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No 2017:20: Opening Hours Decision and Competition in the Motor Vehicle Inspection Market
Osmis Habte

No 2017:19: Competition Makes Inspectors More Lenient: Evidence from the Motor Vehicle Inspection Market
Osmis Habte and Håkan J. Holm

No 2017:18: Evolutionary Selection against Iteratively Weakly Dominated Strategies
Axel Bernergård and Erik Mohlin

No 2017:17: High-Speed Broadband and Academic Achievement in Teenagers: Evidence from Sweden
Erik Grenestam and Martin Nordin

No 2017:16: Refugee Matching as a Market Design Application
Tommy Andersson

No 2017:15: Self-Scanning and Self-Control: A Field Experiment on Real-Time Feedback and Shopping Behavior
Natalia Montinari, Emma Runnemark and Erik Wengström

No 2017:14: The Internal and External Effects of Offshoring on Job Security
Zouheir El-Sahli, Joakim Gullstrand and Karin Olofsdotter

No 2017:13: The Effect of Paid Vacation on Health: Evidence from Sweden
Thomas Hofmarcher

No 2017:12: Impact of a Tertiary Eligibility Threshold on Tertiary Education and Earnings: A Discontinuity Approach
Martin Nordin, Gawain Heckley and Ulf-G Gerdtham

No 2017:11: Evolutionary Games and Matching Rules
Martin Kaae Jensen and Alexandros Rigos

No 2017:10: Making Direct Democracy Work. An economic perspective on the graphe paranomon in ancient Athens
Carl Hampus Lyttkens, George Tridimas and Anna Lindgren

No 2017:9: The Effects of Schooling on Wealth Accumulation Approaching Retirement
Paul Bingley and Alessandro Martinello

No 2017:8: Capital Taxation and Investment: Matching 100 Years of Wealth Inequality Dynamics
Gregor Boehl and Thomas Fischer

No 2017:7: Information, Switching Costs, and Consumer Choice: Evidence from Two Randomized Field Experiments in Swedish Primary Health Care
Anders Anell, Jens Dietrichson, Lina Maria Ellegård and Gustav Kjellsson

No 2017:6: The Features of a Survey on the Export Decisions of Swedish Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Joakim Gullstrand

No 2017:5: Mortality and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Individual and Aggregated Data
Gerard J. van den Berg, Ulf-G. Gerdtham, Stephanie von Hinke, Maarten Lindeboom, Johannes Lissdaniels, et al.

No 2017:4: Cooperation, Framing and Political Attitudes
Toke R. Fosgaard, Lars G. Hansen and Erik Wengström

No 2017:3: Risk and Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from Stochastic Public Good Games
Stepan Vesely and Erik Wengström

No 2017:2: How Tolerant Should Inflation-Targeting Central Banks Be? Selecting the Proper Tolerance Band - Lessons from Sweden
Fredrik N. G. Andersson and Lars Jonung

No 2017:1: Thomas Piketty and the Rate of Time Preference
Thomas Fischer

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
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