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No 1328: Homogeneity, Returns to Scale and (Log)Concavity
Per Hjertstrand

No 1327: General Revealed Preference Tests of Weak Separability and Utility Maximization with Incomplete Adjustment
Per Hjertstrand, James L. Swofford and Gerald A. Whitney

No 1326: CEO Health and Corporate Governance
Matti Keloharju, Samuli Knüpfer and Joacim Tåg

No 1325: Price Dynamics of Swedish Pharmaceuticals
Aljoscha Janssen

No 1324: Income Elasticities Without Parameters
Per Hjertstrand

No 1323: Do Corrupt Local Governments Inhibit Entrepreneurship? A Contextual Analysis of Start-Ups in Swedish Municipalities
Emanuel Wittberg and Gissur Erlingsson

No 1322: When Less Is More: Why Limited Entrepreneurship Education May Result in Better Entrepreneurial Outcomes
Niklas Elert, Karolin Sjöö and Karl Wennberg

No 1321: A Rationalization of the Weak Axiom of Revealed Preference
Victor H. Aguiar, Per Hjertstrand and Roberto Serrano

No 1320: Does a District-Vote Matter for the Behavior of Politicians? A Textual Analysis of Parliamentary Speeches
Andreas Born and Aljoscha Janssen

No 1319: Making a Market: Infrastructure, Integration and the Rise of Innovation
David Andersson, Thor Berger and Erik Prawitz

No 1318: ‘Two Gentlemen Sharing’: Rental Discrimination of Same-Sex Couples in Portugal
Filipe Rodrigues Gouveia, Therese Nilsson and Niclas Berggren

No 1317: Switching Costs, Brand Premia and Behavioral Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Market
Aljoscha Janssen

No 1316: Money for Nothin’ – Digitalization and Fluid Tax Bases
Mårten Blix

No 1315: The Role of the Weighted Voting System in Investments in Local Public Education: Evidence from a New Historical Database
Erik Lindgren, Per Pettersson-Lidbom and Björn Tyrefors

No 1314: International Jurisdiction over Standard-Essential Patents
Henrik Horn

No 1313: Entrepreneurship Prompts Institutional Change in Developing Economies
Niklas Elert and Magnus Henrekson

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