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No 425: Economic Inequality and HIV in Malawi
Dick Durevall and Annika Lindskog

No 424: Renewed Growth and Poverty Reduction in Zambia
Arne Bigsten and Sven Tengstam

No 423: What Explains the International Location of Industry? -The Case of Clothing
Sven Tengstam

No 422: On blending mandates, border tax adjustment and import standards for biofuels
Håkan Eggert and Mads Greaker

No 421: Contracting Under Reciprocal Altruism
Oleg Shchetinin

No 420: Adam Smith om språket
Bo Sandelin

No 419: Discrimination in Scientific Review - A natural field experiment on blind versus non-blind review
Fredrik Carlsson, Åsa Löfgren and Thomas Sterner

No 418: Design of stated preference surveys: Is there more to learn from behavioral economics?
Fredrik Carlsson

No 417: Ethnic Cleansing or Resource Struggle in Darfur? An empirical analysis
Ola Olsson and Eyerusalem Siba

No 416: Climate Change in a Public Goods Game: Investment Decision in Mitigation versus Adaptation
Reviva Hasson, Åsa Löfgren and Martine Visser

No 415: Natural Resource Dependency and Quality of Government
Mette Anthonsen, Åsa Löfgren and Klas Nilsson

No 414: Public Disclosure of Industrial Pollution: The PROPER Approach for Indonesia?
Jorge García López, Thomas Sterner and Shakeb Afsah

No 413: Output and Abatement Effects of Allocation Readjustment in Permit Trade
Adrian Muller and Thomas Sterner

No 412: Have Countries with Lax Environmental Regulations a Comparative Advantage in Polluting Industries?
Miguel Quiroga, Thomas Sterner and Martin Persson

No 411: Corporate environmental management in transition economies: The case of Central and Eastern Europe
Jorge Garcia, Randy Bluffstone and Thomas Sterner

No 410: Bioeconomic Model of Community Incentives for Wildlife Management Before and After CAMPFIRE
Carolyn Fischer, Edwin Muchapondwa and Thomas Sterner

No 409: Agricultural Risk Management through Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Rural Zimbabwe
Edwin Muchapondwa and Thomas Sterner

No 408: The Role of Soil Conservation on Mean Crop Yield and Variance of Yield - Evidence from the Ethiopian Highlands
Menale Kassie, John Pender, Mahmud Yesuf, Gunnar Köhlin and Elias Mulugeta

No 407: The Role of Production Risk in Sustainable Land-Management Technology Adoption in the Ethiopian Highlands
Menale Kassie, Mahmud Yesuf and Gunnar Köhlin

No 406: Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia: Does Agroecology Matter?
Menale Kassie, Precious Zikhali, John Pender and Gunnar Köhlin

No 405: Soil Conservation and Small-Scale Food Production in Highland Ethiopia A Stochastic Metafrontier Approach
Haileselassie A. Medhin and Gunnar Köhlin

No 404: Risk Implications of Farm Technology Adoption in the Ethiopian Highlands
Mahmud Yesuf, Menale Kassie and Gunnar Köhlin

No 403: Market Imperfections and Farm Technology Adoption Decisions - A Case Study from the Highlands of Ethiopia
Mahmud Yesuf and Gunnar Köhlin

No 402: Estimating Returns to Soil and Water Conservation Investments - An Application to Crop Yield in Kenya
Wilfred Nyangena and Gunnar Köhlin

No 401: Jens Warming (1931) on Open Access, Pigovian Tax, and Property Rights
Håkan Eggert

No 400: Economics of Soil Conservation Adoption in High-Rainfall Areas of the Ethiopian Highlands
Menale Kassie, Stein Holden, Gunnar Köhlin and Randy Bluffstone

No 399: Determinants of Household Fuel Choice in Major Cities in Ethiopia
Alemu Mekonnen and Gunnar Köhlin

No 398: Fairness Concerns in Environmental Economics - Do They Really Matter and If So How?
Olof Johansson-Stenman and James Konow

No 397: Sundays Are Blue: Aren’t They? - The Day-of-the-Week Effect on Subjective Well-Being and Socio-Economic Status
Alpaslan Akay and Peter Martinsson

No 396: On the Law of Demand. - A mathematically simple descriptive approach for general probability density functions
Lars-Göran Larsson

