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No 816: Social Networks
Joan de Marti and Yves Zenou

No 815: Make-or-buy Decisions and the Manipulability of Performance Measures
Fredrik Andersson

No 814: Mixed Strategies in Discriminatory Divisible-good Auctions
Edward J. Anderson, Pär Holmberg and Andrew B. Philpott

No 813: Taxation and the Quality of Entrepreneurship
Andrea Asoni and Tino Sanandaji

No 812: The Supply Function Equilibrium and Its Policy Implications for Wholesale Electricity Auctions
Pär Holmberg and David Newbery

No 811: Reversion to the Racial Mean and Mortgate Discrimination
Tino Sanandaji

No 810: Oil Prices and Real Exchange Rate Movements in Oil-Exporting Countries: The Role of Institutions
Johanna Rickne

No 809: Can Investment in Intangibles Explain the Swedish Productivity Boom in the 1990s?
Harald Edquist

No 808: Perspectives on the Success and Early History of the Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research (IUI)
Magnus Henrekson

No 807: Entrepreneurial Innovations, Entrepreneurship Policy and Globalization
Robin Douhan, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson

No 806: The Co-twin Methodology and Returns to Schooling – Testing a Critical Assumption
Örjan Sandewall, David Cesarini and Magnus Johannesson

No 805: Entrepreneurship, Wage Employment and Control in an Occupational Choice Framework
Robin Douhan and Mirjam van Praag

No 804: Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
Magnus Henrekson and Mikael Stenkula

No 803: Faces of Politicians: Babyfacedness Predicts Inferred Competence but Not Electoral Success
Panu Poutvaara, Henrik Jordahl and Niclas Berggren

No 802: Correcting Mistakes: Cognitive Dissonance and Political Attitudes in Sweden and the United States
Mikael Elinder

No 801: Common Trends and Shocks to Top Incomes – A Structural Breaks Approach
Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström

No 800: Taxation and Entrepreneurship in a Welfare State
Mikael Stenkula

No 799: Creative Destruction and Productive Preemption
Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Lars Persson and Roger Svensson

No 798: Mental Accounting in the Housing Market
Johan Almenberg and Artashes Karapetyan

No 797: Compulsory Education and Jack-of-all-trades Entrepreneurs
Robin Douhan

No 796: Origins and Resolution of Financial Crises; Lessons from the Current and Northern European Crises
Finn Ostrup, Lars Oxelheim and Clas Wihlborg

No 795: Trade, Reallocations and Productivity: A Bridge between Theory and Data in Öresund
Anders Åkerman

No 794: The Labor Market Returns to Cognitive and Noncognitive Ability: Evidence from the Swedish Enlistment
Erik Lindqvist and Roine Westman

No 793: Burden of Proof in Environmental Disputes in the WTO: Legal Aspects
Henrik Horn and Petros C. Mavroidis

No 792: Patent Scope and Technology Choice
Erika Färnstrand Damsgaard

No 791: The Burden of Proof in National Treatment Disputes and the Environment
Henrik Horn

No 790: Firm Heterogeneity and Country Size Dependent Market Entry Cost
Anders Åkerman and Rikard Forslid

No 789: Paying to Remove Advertisements
Joacim Tåg

No 788: Supply Function Equilibria: Step Functions and Continuous Representations
Pär Holmberg, David Newbery and Daniel Ralph

No 787: Supply Function Equilibria of Pay-as-Bid Auctions
Pär Holmberg

No 786: Why Are There So Few Female Top Executives in Egalitarian Welfare States?
Magnus Henrekson and Mikael Stenkula

No 785: How Much does Sweden Invest in Intangible Assets?
Harald Edquist

No 784: A Trickle-Down Theory of Incentives with Applications to Privatization and Outsourcing
Fredrik Andersson

No 783: The Organization of the Innovation Industry: Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Oligopolists
Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson

No 782: Childcare Costs and the Demand for Children – Evidence from a Nationwide Reform
Eva Mörk, Anna Sjögren and Helena Svaleryd

No 780: Corporate Distress and Restructuring with Macroeconomic Fluctuations: The Cases of GM and Ford
Lars Oxelheim and Clas Wihlborg

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