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No 1259: Optimal vs Satisfactory Transparency: The Impact of Global Macroeconomic Fluctuations on Corporate Competitiveness
Lars Oxelheim

No 1258: Practice Makes Voters? Effects of Student Mock Elections on Turnout
Richard Öhrvall and Sven Oskarsson

No 1257: Central- versus Self-Dispatch in Electricity Markets
Pär Holmberg, Thomas Tangerås and Victor Ahlqvist

No 1256: Getting the First Job – Size and Quality of Ethnic Enclaves for Refugee Labor Market Entry
Özge Öner and Johan Klaesson

No 1255: Does Job Security Hamper Employment Prospects?
Carl Magnus Bjuggren and Per Skedinger

No 1254: Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets –​ Part II: Solution Algorithm
Mahir Sarfati, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh and Pär Holmberg

No 1253: Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets –​ Part I: Concept Analysis
Mahir Sarfati, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh and Pär Holmberg

No 1252: Hayekian Welfare States: Explaining the Co-Existence of Economic Freedom and Big Government
Andreas Bergh

No 1251: Ethnic Enclaves and Labor Market Outcomes – What Matters Most: Neighborhood, City or Region?
Özge Öner and Johan Klaesson

No 1250: A Non-Technical Introduction to Economic Aspects of International Investment Agreements
Henrik Horn and Pehr-Johan Norbäck

No 1249: Globalization, the Jobs Ladder and Economic Mobility
Carl Davidson, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz, Fredrik Sjöholm and Susan Chun Zhu

No 1248: Investor-State vs. State-State Dispute Settlement
Henrik Horn

No 1247: Determinants of Economies of Scope in Retail
Florin Maican and Matilda Orth

No 1246: Linking Net Foreign Portfolio Debt and Equity to Exchange Rate Movements
Malin Gardberg

No 1245: The Taxation of Private Foundations in Sweden 1862–2018
Dan Johansson, Mikael Stenkula and Niklas Wykman

No 1244: Location Choices of Swedish Independent Schools: How Does Allowing for Private Provision Affect the Geography of the Education Market?
Karin Edmark

No 1243: Well-being Effects of Self-employment: A Spatial Inquiry
Maria Abreu, Özge Öner, Aleid Brouwer and Eveline van Leeuwen

No 1242: Transmission Network Investment across National Borders: The Liberalized Nordic Electricity Market
Lars Persson and Thomas Tangerås

No 1241: (I Can’t Get No) Job Satisfaction? Differences by Sexual Orientation in Sweden
Mats Hammarstedt, Lina Aldén and Hanna Swahnberg

No 1240: The Geography and Concentration of Authorship in the Top Five: Implications for European Economics
Simon Ek and Magnus Henrekson

No 1239: Regulation and Government Debt
Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov

No 1238: Telemedicine and the Welfare State: The Swedish Experience
Mårten Blix and Johanna Jeansson

No 1237: Exit, Voice and Political Change: Evidence from Swedish Mass Migration to the United States
Mounir Karadja and Erik Prawitz

No 1236: Credit Ratings and Structured Finance
Jens Josephson and Joel Shapiro

No 1235: Self-employed Immigrants and Their Employees: Evidence from Swedish Employer-Employee Data
Mats Hammarstedt and Chizheng Miao

No 1234: The French Curse? On the Puzzling Economic Consequences of French Colonization
Andreas Bergh and Günther Fink

No 1233: Gender and Dynastic Political Recruitment
Olle Folke, Johanna Rickne and Daniel M. Smith

No 1232: Customer Discrimination in the Fast Food Market? Experimental Evidence from a Swedish University Campus
Ali Ahmed and Mats Hammarstedt

No 1231: Allocation of R&D Grants in the Business Sector
Martin Falk and Roger Svensson

No 1230: Are Foreign Private Equity Buyouts Bad for Workers?
Martin Olsson and Joacim Tåg

No 1229: Self-employment and Life Satisfaction among the Elderly: Survey-based Evidence from Sweden
Lina Aldén and Mats Hammarstedt

No 1228: “Post-Truth” Schooling and Marketized Education: Explaining the Decline in Sweden’s School Quality
Magnus Henrekson and Johan Wennström

No 1227: Measuring the Impact of Agricultural Production Shocks on International Trade Flows
Shon Ferguson and Johan Gars

