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No 1312: From Gutenberg to Google: The Internet Is Adopted Earlier if Ancestors Had Advanced Information Technology in 1500 AD
Martin Ljunge

No 1311: Corruption, Judicial Accountability and Inequality: Unfair Procedures May Benefit the Worst-Off
Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov

No 1310: Locational Marginal Network Tariffs for Intermittent Renewable Generation
Thomas Tangerås and Frank A. Wolak

No 1309: Power Against Random Expenditure Allocation for Revealed Preference Tests
Per Hjertstrand

No 1308: Index Numbers and Revealed Preference Rankings
Per Hjertstrand, James L. Swofford and Gerald A. Whitney

No 1307: Does Job Search Assistance Reduce Unemployment? Experimental Evidence on Displacement Effects and Mechanisms
Maria Cheung, Johan Egebark, Anders Forslund, Lisa Laun, Magnus Rödin, et al.

No 1306: Collaborative Innovation Blocs and Antifragility
Niklas Elert and Magnus Henrekson

No 1305: Distance Still Matters: Local Bank Closures and Credit Availability
Anders Kärnä, Agostino Manduchi and Andreas Stephan

No 1304: Globalization and Populism in Europe
Andreas Bergh and Anders Kärnä

No 1303: Assimilation Patterns in Cities
Yasuhiro Sato and Yves Zenou

No 1302: Social Norms in Networks
Philip Ushchev and Yves Zenou

No 1301: The Economics of Change and Stability in Social Trust: Evidence from (and for) Catalan Secession
Christian Bjørnskov, Miguel Ángel Borrella-Mas and Martin Rode

No 1300: Education and Health: Long-run Effects of Peers, Tracking and Years
Martin Fischer, Ulf-G Gerdtham, Gawain Heckley, Martin Karlsson, Gustav Kjellsson, et al.

No 1299: Digitization-Based Automation and Occupational Dynamics
Malin Gardberg, Fredrik Heyman, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson

No 1298: Should We Worry about the Decline of the Public Corporation? A Brief Survey of the Economics and External Effects of the Stock Market
Nikita Koptyug, Lars Persson and Joacim Tåg

No 1297: State Trading Deregulation and Prairie Durum Wheat Production
Colin A. Carter and Shon Ferguson

No 1296: Import Demand Elasticities Based on Quantity Data: Theory and Evidence
Shon Ferguson and Aaron Smith

No 1295: Mothers, Peers and Gender-Role Identity
Claudia Olivetti, Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou

No 1294: Friendship Networks and Political Opinions: A Natural Experiment among Future French Politicians
Yann Algan, Nicolò Dalvit, Quoc-Anh Do, Alexis Le Chapelain and Yves Zenou

No 1293: Are Estimates of Early Education Programs Too Pessimistic? Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment that Causally Measures Neighbor Effects
John A. List, Fatemeh Momeni and Yves Zenou

No 1292: Capacity Mechanisms and the Technology Mix in Competitive Electricity Markets
Pär Holmberg and Robert A. Ritz

No 1291: A Theory of Gazelle Growth: Competition, Venture Capital Finance and Policy
Lars Persson and Mehmet Caglar Kaya

No 1290: Local Rates of New Firm Formation: An Empirical Exploration using Swedish Data
Martin Andersson, Niclas Lavesson and Mark D. Partridge

No 1289: Multiple Births, Birth Quality and Maternal Labor Supply: Analysis of IVF Reform in Sweden
Sonia Bhalotra, Damian Clarke, Hanna Mühlrad and Mårten Palme

No 1288: The Impact of Banning Mobile Phones in Swedish Secondary Schools
Dany Kessel, Hulda Lif Hardardottir and Björn Tyrefors

No 1287: Retail and Place Attractiveness: The Effects of Big-box Entry on Property Values
Sven-Olof Daunfeldt, Oana Mihaescu, Özge Öner and Niklas Rudholm

No 1286: Can Social Spending Cushion the Inequality Effect of Globalization?
Andreas Bergh, Irina Mirkina and Therese Nilsson

No 1285: The Collaborative Innovation Bloc: A Reply to our Commentators
Niklas Elert and Magnus Henrekson

No 1284: When Dad Can Stay Home: Fathers’ Workplace Flexibility and Maternal Health
Petra Persson and Maya Rossin-Slater

No 1283: Economic Incentives, Childcare and Gender Identity Norms
Andrea Ichino, Martin Olsson, Barbara Petrongolo and Peter Skogman Thoursie

No 1282: Roots of Tolerance among Second-generation Immigrants
Niclas Berggren, Martin Ljunge and Therese Nilsson

No 1281: Coups, Regime Transitions, and Institutional Change
Daniel L. Bennett, Christian Bjørnskov and Stephan F. Gohmann

No 1280: Intrapreneurship and Trust
Niklas Elert, Erik Stam and Mikael Stenkula

No 1279: The Rise and Decline of Industrial Foundations as Controlling Owners of Swedish Listed Firms: The Role of Tax Incentives
Magnus Henrekson, Dan Johansson and Mikael Stenkula

No 1278: Redispatch in Zonal Pricing Electricity Markets
Mario Blázquez de Paz

No 1277: A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behavior
Alexander W. Cappelen, Johanna Möllerström, Bjørn-Atle Reme and Bertil Tungodden

No 1276: Does Economic Freedom Boost Growth for Everyone?
Andreas Bergh and Christian Bjørnskov

No 1275: Gender Differences in Optimism
Carl Magnus Bjuggren and Niklas Elert

No 1274: Samuelson's Approach to Revealed Preference Theory: Some Recent Advances
Thomas Demuynck and Per Hjertstrand

No 1273: The Compensation Hypothesis Revisited and Reversed
Andreas Bergh

No 1271: Ethnic Discrimination in Contacts with Public Authorities: A Correspondence Test Among Swedish Municipalities
Ali Ahmed and Mats Hammarstedt

No 1270: Measuring Entrepreneurship: Do Established Metrics Capture High-Impact Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship?
Magnus Henrekson and Tino Sanandaji

No 1269: Securing Personal Freedom through Institutions – the Role of Electoral Democracy and Judicial Independence
Niclas Berggren and Jerg Gutmann

No 1268: Globalization, Job Tasks and the Demand for Different Occupations
Fredrik Heyman and Fredrik Sjöholm

No 1267: Stock Market Impact of Cross-Border Acquisitions in Emerging Markets
Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson

No 1266: Political Hedgehogs: The Geographical Sorting of Refugees in Sweden
Johan Wennström and Özge Öner

No 1265: The Refugee Crisis and the Reinvigoration of the Nation State: Does the European Union Have a Common Asylum Policy?
Magnus Henrekson, Özge Öner and Tino Sanandaji

No 1264: Production Efficiency of Nodal and Zonal Pricing in Imperfectly Competitive Electricity Markets
Mahir Sarfati, Mohammed Reza Hesamzadeh and Pär Holmberg

No 1263: Gender Grading Bias in Junior High School Mathematics
Petter Berg, Ola Palmgren and Björn Tyrefors

No 1262: The Housing Wealth Effect: Quasi-Experimental Evidence
Dany Kessel, Björn Tyrefors and Roine Vestman

No 1261: Financial Reforms and Low-Income Households’ Impact on International Consumption Risk Sharing
Malin Gardberg

No 1260: Salience of Inherited Wealth and the Support for Inheritance Taxation
Spencer Bastani and Daniel Waldenström

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