No 395: Can local communities in Zimbabwe be trusted with wildlife management?: Evidence from contingent valuation of elephants
Edwin Muchapondwa, Fredrik Carlsson and Gunnar Köhlin

No 394: Biomass Fuel Consumption and Dung Use as Manure - Evidence from Rul Households in the Amrahara Region of Ethiopia
Alemu Mekonnen and Gunnar Köhlin

No 393: Effects of Global Fisheries on Developing Countries Possibilities for Income and Threat of Depletion
Håkan Eggert and Mads Greaker

No 392: Enforcement of Exogenous Environmental Regulations, Social Disapproval, and Bribery
Wisdom Akpalu, Håkan Eggert and Godwin K. Vondolia

No 391: Does experience eliminate the effect of a default option? - A field experiment on CO2-offsetting for air transport. New title (when published): Are experienced people affected by a pre-set default option - Results from a field experiment.
Åsa Löfgren, Peter Martinsson, Magnus Hennlock and Thomas Sterner

No 390: To Trade or Not to Trade: Firm-Level Analysis of Emissions Trading in Santiago, Chile
Jessica Coria, Åsa Löfgren and Thomas Sterner

No 389: Does age matter for the value of life? - Evidence from a choice experiment in rural Bangladesh
Olof Johansson-Stenman, Minhaj Mahmud and Peter Martinsson

No 388: Gender and birth-order differences in time and risk preferences and decisions
Elina Lampi and Katarina Nordblom

No 387: Earthquakes and Civil War
Pelle Ahlerup

No 386: The Causal Effects of Ethnic Diversity: An Instrumental Variables Approach
Pelle Ahlerup

No 385: Social Background, Cooperative Behavior, and Norm Enforcement
Martin Kocher, Peter Martinsson and Martine Visser

No 384: Testing for Unit Roots in Panel Time Series Models with Multiple Breaks
Joakim Westerlund

No 383: Testing for a Unit Root in a Random Coefficient Panel Data Model
Joakim Westerlund and Rolf Larsson

No 382: The effect of risk, ambiguity, and coordination on farmers’ adaptation to climate change: A framed field experiment
Francisco Alpizar, Fredrik Carlsson and Maria Naranjo

No 381: Are Crime Rates Really Stationary?
Joakim Westerlund and Johan Blomquist

No 380: Myths and Facts about Panel Unit Root Tests
Joakim Westerlund and Jörg Breitung

No 379: Using Panel Data to Construct Simple and Efficient Unit Root Tests in the Presence of GARCH
Joakim Westerlund and Paresh Narayan

No 378: The Tax-Spending Nexus: Evidence from a Panel of US State- Local Governments
Joakim Westerlund and Saeid Mahdavi

No 377: Seasonal Unit Root Tests for Trending and Breaking Series with Application to Industrial Production
Joakim Westerlund, Mauro Costantini, Paresh Narayan and Stephan Popp

No 376: Stock returns in relation to environmental, social and governance performance: mispricing or compensation for risk?
Cristiana Manescu

No 375: A Microsimulation Approach to an Optimal Swedish Income Tax
Peter Ericson and Lennart Flood

No 374: Easy come, easy go - The role of windfall money in lab and field experiments
Fredrik Carlsson, Haoran He and Peter Martinsson

No 373: Assessment of existing global financial initiatives and monitoring aspects of carbon sinks in forest ecosystems – The issue of REDD
Lisa Westholm, Sabine Henders, Madelene Ostwald and Eskil Mattsson

No 372: Conditional Cooperation and Social Group - Experimental results from Colombia
Peter Martinsson, Clara Villegas-Palacio and Conny Wollbrant

No 371: Are Social Preferences Skin Deep? Dictators under Cognitive Load
Karen Evelyn Hauge, Kjell Arne Brekke, Lars-Olof Johansson, Olof Johansson-Stenman and Henrik Svedsäter

No 370: Forestland Reform in China: What do the Farmers Want? A Choice Experiment on Farmers’ Property Rights Preferences
Pin Qin, Fredrik Carlsson and Jintao Xu

No 369: How Does Communal HIV/AIDS Affect Fertility? - Evidence from Malawi
Dick Durevall and Annika Lindskog