No 1226: Gender Grading Bias at Stockholm University: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from an Anonymous Grading Reform
Joakim Jansson and Björn Tyrefors

No 1225: Coups, Regime Transition, and the Dynamics of Press Freedom
Christian Bjørnskov, Andreas Freytag and Jerg Gutmann

No 1224: The Long-Run Performance of Born Globals in Computing: The Role of Digital Platforms
Shon Ferguson and Magnus Henrekson

No 1223: The Long-term Effects of Long Terms: Compulsory Schooling Reforms in Sweden
Martin Fischer, Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson and Nina Schwarz

No 1222: The Collaborative Innovation Bloc: A New Mission for Austrian Economics
Niklas Elert and Magnus Henrekson

No 1221: Farm Size, Technology Adoption and Agricultural Trade Reform: Evidence from Canada
W. Mark Brown, Shon Ferguson and Crina Viju

No 1220: Long-run Effects of Lottery Wealth on Psychological Well-being
Erik Lindqvist, Robert Östling and David Cecarini

No 1219: Efficiency Gains and Time-savings of Permanent Panels in the WTO Dispute Settlement
Louise Johannesson

No 1218: Entrepreneurial Optimism and Creative Destruction
Lars Persson and Thomas Seiler

No 1217: Trust-Based Evaluation in a Market-Oriented School System
Jonas Vlachos

No 1216: An International Comparison of the Contribution to Job Creation by High-growth Firms
Michael Anyadike-Danes, Carl Magnus Bjuggren, Michel Dumont, Sandra Gottschalk, Werner Hölzl, et al.

No 1215: The (Un)compromise Effect
Mathias Ekström

No 1214: Fairness in Winner-Take-All Markets
Björn Bartling, Alexander W Cappelen, Mathias Ekström, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden

No 1213: Choice and Competition in the Welfare State: Home Care as the Ideal Quasi-market
Mats A. Bergman, Henrik Jordahl and Sofia Lundberg

No 1212: Exploring Digital Time Measurement in the Public Sector: Labor Productivity and Service Quality in Home Care
Henrik Jordahl and Lovisa Persson

No 1211: Simulation and Evaluation of Zonal Electricity Market Designs
Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh, Pär Holmberg and Mahir Sarfati

No 1210: Getting the Facts Right on Born Globals
Shon Ferguson, Magnus Henrekson and Louise Johannesson

No 1209: Supply Function Equilibrium over a Constrained Transmission Line II: Multiple Plants and Nodal Price Derivatives
Keith Ruddell

No 1208: Supply Function Equilibrium over a Constrained Transmission Line I: Calculating Equilibria
Keith Ruddell

No 1207: Analysts' Disagreement and Investor Decisions
Wolfgang Gick and Alex Weissensteiner

No 1206: How Persistent Is Life Satisfaction? Evidence from European Immigration
Niclas Berggren, Andreas Bergh, Christian Bjørnskov and Shiori Tanaka

No 1205: Mine, Ours or Yours? Unintended Framing Effects in Dictator Games
Andreas Bergh and Philipp C. Wichardt

No 1204: Non-standard Employment in Sweden
Per Skedinger

No 1203: Financial and Institutional Reforms for an Entrepreneurial Society
Claire Economidou, Luca Grillo, Magnus Henrekson and Mark Sanders

No 1202: Varieties of Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Institutional Foundations of Different Entrepreneurship Types through ‘Varieties-of-Capitalism’ Arguments
Selin Dilli, Niklas Elert and Andrea M. Herrmann

No 1201: What is the Cost of Privatization for Workers?
Martin Olsson and Joacim Tåg

No 1200: Female Self-Employment: Prevalence and Performance Effects of Having a High-Income Spouse
Carl Magnus Bjuggren and Magnus Henrekson

No 1199: Threatening to Buy: Private Equity Buyouts and Antitrust Policy
Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Lars Persson and Joacim Tåg

No 1198: Stock Market Returns and Consumption
Marco Di Maggio, Amir Kermani and Kaveh Majlesi

No 1197: Do Voters Dislike Liberalizing Reforms? New Evidence Using Data on Satisfaction with Democracy
Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov

No 1196: A Cross-Country Comparison of Dynamics in the Large Firm Wage Premium
Emanuele Colonnelli, Joacim Tåg, Michael Webb and Stefanie Wolter

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