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No 2011:26: Inference for shared-frailty survival models with left-truncated data
Gerard J. van den Berg and Bettina Drepper

No 2011:25: Is welfare dependency inherited? Estimating the causal welfare transmission effects using Swedish sibling data
Karin Edmark and Kajsa Hanspers

No 2011:24: Education policy and early fertility: lessons from an expansion of upper secondary schooling
Hans Grönqvist and Caroline Hall

No 2011:23: The role of marriage in the causal pathway from economic conditions early in life to mortality
Gerard J. van den Berg and Sumedha Gupta

No 2011:22: Manager impartiality? Worker-firm matching and the gender wage gap
Lena Hensvik

No 2011:21: Are homosexuals discriminated against in the hiring process?
Ali Ahmed, Lina Andersson and Mats Hammarstedt

No 2011:20: The effect of education policy on crime: an intergenerational perspective
Costas Meghir, Mårten Palme and Marieke Schnabel

No 2011:19: Substitution between temporary parental leave and sickness absence
Malin Persson

No 2011:18: When strong ties are strong – networks and youth labor market entry
Oskar Nordström Skans and Francis Kramarz

No 2011:17: Earnings, income and poverty among welfare leavers in Sweden
Anna Persson

No 2011:16: Study achievement for students with kids
Daniel Hallberg, Thomas Lindh and Jovan Žamac

No 2011:15: Trading off or having it all? Completed fertility and mid-career earnings of Swedish men and women
Anne Boschini, Christina Håkanson, Åsa Rosén and Anna Sjögren

No 2011:14: Economic conditions at the time of birth and cognitive abilities late in life: evidence from eleven European countries
Gabriele Doblhammer, Gerard J. van den Berg and Thomas Fritze

No 2011:13: Paths to higher office: evidence from the Swedish Civil Service
Oskar Nordström Skans and Klaus J. Brösamle

No 2011:12: The study pace among college students before and after a student aid reform: some Swedish results
Daniel Avdic and Marie Gartell

No 2011:11: Socioeconomic heterogeneity in the effect of health shocks on earnings: evidence from population-wide data on Swedish workers
Petter Lundborg, Martin Nilsson and Johan Vikström

No 2011:10: How important are caseworkers – and why? New evidence from Swedish employment offices
Jonas Lagerström

No 2011:9: Wage adjustment and productivity shocks
Mikael Carlsson, Julián Messina and Oskar Nordström Skans

No 2011:8: Evaluating microfoundations for aggregate price rigidities: evidence from matched firm-level data on product prices and unit labor cost
Mikael Carlsson and Oskar Nordström Skans

No 2011:7: The relative efficiency of active labour market policy: evidence from a social experiment and non-parametric methods
Johan Vikström, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer

No 2011:6: Bounds on treatment effects on transitions
Geert Ridder and Johan Vikström

No 2011:5: Critical periods during childhood and adolescence: a study of adult height among immigrant siblings
Gerard J. van den Berg, Petter Lundborg, Paul Nystedt and Dan-Olof Rooth

No 2011:4: The threat effect of participation in active labor market programs on job search behavior of migrants in Germany
Annette Bergemann, Marco Caliendo, Gerard J. van den Berg and Klaus F. Zimmermann

No 2011:3: For whose sake do couples relocate? Gender, career opportunities and couples’ internal migration in Sweden
Maria Brandén and Sara Ström

No 2011:2: What active labor market policy works in a recession?
Anders Forslund, Peter Fredriksson and Johan Vikström

No 2011:1: Assistant and auxiliary nurses in crisis times: earnings and employment following public sector job loss in the 1990s
Marcus Eliason

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