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No 2015:29: Health, work capacity and retirement in Sweden
Per Johansson, Lisa Laun and Mårten Palme

No 2015:28: The strength of the weakest link: sickness absence, internal substitutability and worker-firm matching
Lena Hensvik and Olof Rosenqvist

No 2015:27: Parental responses to public investments in children: evidence from a maximum class size rule
Peter Fredriksson, Hessel Oosterbeek and Björn Öckert

No 2015:26: Mismatch of talent: evidence on match quality, entry wages, and job mobility
Peter Fredriksson, Lena Hensvik and Oskar Nordström Skans

No 2015:25: All aboard? Commuter train access and labor market outcomes
Olof Åslund, Ina Blind and Matz Dahlberg

No 2015:24: Childcare and the division of parental leave
Anna Norén

No 2015:23: Inquiry-based learning put to test: long-term effects of the Swedish science and technology for Children program
Erik Mellander and Joakim Svärdh

No 2015:22: Rehabilitation of mental illness and chronic pain – the impact on sick leave and health
Pathric Hägglund, Per Johansson and Lisa Laun

No 2015:21: Be smart, live long: the relationship between cognitive and non-cognitive abilities and mortality
Mattias Öhman

No 2015:20: Firms’ employment dynamics and the state of the labor market
Karolina Stadin

No 2015:19: Tenure and street-level bureaucrats: how assessment tools are used at the frontline of the public sector
Anahita Assadi and Martin Lundin

No 2015:18: Care more, earn less? The association between care leave for sick children and wage among Swedish parents
Katarina Boye

No 2015:17: Economic incentives and long-term sickness absence: the indirect effect of replacement rates on absence behavior
Martin Nilsson

No 2015:16: Structural empirical evaluation of job search monitoring
Gerar J. van den Berg and Bas van der Klaauw

No 2015:15: Education and criminal behavior: insights from an expansion of upper secondary school
Olof Åslund, Hans Grönqvist, Caroline Hall and Jonas Vlachos

No 2015:14: What are the determinants of hiring? The role of demand and supply factors
Stefan Eriksson and Karolina Stadin

No 2015:13: Biases in standard measures of intergenerational income dependence
Martin Nybom and Jan Stuhler

No 2015:12: Direct and indirect treatment effects: causal chains and mediation analysis with instrumental variables
Markus Frölich and Martin Huber

No 2015:11: Theory-based evaluation of the curriculum Lgr 11
Ninni Wahlström and Daniel Sundberg

No 2015:10: Policy discontinuity and duration outcomes
Gerard J. van den Berg, Antoine Bozio and Mónica Costa Dias

No 2015:9: Firms and skills: the evolution of worker sorting
Christina Håkanson, Erik Lindqvist and Jonas Vlachos

No 2015:8: School choice and segregation: evidence from Sweden
Anders Böhlmark, Helena Holmlund and Mikael Lindahl

No 2015:7: The making of a manager: evidence from military officer training
Erik Grönqvist and Erik Lindqvist

No 2015:6: Social insurance and the marriage market
Petra Persson

No 2015:5: Evaluation of sequences of treatments with application to active labor market policies
Johan Vikström

No 2015:4: Parental leave and the glass ceiling in Sweden
James Albrecht, Peter Skogman Thoursie and Susan Vroman

No 2015:3: Correlation and efficiency of propensity score-based estimators for average causal effects
Ronnie Pingel and Ingeborg Waernbaum

No 2015:2: Alcohol-related morbidity and mortality following involuntary job loss
Marcus Eliason

No 2015:1: A matter of life and death? Hospital distance and quality of care: evidence from emergency hospital closures and myocardial infarctions
Danie Avdic

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