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No 255: Under Edströms egid: Bakgrunden till IUIs start 1939 och de första verksamhetsårens utveckling
Rolf G. H. Henriksson

No 253: Productivity Change in Public Service - The Case of Swedish Social Insurance Offices
Hans Bjurek, Lennart Hjalmarsson and Finn R. Forsund

No 252: Optimal Pricing in the Telecommunications Market
Harald Lang and Stefan Lundgren

No 251: R&D, Learning-by-Doing and the Multinational Growth of Swedish Firms
Birgitta Swedenborg

No 250: The Structure of Swedish International Trade and Specialization: “Old” and “New” Explanations
Lars Lundberg

No 249: Determinants of Nordic Migration to Sweden
Per Lundborg

No 248: Wages and Labour Scarcity: The Microfoundations of the Determination of Factor Shares
Nils Henrik Schager

No 247: Modelling Labor Supply in a Dynamic Economy
Anders Klevmarken

No 246: Piece-Rates, On-the-Job Training and the Wage-Tenure Profile
Anders Björklund and Jeanette Åkerman

No 245: Why is the Swedish Unemployment Rate So Low?
Anders Björklund

No 244: International Stock Markets and Fluctuations in Exchange Rates and Other Macroeconomic Variables
Fatemeh Ibrahimi, Lars Oxelheim and Clas Wihlborg

No 243: Cross-Ownership and the Takeover Deterrence
Sten Nyberg

No 242: Taxes and Mergers in Sweden
Karl-Markus Modén

No 241: On the Econometric Analysis of Production When There Are No Output Data
Erik Mellander and Bengt-Christer Ysander

No 240: The Efficiency of Innovation Subsidies
Stefan Fölster

No 239: Comparisons of Competitiveness in U.S. and Swedish Manufacturing
Bo Carlsson

No 238: Lessons from Learning to Have Rational Expectations
Thomas Lindh

No 237: Markets as Instruments of Evolution of Structures
Pavel Pelikan

No 236: Regulations in Search Markets
Bo Axell

No 235: The Economics of Coordination, Innovation, Selection and Learning: A Theoretical Framework for Research in Industrial Economics
Gunnar Eliasson

No 234: Search Market Models: A Survey
Kenneth Burdett

No 233: Stochastic Behaviour of Deterministic Systems
Lennart Carleson

No 232: On the Design of Complex Organizations and Distributive Algorithms
Donald G. Saari

No 231: Loss of Stability and Emergence of Chaos in Dynamical Systems
Russell A. Johnson

No 230: Overtime and Sticky Manufacturing Wages: Do Trade and Technology Matter?
Frank P. Stafford and Michael O. Stobernack

No 229: The Creation of the EC Internal Market and Its Effects on the Competitiveness of Producers in Other Industrial Economies
Gunnar Eliasson and Lars Lundberg

No 228: Dynamic Games in Organization Theory
Roy Radner

No 227: The Efficiency of Innovation Subsidies
Stefan Fölster

No 226: Evaluations of Swedish Labor Market Policy
Anders Björklund

No 225: Erratic Behavior in Economic Models
Donald G. Saari

No 224: Declining Reservation Wages and Temporary Employment
Kenneth Burdett and Sunil Sharma

No 223: Empirical Wage Distributions: A New Framework for Labor Market Policy Analysis
Kenneth Burdett

No 222: The MOSES Model - Database and Applications
Gunnar Eliasson

No 221: Daycare Subsidies and Labor Supply in Sweden
Siv Gustafsson and Frank Stafford

No 220: Modeling the Experimentally Organized Economy - Complex Dynamics in an Empirical Micro-Macro Model of Endogenous Economic Growth
Gunnar Eliasson

No 219: Finance, Innovation and Corporate Change
Giovanni Dosi

No 218: The Incentive to Acquire Information and Financial Market Efficiency
Clas Wihlborg

No 217: The Role of Capital and Other Factors in the Formation and Growth of Firms Started by University Researchers
Christer Olofsson and Claes Wahlbin

No 216: Innovative Activity and Venture Financing: Japan, the U.S. and Europe
Tad Rybczynski

No 215: Evolution, Economic Competence, and the Market for Corporate Control
Pavel Pelikan

No 214: Agency Costs and Innovation
Bengt Holmström

No 212: Long-Term Firm Growth and Ownership Organization - A Study of Business Histories
Jan Glete

No 211: Firms' Choice of R&D Intensity in the Presence of Aggregate Increasing Returns to Scale
Stefan Fölster

No 210: The Economics of Bounded Rationality, Entrepreneurship and Institutional Evolution
Richard H. Day

No 209: Entrepreneurial Activity, Banking and Finance, Historical Aspects and Theoretical Suggestions
Erik Dahmén

No 208: Incentive Contracts for Managers Who Discover and Manage Investment Projects
Tim Campbell and Tony Marino

No 206: Financial Market Imperfections and Productivity Growth
Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz

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