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No 2004:30: Detection Biases in Bluffing - Theory and Experiments
Håkan Holm

No 2004:29: Testing Structural Hypotheses on Cointegration Vectors: A Monte Carlo Study
Åsa Eriksson

No 2004:28: A Two-State Capital Asset Pricing Model with Unobservable States
Birger Nilsson and Björn Hansson

No 2004:27: Pensions and external effects of ageing; effects on distribution
Agneta Kruse and Kristian Nyberg

No 2004:26: Effective Consumption and Non-Keynesian Effects of Fiscal Policy
Kristian Jönsson

No 2004:25: Nonlinear Pricing under a Balanced-Budget Requirement: The n-Type Case
Tommy Andersson

No 2004:24: Profit Maximizing Nonlinear Pricing Revisited
Tommy Andersson

No 2004:23: Nonlinear Pricing as a Cooperative Game
Tommy Andersson

No 2004:22: Growth without Poverty Reduction? Examining Micro-Macro Links in Tanzania
Anders Danielson

No 2004:21: Nonlinear Pricing under a Balanced-Budget Requirement: The Two-Type Case
Tommy Andersson

No 2004:20: Nature and impact of women's participation in economic activities in rural Bangladesh: insights from household surveys
Mahabub Hossain, Manik Lal Bose and Alia Ahmad

No 2004:19: Athens – An Incidental Democracy. A case of unintended consequences of institutional change
Carl Hampus Lyttkens

No 2004:18: Fairness and Promises for Sale
Håkan Holm and Anders Daielson

No 2004:17: Testing for Stationarity in Panel Data Models when Disturbances are Cross-Sectionally Correlated
Kristian Jönsson

No 2004:16: Differences in Relative Prices in the EU
Sirly Palenmark

No 2004:15: The German 3G Licence Auction: Did the Government's Stake in Deutsche Telekom Influence the Outcome?
Robin Rander

No 2004:14: Do Antitrust Laws Facilitate Collusion? Experimental Evidence on Costly Communication in Duopolies
Ola Andersson and Erik Wengström

No 2004:13: A Trickle-Down Theory of Incentives with Applications to Privatization and Outsourcing
Fredrik Andersson

No 2004:12: Fiscal Policy Regimes and Household Consumption
Kristian Jönsson

No 2004:11: Regime switching as an alternative early warning system of currency crises - an application to South-East Asia
Guillaume Arias and Ulf Erlandsson

No 2004:10: A Comparative Analysis of Ability of Mimicking Portfolios in Representing the Background Factors
Hossein Asgharian

No 2004:9: How Similar Are European Business Cycles?
Michael Bergman

No 2004:8: Strategy-Proof and Fair Wages
Lars-Gunnar Svensson

No 2004:7: The Optimal Level of Monetary Aggregation in the UK
Thomas Elger, Barry Jones, David Edgerton and Jane Binner

No 2004:6: Using Choice Experiments to Assess Peoples' Preferences for Railway Transports of Hazardous Materials
Lena Winslott Hiselius

No 2004:5: Taxpayers Responsiveness to Tax Rate Changes and Implications for the Cost of Taxation
Åsa Hansson

No 2004:4: Reconnecting the Markov Switching Model with Economic Fundamentals
Ulf Erlandsson

No 2004:3: An Analysis of Sick Leave in Sweden using Panel Data 1985-1997
Curt Wells, David Edgerton and Agneta Kruse

No 2004:2: Do You Trust Your Brethren? Eliciting Trust Attitudes and Trust Behavior in a Tanzanian Congregation
Anders Danielson and Hakan Holm

No 2004:1: Toward a Unified Approach to Testing for Weak Separability
Barry Jones, Thomas Elger, David Edgerton and Donald Dutkowsky

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