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No 2022:11: European Stabilization Policy After the Covid-19 Pandemic: More Flexible Integration or More Federalism?
Fredrik N. G. Andersson and Lars Jonung

No 2022:10: Relative Income, the Breadwinner Norm, and Mental Health in Couples
Demid Getik

No 2022:9: Fighting Covid-19 amidst Civil Conflict: Micro-Level Evidence from Burkina Faso
Mohammad H. Sepahvand and Philip Verwimp

No 2022:8: The Problems of Inflation Targeting Originate in the Monetary Theory of Knut Wicksell
Lars Jonung

No 2022:7: Grading Bias and Young Adult Mental Health
Anna Linder, Martin Nordin, Ulf-G. Gerdtham and Gawain Heckley

No 2022:6: Foreign Ownership and Transferring of Gender Norms
Daniel Halvarsson, Olga Lark and Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall

No 2022:5: Sibling Gender, Inheritance Customs and Educational Attainment: Evidence from Matrilineal and Patrilineal Societies
Matthew Collins

No 2022:4: School Choice
Atila Abdulkadiroglu and Tommy Andersson

No 2022:3: Building Bridges: The Effect of Major Infrastructure Development on Trade
Maria Persson, Christian Soegaard and Anna Welander TĂ€rneberg

No 2022:2: Well-Informed Choices? Effects of Information Interventions in Primary Care on Care Quality
Anders Anell, Jens Dietrichson, Lina Maria EllegÄrd and Gustav Kjellsson

No 2022:1: The Risks of Adopting the Bond Yield as the Anchor for the EU Fiscal Framework
Fredrik N. G. Andersson and Lars Jonung

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