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No 2006:23: Finite-Sample Stability of the KPSS Test
Kristian Jönsson

No 2006:22: Resisting Economic Integration when Industry Location is Uncertain
Fredrik Gallo

No 2006:21: Bargaining in Collusive Markets
Ola Andersson

No 2006:20: Testing Stationarity in Small and Medium-Sized Samples when Disturbances are Serially Correlated
Kristian Jönsson

No 2006:19: Industry Diversification, Financial Development and Productivity-Enhancing Investments
Alfredo Schclarek

No 2006:18: Panel Cointegration and the Neutrality of Money
Joakim Westerlund and Mauro Costantini

No 2006:17: Relative sources of European regional productivity convergence: A bootstrap frontier approach
Kerstin Enflo and Per Hjertstrand

No 2006:16: Shackling the footloose firm? Factor interests and majority voting
Carl-Johan Belfrage and Fredrik Gallo

No 2006:15: How do economic incentives and regulatory factors influence adoption of cardiac technologies? Result from the TECH project
Mickael Bech, Terkel Christiansen, Kelly Dunham, Jørgen Lauridsen, Carl Hampus Lyttkens, Kathryn McDonald, Alistair McGuire and the TECH investigators

No 2006:14: The Microfinance Collateralized Debt Obligation: a Modern Robin Hood?
Hans Byström

No 2006:13: Simple Tests for Cointegration in Dependent Panels with Structural Breaks
Joakim Westerlund and David Edgerton

No 2006:12: Endogenous Communication and Tacit Coordination in Market Entry Games - An explorative experimental study
Ola Andersson, Hans Carlsson and Håkan Holm

No 2006:11: Non-manipulable Assignment of Individuals to Positions Revisited
Tommy Andersson and Lars-Gunnar Svensson

No 2006:10: Coalition Strategy-Proofness and Fairness
Lars-Gunnar Svensson

No 2006:9: Computing Normalized Equilibria in Convex-Concave Games
Sjur Flam and A. Ruszczynski

No 2006:8: School Vouchers and Public School Productivity - The Case of the Swedish Large Scale Voucher Program
Staffan Waldo

No 2006:7: Competition and Public School Efficiency in Sweden
Staffan Waldo

No 2006:6: Prices and Pareto Optima
Sjur Flam and A. Jourani

No 2006:5: Evaluating a nonlinear asset pricing model on international data
Hossein Asgharian and Sonnie Karlsson

No 2006:4: Assessing the Effects of EU Trade Preferences for Developing Countries
Maria Persson and Fredrik Wilhelmsson

No 2006:3: New Improved Tests for Cointegration with Structural Breaks
Joakim Westerlund and David Edgerton

No 2006:2: A Panel Cointegration Analysis of the Relation between Private and Government Consumption
Åsa Eriksson

No 2006:1: Wage Formation and the Relation between Real Wages and Unemployment in Sweden
Åsa Eriksson

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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