Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

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IFAU - Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy

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No 2003:19: A simple procedure for the evaluation of treatment effects on duration variables
Jaap H Abbring and Gerard J van den Berg

No 2003:18: Empircial labor search models: A survey
Zwi Eckstein and Gerard J van den Berg

No 2003:17: Selection bias, comparative advantage and heterogeneous returns to education: Evidence from China in 2000
James Heckman and Xuesong Li

No 2003:16: Earnings effects of adult secondary education in Sweden
Erika Ekström

No 2003:15: Social interactions and unemployment
Peter Hedström, Ann-Sofie Kolm and Yvonne Åberg

No 2003:14: Crime, unemployment and labor market programs in turbulent times
Anna Nilsson and Jonas Agell

No 2003:13: The effect of schooling and ability on achievement test scores
Karsten T Hansen, James J Heckman and Kathleen J Mullen

No 2003:12: The effect of search frictions on wages
Gerard J. van den Berg and Aico van Vuuren

No 2003:11: Recruitment to sheltered employment: Evidence from Samhall, a Swedish state-owned company
Per Skedinger and Barbro Widerstedt

No 2003:10: The determinants of participation in a social program: Evidence from a prototypical job training program
James J Heckman and Jeffrey A. Smith

No 2003:9: Estimating distributions of treatment effects with an application to the returns to schooling and measurement of the effects of uncertainty on college choice
Pedro Carneiro, Karsten Hansen and James Heckman

No 2003:8: Employer-sponsored training in stabilisation and growth policy perspectives
Christina Håkanson, Satu Johanson and Erik Mellander

No 2003:7: Do when and where matter? Initial labor market conditions and immigrant earnings
Olof Åslund and Dan-Olof Rooth

No 2003:6: Labour market programmes and geographical mobility: migration and commuting among programme participants and openly unemployed
Urban Lindgren and Olle Westerlund

No 2003:5: Improving incentives in unemployment insurance: A review of recent research
Peter Fredriksson and Bertil Holmlund

No 2003:4: Using matching, instrumental variables and control functions to estimate economic choice models
James Heckman and Salvador Navarro-Lozano

No 2003:3: Employment, mobility, and active labor market programs
Peter Fredriksson and Per Johansson

No 2003:2: The impact of active labor market programs on municipal services
Eva Mörk

No 2003:1: Program evaluation and random program starts
Peter Fredriksson and Per Johansson

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
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