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Alexander Herbertsson and Rüdiger Frey

No 684: Corrupt Bureaucrats: The Response of Non-Elected Officials to Electoral Accountability
Michele Valsecchi

No 683: Cooperation under risk and ambiguity
Lisa Björk, Martin Kocher, Peter Martinsson and Pham Nam Khanh

No 682: Optimal Environmental Road Pricing and Integrated Daily Commuting Patterns
Jessica Coria and Xiao-Bing Zhang

No 681: How Policy Legitimacy Affects Policy Support Throughout the Policy Cycle
Sverker C. Jagers, Simon Matti and Katarina Nordblom

No 680: Interactions among High-Frequency Traders
Evangelos Benes, James Brugler, Erik Hjalmarsson and Filip Zikes

No 679: Tolling on the River: Trade and Informal Taxation on the Congo
Ola Olsson, Maria Eriksson Baaz and Peter Martinsson

No 678: Ride Your Luck!A Field Experiment on Lotterybased Incentives for Compliance
Marco Fabbri, Paolo Nicola Barbieri and Maria Bigoni

No 677: Gender and cooperative preferences on five continents
Nadja C. Furtner, Martin G. Kocher, Peter Martinsson, Dominik Matzat and Conny Wollbrant

No 676: Does increasing compulsory education decrease or displace adolescent crime? New evidence from administrative and victimization data
Ylenia Brilli and Marco Tonello

No 675: Do you trust me? – Go Fish! A Study on Trust and Fisheries Management
Håkan Eggert, Mitesh Kataria and Elina Lampi

No 674: The Fall of Capital Punishment and the Rise of Prisons: How Punishment Severity Affects Jury Verdicts
Anna Bindler and Randi Hjalmarsson

No 673: Inequality Aversion and Marginal Income Taxation
Thomas Aronsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 672: Social Identity and Role Models
Joseph Vecci and Tomas Zelinsky

No 671: The rise of China: Competing or complementary to DAC aid flows in Africa?
Louise Granath

No 670: Intergenerational wealth mobility and the role of inheritance: Evidence from multiple generations
Adrian Adermon, Mikael Lindahl and Daniel Waldenström

No 669: Difference in Preferences or in Preference Orderings? Comparing Choices of Environmental Bureaucrats, Recreational Anglers, and the Public
Håkan Eggert, Mitesh Kataria and Elina Lampi

No 668: The Green Paradox and Interjurisdictional Competition across Space and Time
Wolfgang Habla

No 667: Chinese aid and local corruption
Ann-Sofie Isaksson and Andreas Kotsadam

No 666: Gold mining and education: a long-run resource curse in Africa?
Pelle Ahlerup, Thushyanthan Baskaran and Arne Bigsten

No 665: Migration as an Adaptation Strategy to Weather Variability: An Instrumental Variables Probit Analysis
Yonas Alem, Mathilde Maurel and Katrin Millock

No 664: Why (field) experiments on unethical behavior are important:Comparing stated and revealed behavior
Yonas Alem, Håkan Eggert, Martin G. Kocher and Remidius D. Ruhinduka

No 663: Mind, Behaviour and Health - a Randomised Experiment
Yonas Alem, Hannah Behrendtz, Michele Belot and Anikó Bíró

No 662: On-the-job search and city structure
Aico van Vuuren

No 661: The Impact of Abortion Legalization on Fertility and Maternal Mortality: New Evidence from Mexico
Damian Clarke and Hanna Mühlrad

No 660: Still unemployed, what next? Crime and unemployment duration
Anna Bindler

No 659: Because of you I did not give up - How peers affect perseverance
Leonie Gerhards and Christina Gravert

No 658: Social Comparisons and Optimal Taxation in a Small Open Economy
Thomas Aronsson, Olof Johansson-Stenman and Tomas Sjögren

No 657: Evaluation of the Impact of Forest Certification on Environmental Outcomes in Sweden
Anna Nordén, Jessica Coria and Laura Villalobos

No 656: Framing and Minimum Levels in Public Good Provision
Peter Martinsson, Haileselassie Medhin and Emil Persson

No 655: Public Goods and Minimum Provision Levels: Does the institutional formation affect cooperation?
Peter Martinsson and Emil Persson

No 654: Is there a hidden cost of imposing a minimum contribution level for public good contributions?
Martin G. Kocher, Peter Martinsson, Emil Persson and Xianghong Wang

No 653: The Development of Development Economics
Arne Bigsten

No 652: Social Norms and Information Diffusion in Water-saving Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in Colombia
Mónica Marcela Jaime Torres and Fredrik Carlsson

No 651: The Changing Structure of Swedish Foreign Aid
Arne Bigsten, Ann-Sofie Isaksson and Sven Tengstam

No 650: The hidden costs of nudging: Experimental evidence from reminders in fundraising
Mette Trier Damgaard and Christina Gravert

No 649: How are you? How's it going? What's up? What's happening? Nudging people to tell us how they really are
Fredrik Carlsson and Mitesh Kataria

No 648: Job-Search Periods for Welfare Applicants: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
Jonneke Bolhaar, Nadine Ketel and Bas van der Klaauw

No 647: Frustration and Anger in Games: A First Empirical Test of the Theory
Emil Persson

No 646: A Jury of Her Peers: The Impact of the First Female Jurors on Criminal Convictions
Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer and Randi Hjalmarsson

No 645: The Causal Effect of Military Conscription on Crime and the Labor Market
Randi Hjalmarsson and Matthew J. Lindquist

No 644: Parental Influences on Health and Longevity: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees
Mikael Lindahl, Evelina Lundberg, Mårten Palme and Emilia Simeonova

No 643: The Political Economy of Mitigation and Adaptation
Wolfgang Habla and Kerstin Roeder

No 642: Redistribution through Charity and Optimal Taxation when People are Concerned with Social Status
Thomas Aronsson, Olof Johansson-Stenman and Ronald Wendner

No 641: Genuine Saving and Conspicuous Consumption
Thomas Aronsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

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