Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

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Research Institute of Industrial Economics


No 1276: Does Economic Freedom Boost Growth for Everyone?
Andreas Bergh and Christian Bjørnskov

No 1275: Gender Differences in Optimism
Carl Magnus Bjuggren and Niklas Elert

No 1274: Samuelson's Approach to Revealed Preference Theory: Some Recent Advances
Thomas Demuynck and Per Hjertstrand

No 1273: The Compensation Hypothesis Revisited and Reversed
Andreas Bergh

No 1271: Ethnic Discrimination in Contacts with Public Authorities: A Correspondence Test Among Swedish Municipalities
Ali Ahmed and Mats Hammarstedt

No 1270: Measuring Entrepreneurship: Do Established Metrics Capture High-Impact Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship?
Magnus Henrekson and Tino Sanandaji

No 1269: Securing Personal Freedom through Institutions – the Role of Electoral Democracy and Judicial Independence
Niclas Berggren and Jerg Gutmann

No 1268: Globalization, Job Tasks and the Demand for Different Occupations
Fredrik Heyman and Fredrik Sjöholm

No 1267: Stock Market Impact of Cross-Border Acquisitions in Emerging Markets
Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson

No 1266: Political Hedgehogs: The Geographical Sorting of Refugees in Sweden
Johan Wennström and Özge Öner

No 1265: The Refugee Crisis and the Reinvigoration of the Nation State: Does the European Union Have a Common Refugee Policy?
Magnus Henrekson, Özge Öner and Tino Sanandaji

No 1264: Production Efficiency of Nodal and Zonal Pricing in Imperfectly Competitive Electricity Markets
Mahir Sarfati, Mohammed Reza Hesamzadeh and Pär Holmberg

No 1263: Gender Grading Bias in Junior High School Mathematics
Petter Berg, Ola Palmgren and Björn Tyrefors

No 1262: The Housing Wealth Effect: Quasi-Experimental Evidence
Dany Kessel, Björn Tyrefors and Roine Vestman

No 1261: Determinants of International Consumption Risk Sharing in Developing Countries
Malin Gardberg

No 1260: Salience of Inherited Wealth and the Support for Inheritance Taxation
Spencer Bastani and Daniel Waldenström

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