No 368: Taxes, Permits and the Adoption of Abatement Technology under Imperfect Compliance
Clara Villegas and Jessica Coria

No 367: REFERENCE PRICING - Making Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals Work
Miyase Yesim Köksal

No 366: Voting Motives, Group Identity, and Social Norms
Fredrik Carlsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 365: Get Shorty? - Market Impact of the 2008-09 U.K. Short Selling Ban
Fredrik Hansson and Erik Rüdow Fors

No 364: Family-Size Effects on Earnings – Definitions Matter
Elina Lampi and Katarina Nordblom

No 363: Economics vs. Physical-based Metrics for Relative Greenhouse Gas Valuations
Daniel J.A. Johansson

No 362: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Performance
Constantin Belu and Cristiana Manescu

No 361: The Impact of the EU Emissions Trading System on CO2 Intensity in Electricity Generation
Anna Widerberg and Markus Wråke

No 360: Attitudes to Personal Carbon Allowances: The effect of trust in politicians, perceived fairness and ideology
Sverker C. Jagers, Åsa Löfgren and Johannes Stripple

No 359: Pricing basket default swaps in a tractable shot-noise model
Alexander Herbertsson, Jiwook Jang and Thorsten Schmidt

No 358: Conspicuous Leisure: Optimal Income Taxation when both Relative Consumption and Relative Leisure Matter
Thomas Aronsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 357: Farmers' Preferences for Crop Variety Traits: Lessons for On-Farm Conservation and Technology Adoption
Sinafikeh Asrat, Mahmud Yesuf, Fredrik Carlsson and Edilegnaw Wale

No 356: Household decision making and the influence of spouses’ income, education, and communist party membership: A field experiment in rural China
Fredrik Carlsson, Peter Martinsson, Ping Qin and Matthias Sutter

Thomas Aronsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 354: Robust Control in Global Warming Management: An Analytical Dynamic Integrated Assessment
Magnus Hennlock

No 353: Effects of informal eldercare on female labor supply in different European welfare states
Andreas Kotsadam

No 352: Do attitudes toward gender equality really differ between Norway and Sweden?
Niklas Jakobsson and Andreas Kotsadam

No 351: Risk Aversion and Expected Utility of Consumption over Time
Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 350: A Note on the Cost-Benefit Ratio in Self-Enforcing Agreements
Magnus Hennlock

No 349: What explains attitudes toward prostitution?
Niklas Jakobsson and Andreas Kotsadam

No 348: The Economics of Credence Goods: On the Role of Liability, Verifiability, Reputation and Competition
Uwe Dulleck, Kerschbamer Rudolf and Sutter Matthias

No 347: Inflation Dynamics and Food Prices in an Agricultural Economy: The Case of Ethiopia
Josef L. Loening, Dick Durevall and Yohannes Ayalew Birru

No 346: SWEtaxben: A Swedish Tax/benefit Micro Simulation Model and an Evaluation of a Swedish Tax Reform.
Peter Ericson, Lennart Flood and Roger Wahlberg

No 345: Why do you want lower taxes? Preferences regarding municipal income tax rates
Niklas Jakobsson

No 344: Unintended Impacts of Multiple Instruments on Technology Adoption
Jessica Coria

No 343: Benefits of Organic Agriculture as a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy in Developing Countries
Adrian Muller

No 342: A Case-Study on Project-Level CO2 Mitigation Costs in Industrialised Countries - The Climate Cent Foundation in Switzerland
Laura Kunz and Adrian Muller

No 341: Muddy Waters: Soil Erosion and Downstream Externalities
Anders Ekbom, Gardner M. Brown and Thomas Sterner

No 340: Soil Properties and Soil Conservation Investments in Agricultural Production - a Case study of Kenya’s Central Highlands
Anders Ekbom and Thomas Sterner

No 339: Determinants of Soil Capital
Anders Ekbom

No 338: Intergovernmental grants and fiscal competition
Niklas Jakobsson and Katarina Nordblom

No 337: Does Fertilizer Use Respond to Rainfall Variability? Panel Data Evidence from Ethiopia
Yonas Alem, Mintewab Bezabih, Menale Kassie and Precious Zikhali

No 333: Is aid the capital component making countries efficient?
Ann Veiderpass and Per-Åke Andersson

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