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IFAU - Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy

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No 2016:26: Gender differences in absence from work: Lessons from two world wars
Tobias Karlsson

No 2016:25: Illness-related absence among preschool children: Insights from a health intervention in Swedish preschools
Caroline Hall and Erica Lindahl

No 2016:24: On statistical methods for labor market evaluation under interference between units
Maria Karlsson and Mathias Lundin

No 2016:23: Modern family? Paternity leave and marital stability
Daniel Avdic and Arizo Karimi

No 2016:22: On the use of register data in educational science research
Erik Mellander

No 2016:21: Relations between immigration and adult skills: findings based on PIAAC
Patrik Lind and Erik Mellander

No 2016:20: Stereotypes of physical appearance and labor market chances
Mahmood Arai, Marie Gartell, Magnus Rödin and Gülay Özcan

No 2016:19: Dynastic human capital, inequality and intergenerational mobility
Adrian Adermon, Mikael Lindahl and Mårten Palme

No 2016:18: Born to lead? The effect of birth order on non-cognitive abilities
Sandra E. Black, Erik Grönqvist and Björn Öckert

No 2016:17: Active labor market policies
Bruno Crépon and Gerard J. van den Berg

No 2016:16: Sober mom, healthy baby? Effects of brief alcohol interventions in Swedish maternity care
Erik Grönqvist, Anna Norén, Anna Sjögren and Helena Svaleryd

No 2016:15: Screening through activation: differential effects of a youth activation programme
Caroline Hall, Kaisa Kotakorpi, Linus Liljeberg and Jukka Pirttilä

No 2016:14: Is there a gender difference in the ability to deal with failures? Evidence from professional golf tournaments
Olof Rosenqvist

No 2016:13: Fixed wage contracts and monetary non-neutrality
Maria Björklund, Mikael Carlsson and Oskar Nordström Skans

No 2016:12: Proxy variables and nonparametric identification of causal effects
Xavier de Luna, Philip Fowler and Per Johansson

No 2016:11: What are the Health effects of postponing retirement? An instrumental variable approach
Johannes Hagen

No 2016:10: Increasing the credibility of the Twin birth instrument
Helmut Farbmacher, Raphael Guber and Johan Vikström

No 2016:9: The impact of upper-secondary voucher school attendance on student achievement - Swedish evidence using external and internal evaluations
Björn Tyrefors Hinnerich and Jonas Vlachos

No 2016:8: Does the gender composition in Couples matter for the division of labor after childbirth?
Ylva Moberg

No 2016:7: How does access to education influence political candidacy? Lessons from school openings in Sweden
Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson and Mikael Persson

No 2016:6: Rising to the occasion? Youth political knowledge and the voting age
Olof Rosenqvist

No 2016:5: Education and equality of opportunity: what have we learned from educational reforms?
Helena Holmlund

No 2016:4: Effects of taxes on youth self-employment and income
Johan Egebark

No 2016:3: A general semiparametric approach to inference with marker-dependent hazard rate models
Gerard J. van den Berg, Lena Janys, Enno Mammen and Jens P. Nielsen

No 2016:2: Leadership experiences, labor market entry, and early career trajectories
Martin Lundin, Oskar Nordström Skans and Pär Zetterberg

No 2016:1: Estimating participation responses using transfer program reform
Spencer Bastani, Ylva Moberg and Håkan Selin

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