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No 2008:29: Cheaper child care, more children
Eva Mörk, Anna Sjögren and Helena Svalelryd

No 2008:28: Estimating dynamic income responses to tax reforms: Swedish evidence
Bertil Holmlund and Martin Söderström

No 2008:27: Last in, first out? Estimating the effect of seniority rules in Sweden
David von Below and Peter Thoursie

No 2008:26: The effect of active labor market programs on not-yet treated unemployed individuals
Gerard J. van den Berg, Annette Bergemann and Marco Caliendo

No 2008:25: One size fits all? The effects of teacher cognitive and non-cognitive abilities on student achievement
Erik Grönqvist and Jonas Vlachos

No 2008:24: On mandatory activation of welfare receivers
Matz Dahlberg, Kajsa Johansson and Eva Mörk

No 2008:23: The dynamics of combining self-employment and employment
Frédéric Delmar, Timothy Folta and Karl Wennberg

No 2008:22: Proxying ability by family background in returns to schooling estimations is generally a bad idea
Erik Mellander and Sofia Sandgren-Massih

No 2008:21: The effects of mixed-age classes in Sweden
Elly-Ann Johansson and Erica Lindahl

No 2008:20: Technology, institutions and allocation of time in Swedish households 1920-1990
Lars Svensson

No 2008:19: Do regional payroll tax reductions boost employment?
Helge Bennmarker, Erik Mellander and Björn Öckert

No 2008:18: Do interactions between unemployment insurance and sickness insurance affect transitions to employment?
Caroline Hall

No 2008:17: Intergovernmental grants and bureaucratic power
Matz Dahlberg, Heléne Lundqvist and Eva Mörk

No 2008:16: Being born under adverse economic conditions leads to a higher cardiovascular mortality rate later in life – evidence based on individuals born at different stages of the business cycle
Gerard J. van den Berg, Gabriele Doblhammer-Reiter and Kaare Christensen

No 2008:15: Do unemployment benefits increase unemployment? New evidence on an old question
Peter Fredriksson and Martin Söderström

No 2008:14: The US earned income tax credit, its effects, and possible reforms
Bruce D. Meyer

No 2008:13: Welfare reform: the US experience
Robert Moffitt

No 2008:12: Welfare reform in the UK: 1997–2007
Mike Brewer

No 2008:11: Welfare reforms and child well-being in the US and UK
Jane Waldfogel

No 2008:10: Distribution and labour market incentives in the welfare state – Danish experiences
Torben M. Andersen and Lars Haagen Pedersen

No 2008:9: Scars of recession: the long-term costs of the Finnish economic crisis
Jouko Verho

No 2008:8: Monitoring and norms in sickness insurance: empirical evidence from a natural experiment
Patrik Hesselius, Per Johansson and Johan Vikström

No 2008:7: Duration dependence versus unobserved heterogeneity in treatment effects: Swedish labor market training and the transition rate to employment
Katarina Richardson and Gerard J van den Berg

No 2008:6: The matching method for treatment evaluation with selective participation and ineligibles
Monica Costa Dias, Hidehiko Ichimura and Gerard J. van den Berg

No 2008:5: Monetary policy and Swedish unemployment fluctuations
Annika Alexius and Bertil Holmlund

No 2008:4: Does a pint a day affect your child’s pay? The effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on adult outcomes
J Peter Nilsson

No 2008:3: Is there an election cycle in public employment? Separating time effects from election year effects
Matz Dahlberg and Eva Mörk

No 2008:2: Economic fluctuations and retirement of older employees
Daniel Hallberg

No 2008:1: The aggregate labor market effects of the Swedish knowledge lift program
James Albrecht, Gerard J van den Berg and Susan Vroman

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