik Carlsson and Mitesh Kataria

No 207: The Complex Attitudes to Alcohol Taxation
Katarina Nordblom

No 206: Institutions and their Measures: A Black Box of Goodies
Gustav Hansson

No 205: Trade Liberalization and Wage Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh
Dick Durevall and Farzana Munshi

No 204: The Importance of Habit Formation for Environmental Taxation
Åsa Löfgren and Katarina Nordblom

No 203: Fisheries Economics and 20 years with Marine Resource Economics: A Citation Analysis
Håkan Eggert

No 202: Real Exchange Rate Adjustment In European Transition Countries
Florin G. Maican and Richard J. Sweeney

No 201: Malthus in Rwanda? Scarcity, Survival and Causes of the Genocide
David Yanagizawa

No 200: Country Size and the Rule of Law: Resuscitating Montesquieu
Gustav Hansson and Ola Olsson

No 199: Discounting and relative prices in assessing future environmental damages
Michael Hoel and Thomas Sterner

No 198: Cost Benefit Rules when Nature Counts
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 197: Should Animal Welfare Count?
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 196: Donor coordination and the uses of aid
Arne Bigsten

No 195: Modeling the Effects of Economic Behavior in Determining the Organization of Society
Rick Wicks

No 194: Mad Cows, Terrorism and Junk Food: Should Public Policy Reflect Subjective or Objective Risks?
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 193: Emotions, Morality and Public Goods: The WTA-WTP Disparity Revisited
Anders Biel, Olof Johansson-Stenman and Andreas Nilsson

No 192: Internal Migration of Natives and Immigrants Following Job Displacement
Anders Boman

No 191: How much is too much? - An investigation of the effect of the number of choice sets, starting point and the choice of bid vectors in choice experiments
Fredrik Carlsson and Peter Martinsson

No 190: Do Experience and Cheap Talk influence Willingness to Pay in an Open-Ended Contingent Valuation Survey?
Fredrik Carlsson and Peter Martinsson

No 189: Should We Trust Hypothetical Referenda? Test and Identification Problems
Fredrik Carlsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 188: Trends in the pattern of lifelong learning in Sweden: towards a decentralized economy
Thomas Ericson

No 187: Marshall’s Influence on Swedish Economic Thought
Bo Sandelin

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