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No 2007:31: Do anonymous job application procedures level the playing field?
Olof Åslund and Oskar Nordström Skans

No 2007:30: An empirical assessment of assortative matching in the labor market
Rute Mendes, Gerard J van den Berg and Maarten Lindeboom

No 2007:29: Effects of work requirements on welfare migration
Karin Edmark

No 2007:28: The gender gap in workplace authority in Sweden 1968-2000 – a family affair?
Magnus Bygren and Michael Gähler

No 2007:27: Labour market programmes and labour market outcomes: a study of the Swedish active labour market interventions
Jérôme Adda, Mònica Costa Dias, Costas Meghir and Barbara Sianesi

No 2007:26: Resources and student achievement – evidence from a Swedish policy reform
Peter Fredriksson and Björn Öckert

No 2007:25: Gender and ethnic interactions among teachers and students – evidence from Sweden
Erica Lindahl

No 2007:24: Comparing teachers’ assessments and national test results – evidence from Sweden
Erica Lindahl

No 2007:23: The relation between fluid intelligence and the general factor as a function of cultural background: a test of Cattell's investment theory
Ann Valentin Kvist and Jan-Eric Gustafsson

No 2007:22: Strategic competition in Swedish local spending on childcare, schooling and care for the elderly
Karin Edmark

No 2007:21: The effect of unemployment benefits on re-employment rates: evidence from the Finnish UI-benefit reform
Roope Uusitalo and Jouko Verho

No 2007:20: Ethnicity and obesity: evidence of implicit work performance stereotypes in Sweden
Agerström Jens, Rickard Carlsson and Dan-Olof Rooth

No 2007:19: Detecting discrimination in the hiring process: evidence from an Internet-based search channel
Stefan Eriksson and Jonas Lagerström

No 2007:18: Excess use of Temporary Parental Benefit
Per Engström, Patrik Hesselius and Malin Persson

No 2007:17: The information method - theory and application
Per Engström and Patrik Hesselius

No 2007:16: Incentive and spill-over effects of supplementary sickness compensation
Patrik Hesselius and Malin Persson

No 2007:15: Family size and child outcomes: Is there really no trade-off?
Olof Åslund and Hans Grönqvist

No 2007:14: The importance of education for the reallocation of labor: evidence from Swedish linked employer-employee data 1986-2002
Marie Gartell, Ann-Christin Jans and Helena Persson

No 2007:13: Wage differences between women and men in Sweden - the impact of skill mismatch
Mats Johansson and Katarina Katz

No 2007:12: Immigrants' return to schooling in Sweden
Martin Nordin

No 2007:11: Random and stock-flow models of labour market matching - Swedish evidence
Anders Forslund and Kerstin Johansson

No 2007:10: An economic analysis of exclusion restrictions for instrumental variable estimation
Gerard van den Berg

No 2007:9: Does adult education at upper secondary level influence annual wage earnings?
Anders Stenberg

No 2007:8: Moral hazard among the sick and unemployed: evidence from a Swedish social insurance reform
Laura Larsson and Caroline Runeson

No 2007:7: Inequality in individual mortality and economic conditions earlier in life
Gerard van den Berg, Maarten Lindeboom and Marta López

No 2007:6: Teacher certification and student achievement in Swedish compulsory schools
Christian Andersson and Nina Waldenström

No 2007:5: Teacher supply and the market for teachers
Christian Andersson and Nina Waldenström

No 2007:4: Teacher density and student achievement in Swedish compulsory schools
Christian Andersson

No 2007:3: Active labor market policy effects for women in Europe - a survey
Annette Bergemann and Gerard van den Berg

No 2007:2: Do reduced child care prices make parents work more?
Daniela Lundin, Eva Mörk and Björn Öckert

No 2007:1: Matching estimators for the effect of a treatment on survival times
Xavier de Luna and Per Johansson

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